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Sloanes Carpet

Sloanes Carpet serves the greater Colorado area, and you can tell by its moniker as the “Best Kept Carpet Buying Secret in Denver, Colorado” that it’s serious about providing high-quality carpets to its client base in Denver and beyond. On top of its initial stock and trade, which is carpets and related installation services, the company also offers padding options.

Laborias Carpet

Laborias Carpet has centered on the Denver metro area as well as the surrounding suburbs. This company has made quite a name for itself, offering a tremendous amount of variety in carpet floor coverings. On top of that, it also offers supplemental services including rug binding.

What distinguishes Laborias Carpet from its competitors is that it doesn’t operate under tight profit margin requirements. Accordingly, its primary focus is to close the deal with its customer base. This means that they would try to give you the lowest price as possible just to close the deal. It is this emphasis on low pricing that has made Laborias Carpet such a favorite for over four decades in the Denver metro area.

Carpet Depot

Carpet Depot has a primary market coverage area consisting of Aurora and Denver, Colorado. What separates this company from other local flooring competitors is that it prides itself on tight scheduling. This means that if they quote a secure on-site delivery and installation appointment, they will be on time, each and every time. They also have a reputation for always coming in within budget. With over two decades of servicing the Denver and Aurora, Colorado flooring market, this carpet specialist also offers to the general public laminate and hardwood flooring options.

IQ Floors

IQ Floors was founded in 2004 and hasn’t looked back since. Based in Colorado Springs, this company has made quite a name for itself in Colorado Springs and beyond, thanks to its very friendly and competent staff.

Don’t let its laid-back atmosphere fool you. This company is driven to give its customer base the maximum value for their hard earned dollars. In addition to offering hardwood flooring, laminates, vinyl, tile and carpet products and related installation services, IQ Floors also offers certain niche fabric floor coverings as well as a wide range of high quality and rare brand carpet lines.

Carpet World

Carpet World covers the general Colorado area. This company is run by a mother-daughter team. Their heavy emphasis on picking the right interior look for their client’s flooring needs has made Carpet World a local favorite. With over four decades of combined sales experience, Carpet World specializes in granite countertops, vinyl flooring, stone, tiles, laminates, hardwood and carpet options. On top of the products and installation-related services they offer, they also provide to the general public floor cleaners, artificial turf and area rug products.

Academy Carpet

Academy Carpet has been in business for over 30 years serving the Colorado Springs, Colorado area, and nearby markets. The specialist in vinyl, laminates, stone, tiles, hardwood and carpet floor coverings, also offer bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles as well as marble flooring options. What distinguishes this company from other Colorado Springs flooring retailers and wholesalers is the fact it has the largest showroom in that area.

Redi Carpet

Redi Carpet can be found in 25 cities, located in 17 states in the United States as well as the District of Columbia. This nationwide company was founded only in 1981. Ever since, this specialist provider of tiles, laminates, hardwood, vinyl and carpet flooring options has grown by leaps and bounds. On top of its flooring offerings, it also provides the general public pad and plank products. The main point of distinction that Redi Carpet brings to the table is that it has been consistently ranked as one of the top ten flooring companies in the whole United States.

Petersen’s Flooring

Petersen’s Flooring serves the general Northern Colorado market region. Its main point of distinction from other sources of commercial flooring in its market area is that it guarantees satisfaction. They take pride in their work, and it shows in how well they install the carpets they provide. On top of the carpets, which form their main line of business, they also provide alternative flooring options like laminates, wood, resilient, medallions, tiles and stone as well as rugs.

Carpet Contractors

Carpet Contractors was founded in 1984 and has been based in Wadsworth Boulevard, Denver. Don’t let its seemingly local orientation fool you. In fact, it serves a statewide network of contractors and customers located all over Colorado.

Specializing in high-end remnants as well as flooring options like wood and carpeting, this company also offers granite countertops to the general public. A large chunk of its customer base keeps coming back over and over again. This is because Carpet Contractors goes beyond the call of duty and establishing a genuine relationship with its community of customers.

Bretz Interiors

Based in the Denver metropolitan area and surrounding areas, Bretz Interiors has been around since the year 1959, and it has specialized in window coverings and flooring options. It has made quite a name for itself in its local market coverage area, thanks to its exclusive status as a Hunter Douglas Gallery dealer complete with a showroom that is interactive. Concerning the supplemental offering, this carpet specialist has a wide range of luxury vinyl tiles as well as hardwood flooring options.

Simply Floors

This Denver area specialist covers a wide ranging area stretching from Denver, all the way to Centennial, Thornton, and all points in between. To say that this company is a carpet specialist would be, to put it mildly, because they cover a wide range of flooring options starting with resilient, to laminate, to hardwood, and many different types of carpets.

The great thing about this company that separates it from much from its competition is that it has its mobile showroom. You just need to call them and then they would show up and in the mobile showroom. You can see what kind of flooring options you have at your disposal. Talk about convenient.