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Carpet Group

Formed in 1987, Carpet Group is, first and foremost, a carpet wholesaler serving the greater Chicagoland area in Illinois. Thanks to its over 30 years of experience, this company has established itself as quite a professional flooring source because of its extremely clean installation. In fact, it prides itself in its installers removing and vacuuming every unit of carpet they install. They thoroughly clean their work area and all that is left a very nice, professionally laid and installed carpet. They also employ a very rigorous inspection process that ensures the highest level of quality. As part of being a carpet wholesaler, they are very thorough in the wide range of carpet products they offer. Their carpet fibers range from wool, polyester, olefin and nylon.

Safeway Carpets

Safeway Carpets has been serving the greater Chicago, IL area for well over 40 years. This business has been around for so long because of the great flooring and carpet options they have on offer to the general public. They have all sorts of flooring options ranging from patterned, plush, shag and even carpet rolls and remnants. They also offer area rugs and carpet runners. Regarding services, they provide installation, binding and serging. If that were not enough for you, you would be pleased to know that they also offer wood blinds, honeycomb shades, roller shades and all sorts of blinds and silhouettes. If you are looking for top-notch selection and professional services for both flooring and window options, definitely check out Safeway Carpets in Chicago.

Century Tile

Established in 1947, what separates this company is its emphasis on featuring only knowledgeable staff. If you are looking for great in-stock selection guided by people who know what they are talking about, you can rest assured that shopping at Century Tile would help you find the flooring quality and value pricing that you are looking for. Serving the Chicagoland area primarily, Century Tile offers a wide range of floor covering options. Whether you are looking for ceramic tile, granite marble, hardwood, laminate, or carpets, Century Tile has your flooring needs covered.

Great Western

Great Western prides itself in the unique mix of materials, creativity, and skills that help you make your home look as best as it could. To make this happen, this Oswego and Naperville company, established in 1981, offers both flooring design as well as floor installation services. On top of all this, you get access to a wide range of products involving decorative concrete flooring, shutters, shades and blinds, area rugs, countertops, vinyl, laminate, hardwood and, of course, carpeting.


This family-owned business has been around since 1984 offering primarily floor covering options to the Sycamore and Rockford metropolitan region. In addition to its main floor covering offerings, it also has made quite a name for itself providing to the general public stone, porcelain, hardwood, tile, LVT, laminate, terrazzo and vinyl flooring options.

Carpetland prides itself in its very personalized approach to carpet sales. They understand that every single customer is different with his or her specific needs, and you feel you are the only client that matters when they help you with your flooring requirements.

Lonnie’s Carpet

Based in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, Lonnie’s Carpet is in the business of offering custom-designed flooring. They do not have a ready-made option that has a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, they focus on custom designing flooring solutions that fit your particular residential or commercial needs. Whether you are looking for hardwood, laminate, vinyl, ceramic tiles or carpet, you can rest assured that Lonnie’s Carpet will have a distinct solution that answers all those needs. This is their main claim to fame. They have a highly personalized approach to customer service, and this has given them a tremendous competitive advantage over the years.

FCA Flooring

Founded in 1976, FCA Flooring has been servicing the Merrillville, IN; St. Charles, IL, Kankakee and Naperville metropolitan areas for quite some time. FCA Flooring offers flooring and carpet options primarily. In addition to installation and cleaning, they also offer the following flooring products: cork, tile, vinyl, luxury vinyl, laminate, hardwood, bamboo as well as a wide array of carpets and rugs. This company’s main claim to fame involves their very friendly installers. They go out of their way to do a great job and make it clear to the customer that they are getting full value for their hard-earned dollars.

RM Carpets

Servicing the Oswego, Naperville, Wheaton and Yorkville areas, RM Carpets has been around since 1957. In its over 60 years of business experience, it has made quite a name for itself in the Naperville and surrounding metropolitan region for its attention to detail and premiere carpet cleaning services. It not only offers top-notch carpets on a retail basis, but it is quite a brand name as far as carpet-cleaning services are concerned. If you live in the Oswego and Naperville area, definitely check out RM Carpets if you are looking for the highest quality materials installed with utmost precision.

Staff Carpet

Based in Springfield, IL, Staff Carpet has distinguished itself from its local flooring competition by not just focusing on flooring expertise. They also go out of their way to make sure that the customers get maximum peace of mind. They can do this by ensuring that whatever carpeting customers buy from them, is installed the first time correctly. In addition to carpet offerings, the company has on sale a wide range of flooring spanning laminate, tile, and stone to all sorts of hardwood materials. This business has been in operation in one form or another since the early 1960s.

Flooring of Springfield

The flooring of Springfield has been servicing the Springfield, IL area for over 100 years. That is the amount of experience it has had in the flooring industry both in terms of product sales as well as installation. In addition to offering a wide variety of carpets and top brands, they also sell a vast range of flooring options including laminate, tile, hardwood, padding, vinyl, cork and stone. This Springfield operation employs highly trained experts not only to help customers make the right choices as far as flooring options go, but they also go a long way in helping customers design their floor space. Their goal is to help you identify and get a perfect floor for your residence.

Ron’s Carpets

Ron’s Carpet has many different service areas. In fact, it has over two dozen Peoria local markets. What separates this company from the rest of its flooring competition is its exceptional business integrity. In fact, it is the recipient of at least two small business awards, one of them bestowed by the Better Business Bureau for business integrity. This company primarily offers carpeting as well as wood flooring. In addition to its primary offerings, it also makes available to the general public specialty floors, mats, runners and natural stone floors.

Sutton Carpet

This central Illinois area-focused carpeting company was founded in 1938. It offers to the general public hardwood flooring, area rugs and a wide variety of carpeting. On top of all this, they also make available ceramic, laminate and vinyl flooring options. Their stock-in-trade is their expert installation. They make the whole carpet installation experience for both commercial and residential customers quick, easy and pain-free.

Universal Carpet

In business for more than 23 years, Universal Carpet’s goal is to help flooring customers develop the ideal look for their office or home environments. Accordingly, this Elgin-centered Illinois flooring company offers a wide range of flooring products, including carpets, tiles, environmentally friendly flooring, as well as wood options. They buy directly from the mill and have a bulk-based relationship with flooring product manufacturers. This translates to substantial savings for individuals and companies doing business with Universal Carpet.

Tri State Carpet

With over 40 years of experience serving the Elgin, Illinois area, Tri State Carpet is a solid provider of tiles, stone, vinyl, laminate, hardwood and, of course, carpet flooring materials. It has also made quite a name for itself for the wide range of area rugs it has on offer. In terms of hardwood products, Tri State Carpet offers the general public hand-scraped or distressed hardwoods, as well as bamboo, engineered and solid hardwoods.

The main thing that separates this company from its competitors in the flooring space is that it has design experts available to customers on its premises. This increases the likelihood that the customers would get the very best flooring options for their particular needs. All installation work is done based on a high professional standard.

Olson Rug

Olson Rug is one of the older flooring companies in, the greater Chicago area. Just how far back does Olson Rug go? Think 1874. This business won’t have been around for this long if it isn’t doing something right. According to Olsen Rug itself, on a person by person basis and on a product per product basis, nobody does a better job in offering carpeting and hardwood value in the Chicago area than this company. Olson Rug specializes in laminates, rugs, hardwood and carpet flooring options. They also offer the general public vinyl and tile options, including installation.