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New York

Stark Carpet

Stark Carpet has over 75 years’ experience serving companies throughout the United States and England. In fact, there is a Stark showroom in widely distributed geographic regions stretching from New York to Atlanta, to Charlotte, to Los Angeles, to London. To say that Stark Carpet is all over the place and has the experience to help you with all your flooring needs would be an understatement indeed.

In addition to their heavy concentration of carpets, this company also offers a broad range of different products ranging from fabrics, furniture, wall coverings, and antique rugs.

Carpet Factory Outlet

This company has been around since 1966, and you can tell from its wide selection that it means business when it comes to making its flooring customers happy.

Serving the greater New York City area, Carpet Factory Outlet primarily offers to the general public wall-to-wall carpeting and carpet binding options. It is a very specialized flooring provider. When you look at its supplemental services, you can see how focused it is. It not only offers cut and loop, looped, cable, frieze, it also provides textured carpets.

Carpet Culture

Offering their services and products primarily in the New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut greater area, Carpet Culture is one carpet specialist that is serious in offering a wide selection of high-value carpets ranging from modern rugs to antiques. In addition to their product sales, this company also provides rug rental, rug cleaning, repair, and restoration services to the general public. This includes a wide range of maintenance-related add-on services like padding, Scotchgard allergy guarding, odor removal and pet stain management. This company distinguished itself from its competition by focusing on top-notch quality services including weaving and designing.

Sacco Carpet

Based in the greater New York area, Sacco Carpet has been in business since 2001. Over the more than a decade and a half, it has been in operation, and this carpet specialist has branched out into all sorts of rugs and fabrics on offer to the general public. This company has built quite a bit of goodwill for itself due to its focus on environmentally friendly products as well as its emphasis on offering products certified by The Carpet and Rug Institute.

Misha Carpet

Based in the greater New York area, Misha Carpet was established in 1988 offering area rugs and carpet-related accessories to the general public. In addition to its product offerings, this company provides related services like cleaning, rug spreading, fabrication, disposal, and removal. What separates this company from its competition is its nationwide recognition. In fact, its work has been published in such distinguished magazines likes Architectural Digest and New York Cottages and Gardens.

Caesar’s Carpet

First established in 1972, this greater New York area carpet specialist offers area rugs, vinyl, cork floors, rubber stairs, rubber floors, laminate floors, VCT and, of course, carpets primarily. In addition to its product offerings, it offers carpet-related services including steaming and regular cleaning and carpet installation.

More Than Carpet

More Than Carpet is based in Brooklyn, NY but do not let its localized focus fool you. Its influence and goodwill extend to the greater New York area. Established in 2001, it is easy to see why More Than Carpet has made quite a name for itself in its service area. It offers a wide assortment of flooring options ranging from linoleum, rubber tile, vinyl and modular carpets.

In fact, regarding industry average, this company has gone out of its way not just to cover residential flooring, but it also specializes in hospitals, schools, nursing homes and pretty much flooring for all types of residential and commercial spaces. This Brooklyn-based company distinguishes itself from the competition due to its heavy emphasis on long-lasting appeal.

Bloomsburg Carpet

Based in PA and NY Bloomsburg Carpet has been in business for close to 40 years. It is very easy to see why this company has withstood the test of time because this carpet specialist goes beyond the call of duty. In addition to providing its main carpet products to the general public, it also offers high-quality carpet-related services like installation and specialized processing like serged edges. If you are looking for something distinctive, check out Bloomsburg Carpet because of its high attention to detail as far as its stock lines are concerned, has made it quite a big hit in the architect designer community.

O’Connor’s Carpets

O’Connor’s Carpets was first established in New York City and surrounding areas in the year 1972. Ever since this company has grown tremendously. While it does focus primarily on carpets, it has branched out to offer the general public a wide selection of floor covering options ranging from prefinished wood flooring, laminates, and vinyl options. In addition to this, it also offers carpet-related and flooring-related services like carpet cleaning, and recently it has moved into window treatments. What distinguishes this company from its competition in the New York City area is its vast stock of area rugs. It seems that regardless of the kind of personality you want to establish for every single interior space for your residence or commercial enterprise, this company has you covered.

Daniel Carpet

Daniels Carpet has been in several New York state counties since 1988. Focusing primarily on New York City’s five boroughs, it also covers Nassau and Suffolk Counties in Long Island, NY. In addition to offering a wide range of carpet products, this company has broadened its product line to cover vertical blinds, oriental rugs, and linoleum flooring options as well as wood flooring. On top of this, it also offers installation services as well as related products like tackles, staples, heat tape, cover base, reducer, and padding. What distinguishes Daniels Carpet from its competitors is its personal touch. It goes out of its way to satisfy each and every buyer’s needs whether they are commercial or residential customers, this company gives you precisely the right options for your particular budget and decoration needs.