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L A Carpet

L.A. Carpet, as you can tell by its name, is based in Los Angeles, CA and has been in business since 1986. Its formal name is L.A. Carpet Warehouse. As you can tell, from its name, it is heavily focused on offering both commercial and residential customers top-notch flooring products and flooring-related services. Just how diverse is its flooring product options? Well, L.A. Carpet Warehouse offers linoleum, rubber, cork, laminate, hardwood as well as a wide range of carpet fibers and carpet types. The great thing about L.A. Carpet is that since its founding, the company has always remained family operated and owned. It is a huge business as far as volume is concerned, but you can tell, based on the high level of personal attention it provides for each of its Los Angeles area customers.

Barry Carpet

Based in West Los Angeles, Barry Carpet has been in business for more than 50 years. This fact alone should tell you why this laminate flooring products, luxury vinyl tile, hardwood and carpet source is viewed as a local institution among flooring customers. This company’s heavy focus on top-notch customer service has made it quite a name. In addition to its main product offerings, it also goes out of its way to provide eco or environmentally friendly flooring options for both commercial and residential customers.

Melrose Carpet

Melrose Carpet is based in one of the most famous streets in all of Los Angeles. I am of course talking about Melrose Avenue, and this company has been in operation since 1965. Melrose Carpet has grown throughout the years and covers pretty much all of southern California. It offers primarily window covering, floor and carpeting products. On top of its general product offerings to the public, it also puts on offer alternative rugs like seagrass and sisal. If you are looking for a great combination of product selection, high quality as well as low prices, definitely give Melrose Carpet a shot. You would be surprised as to how far your dollar goes with this company.

Rivera’s Floor

Founded in 1995, Rivera’s Floor serves the greater Los Angeles area. This flooring specialist offers the general public primarily tile, linoleum, laminates, hardwood floors and carpet options. Regarding specific materials, this company has established its name as an eco-friendly source of flooring materials ranging from bamboo and cork. Rivera’s Floor has many competitive advantages. What is most noticeable is the fact that its massive selection ensures that customers do not need to wait to get their flooring installed. As long as they can find it in the warehouse, which is 100% of the time, the customer only needs to set up an appointment for installation, and everything is a done deal.

Coles Fine Flooring

Serving the South Bay, Solana Beach, and San Diego region, Coles Fine Flooring has been in business since 1947. This company offers a wide assortment of flooring options ranging from area rugs, vinyl, laminate, stone, tile, wood and, of course, carpeting. In addition to its primary products on offer, this company also sells luxury vinyl flooring options. Coles Fine Flooring is quite a local name in its sales region because of its reputation for great value, selection, and outstanding service. It is a family-operated enterprise, and it shows in how loyal its customer base is.

CTF Depot

CTF Depot is based in San Diego County and has been in operation since the year 1998. Offering primarily tile and carpet flooring options to the general public, this company also offers tile and carpet installation services as well as a wide range of surface types from ceramic, porcelain, granite, natural stone, laminate, and hardwood. It also offers countertops, shutters, blinds and cabinets. Serving the greater San Diego County area primarily, this company has distinguished itself from the competition thanks to its high standard of quality. It goes out of its way to pick out its product line, and its installation workmanship is second to none.

Off-Price Carpets

Off-Price Carpets has been in business for over 20 years in the San Jose, CA area. It is easy to see why it has been in business so long offering laminate, hardwood and carpet flooring options to the general public. It has distinguished itself from its competition by providing the very best deals. In fact, if you are looking for closeout pricing or special pricing on remnants as well as special orders direct from the factory, you need to check Off-Price Carpets. If you are based in the San Jose area, this company will enable you to get the extremely finest flooring at the very best pricing.

California Carpet

California Carpet has been serving the San Francisco Bay area since 1989 and is considered one of the region’s top floor-covering retailers. Its main focus involves hard surface flooring options, rugs, and carpeting. The great thing about this company is that if you are looking for a truly environmentally friendly carpet source, you really cannot do any better than California Carpet. This company prides itself in recycling 100% of all the carpets it removes from its customers’ residences or businesses. This heavy emphasis on environmental considerations has made it quite a local favorite.

Central Floor

Central Floor was founded in 1994 and serves the Central Valley, CA area. Offering principally tile, hardwood, sheet vinyl, vinyl plank, laminate and carpet flooring options, this company has become quite a local institution because it focuses primarily on working with property management companies. Accordingly, it has streamlined its ability to save its customers a tremendous amount of time and money. If you are looking for high-quality products paired with top-notch installation services, you cannot go wrong with Central Floor.

Simas Floor

Simas Floor serves the greater California region. From Northern California all the way to Southern California, Simas Floor delivers and provides services to residents and commercial enterprises all over California. This company has been in business since 1951 and has provided hardwood floors as its main line of business. On top of this, it also offers a wide selection of alternative flooring options ranging from carpets to vinyl sheets, luxury vinyl, laminate, porcelain and ceramic tiling. Recently, it has moved into offering window coverings as well as countertops. Simas Floor has become quite a California brand in the flooring industry because of its enormous selection of hardwood flooring options. In fact, it has such a big range on offer that many of its customers consider the company the hardwood expert.