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Metro Carpet

Founded in 1990, Metro Carpet is located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Focusing primarily on carpets, this highly targeted flooring product and service source also extend its offerings to vinyl and laminate flooring options. This company has made quite a local name for itself in the Twin Cities area due to its heavy emphasis on providing excellent service to its customer base as well as maximizing the value customers get for every dollar they spend on their flooring options. They focus on a distinct personal touch to help their customers achieve their flooring goals.

Little Carpet

This St. Paul, MN enterprise offers carpets primarily to the general public in addition to alternative flooring materials like vinyl, laminate, and hardwood. Focused mainly in St. Paul, it distinguishes itself from other local area flooring competitors regarding its emphasis on discount pricing. Little Carpet also is more discriminating regarding the quality of the flooring materials they put on offer to the general public. This is how this fairly boutique carpet shop has remained in business and continues to serve its happy base of St. Paul, MN customers.

Vrooman Carpet

Established in 1949, Vrooman Carpet serves the greater area in the Midwest. It has such an enormous geographic concentration and coverage area since it is a fairly sizable carpet distributor in its region. In addition to its main product line of high-quality brand-name carpets, it also offers the public a wide selection of flooring options ranging from vinyl, LVT, laminate, hardwood. It also offers, and its options come in a vast range of colors and styles. This company is a wholesaler and prefers to work with approved dealers.

Tile Superstore

Tile Superstore is specializing in carpet and cabinetry with secondary offerings in tile, mosaic, hardwood, laminate flooring as well as granite materials. This Minnesota-based company operates primarily in the Rochester area. They pride themselves in working directly with professional interior designers to help end users with all their commercial and residential design needs. This highly targeted specialization, as well as an emphasis on qualified interior decorators, has made Tile Superstore quite a fixture in the Rochester flooring market.


Established in 1992, ProSource has become quite a name in the flooring, cabinetry, countertop and tile marketplace. In fact, they have done so well that they have over 135 showrooms distributed across all major metropolitan areas in both Canada and the United States. In addition to countertops, tiles, cabinets and flooring materials, they also offer kitchen and bathroom products.

Based originally in Bloomington, what accounts for the great success of ProSource is its heavy emphasis on developing the right relationships with professional contractors. They make sure that skilled contractors they work with have all the high-quality materials they need to satisfy their client’s requirements without charging an arm and a leg.

Greater Floors

Greater Floors has been in business in the Lake Superior area providing vinyl and carpet flooring options to home owners and commercial businesses in the Lake Superior as well as Duluth, MN area. Thanks to its close to 30 years of experience, this company has gone beyond simply offering vinyl and carpet flooring options. They also offer laminate, wood, and ceramic. What truly distinguishes Greater Floors from its competitors in Duluth and elsewhere is the fact that it has the biggest stocking floor store in that region.

Country Carpet

This carpet supplier is well known for its emphasis on high-quality brands. It also offers excellent flooring options in the form of hardwoods and vinyl. On top of that, it has branched into providing window coverings and granite countertops.

Based primarily in the area around Maple Grove, MN, this company is all about making its customers’ lives as easy as possible. This is why they offer estimates from your home. They would go to your residence and do direct estimates. They also promise a complete clean-up after installing your flooring. Thanks to their direct customer-oriented business, they also offer easy financing and credit programs.

Cheney Carpet

Cheney Carpet has been around since 1975 in the upper Midwest region of the United States. Known primarily as flooring dealers, they offer a wide variety of laminate, vinyl, hardwood and carpet flooring options. In its Plymouth store, this flooring dealer has, at any one time, over 8 million dollars’ worth of inventory in the form of laminates, vinyl, hardwood and carpet flooring options. In fact, at any one time, this company’s store has over 100 brands on display.

On top of all this selection, shoppers can stand to save quite a bit of money. We are talking about savings of up to 60% below wholesale pricing thanks to Cheney Carpet’s emphasis on holding many specials as well as close-out sales.

UB Hardwoods

Established in 2001, these Twin Cities, MN area flooring company specializes primarily in offering hardwood flooring merchandise and related services. Accordingly, they also provide cutting-edge vinyl products, quality stone services as well as very luscious carpeting options.

Regarding service quality, what separates UB Hardwoods from a lot of their competitors is that their installation team uses specialized equipment that cuts out dust. Dust is a silent threat to any home because air usually does not circulate inside the home. UB Hardwoods understands this threat, and that is why their installation is an entirely dustless process.

Flooring Expo

With over 90 years of industry experience, Flooring Expo has been providing excellent service and a quality product selection to residents of Uptown, Roseville, Edina and Woodbury. Offering primarily vinyl and carpet flooring options, they also have supplemental offers involving tile, laminate, and hardwood flooring services. Flooring Expo has made quite a name for itself in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area thanks to its status as the sole STAINMASTER flooring center in that metropolitan area.

Erskine Interiors

Erskine Interiors started in 1986. This flooring company serves the Western Wisconsin and Twin Cities general market area. What separates this specialize in countertops, vinyl, tile, stone, hardwood and carpet flooring options is their heavy emphasis on excellent customer service. When their staffers install flooring products in their customers’ homes and businesses, they go out of their way to provide unsurpassed workmanship. The interesting thing about all of this is that they can do all of this at pricing that is below general market rates. Regarding supplemental services, Erskine Interiors also offers appliances, countertops and cabinetry work and merchandise.