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Tish Flooring

Tish Flooring serves the area covering Geist, Fishers, and Indianapolis. You can tell from this large coverage area that this company is serious in providing high-quality flooring product options to its customer base.

This company’s main claim to fame is that it has been around for over 100 years. That’s right, 100 years. That longevity alone should scream volumes as to the total value Tish Flooring brings to the table.

The Tishler family that continues to own and operate Tish Flooring has become quite a local name for top notch value. In fact, customers consistently seek out this provider of flooring options because of its reputation for enabling its customer’s savings of somewhere from 20% to 30% off pricing at national flooring store chains, as well as big bucks flooring stores.

Blakleys Flooring

Blakleys Flooring serves a large area of Indiana. We’re talking all the way from Lafayette, to Bloomington, and all points in between. This is a very popular and successful flooring company. Otherwise, it would not have such a loyal customer base spread out over such a large area.

This company offers the general public a wide range of flooring options starting with tile flooring, a wide variety of carpets, area rugs, bamboo and cork, luxury vinyl, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, and stair runners. Blakleys Flooring has made a name for itself for not just only being thorough in the standard flooring options that it makes available to the general public, but it also provides both its commercial and residential buyers the very best environmentally-friendly, as well as technologically cutting-edge flooring products.

This is one place you don’t go to for standard run-of-the-mill flooring options. While you can get traditional products from this company, you can also get the very best and latest regarding flooring technology.

Floors Home

Floors Home has been serving the Louisville, Kentucky area for over nine decades and shows no signs of slowing down. This company has been providing both its commercial and residential customer base with a broad range of flooring options ranging from laminate, loose lay, WPC, tile, and wood options. It has also made a name for itself for the great variety of area rugs it has on offer.

It serves the Indianapolis, Indiana area primarily, but its reputation is so well known that they ship to all points of the Continental United States, as well as Canada. This company has grown tremendously to the point that it has pretty much established a massive presence on the internet. It bills itself with good reason as the number one discount flooring supplier on the internet.

Michaels Floor

Michaels Floor covering business operates primarily in Louisville and surrounding Metropolitan areas. Michaels Floor has always been and continues to be a family business. It’s both owned and operated by the same company for well over six decades. This local touch and emphasis on customer service have garnered it quite a loyal local customer base.

It offers a broad range of floor covering options from ceramic, to vinyl, to laminate, a wide variety of carpets, to hardwood, and, of course, area rugs. This company also offers a wide range of flooring-related services. These services cover installation, ceiling, finishing, as well as related products like sealers, natural stone floors, runners and mats, installation materials, and of course, flooring accessories.

This company has developed quite a solid name for itself due to its drastically discounted prices, top notch warranty, and a huge inventory of a great selection of flooring options.

Shillings Carpets

Shilling’s Carpets has been providing top notch laminate, hardwood, LVT flooring, ceramic, area rugs, carpets, and hardwoods to the South Bend, Indiana region for over six decades now.

This company will not have stayed in business for all that long if it isn’t doing something right. In addition to the products that it offers, it also guarantees its installation services for up to two years. All its pricing includes the price of installation, as well as padding. If you’re looking for binding services, they can do it in store.

The great thing about this company and what truly sets it apart is it’s both highly professional and also has a small store feel. How can it not? It’s been family-owned and run for over six decades.

Adam’s Flooring

Based in Carmel, Indiana, Adam’s Flooring has been offering customers from the local area and beyond great resilient, area rugs, hardwood, and carpet flooring options since the year 1995.

Now, in addition to its general product lines, it has also branched out into more environmentally-friendly flooring surface options like bamboo. It also a wide range of flooring supplies. This Carmel, Indiana flooring company has such a personalized touch that it truly lives up to its billing as your trusted friend in the world of flooring.

Quality Carpets

Quality Carpets has over five decades of experience serving the Munster, Indiana and surrounding regions. It offers carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl floor coverings, and related products and services primarily.

Quality Carpets truly lives up to its name, not only because it’s a family-owned and operated enterprise, but it also makes all its inventory and selection available in a no-hassle environment. This means that there are no hard sales tactics and there is no sales guilt involved.

When you walk into Quality Carpets, you enter a friendly, no-pressure retail zone. It is no surprise that this Munster, Indiana flooring company is quite a favorite.

ICC Floors

ICC Floors serves the New Palestine, Indiana, Indianapolis, and Fishers area, and all points in between. This company offers a wide range of flooring options. You have a lot to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for vinyl, paint, cabinets, tile flooring, carpet, or hardwood floors, this company has all your needs covered. On top of the flooring related products it has on offer, it also provides installation services.

Thanks to its high level of professionalism, personalized touch, and attention to detail, it is no surprise that ICC Floors is well-known in the local area for the quality of its service delivery.

EF Marburger

Originally founded by Eli Franklin Marburger in the year 1913, EF Marburger has become the go-to source of flooring options in Fishers, Indiana.

To say that this company gives its customers a wide selection would be an understatement indeed. Not only do customers get a wide range of traditional carpet and other floor covering options, but this company also has on offer environmentally-friendly and cutting-edge flooring technologies. Whether you’re looking for a traditional look for your interior space or you’re looking for something sleek and cutting-edge, EF Marburger has you covered.

Here’s a quick sampling of what they have available for you. They not only offer bamboo, but they also offer natural stone, ceramic, tile flooring, laminate, as well as alternative flooring types. In addition to the wide range of carpet and other flooring products they have on offer, they also provide sales advice, design consultation, easy financing, as well as top-notch, high-quality installation services.

If you are looking for a tried and proven source of high-quality flooring products and installation services in the Fishers, Indiana area, you can never go wrong with this company. It has a track record of over 100 years.

New Concept Flooring

New Concept Flooring is based in Lafayette, Indiana and serves the large region surrounding Lafayette. This company is community centered and was founded in the year 2004.

Don’t let its relative newness fool you. If you are looking for high-quality flooring solutions, this company has you covered. Their focus is on top-notch service. It’s one thing to have available to you a wide range of product options; it’s another to install that flooring in such a way that it makes your interior space look amazing. This Lafayette, Indiana company does that.

In fact, it has completed thousands of jobs and is highly confident that it can make your interior space, whether it’s a residential or commercial space, look its very best, thanks to its high-quality flooring options.