Discount Furniture 2017 – Best Home & Office Furniture at Cheap Prices

Choosing the discount furniture is a great way to improve the look and feel of a living space without breaking the bank. This way, you get all the same quality and that ‘new feeling’ but don’t have to eat into your savings.

Here’s a run-down of some of the best items that you can now get at a fraction of the usual price. Any of these will help you get more use out of your rooms while also giving it a more luxurious and premium look!

1. Living Room
2. Bedroom
3. Kitchen and Dining
4. Bathroom
5. Office

Discount Furniture for the Living Room

Filling your living room with incredible furniture is an excellent way to make it more comfortable and luxurious, while also giving it your sense of style. You’ll be spending a lot of time in here, and it’s where you’ll come to relax after a hard day – so it only makes sense to ensure it’s filled with furniture that not only looks great, but that is comfortable and versatile for relaxing in too.

The only problem? Furniture can get expensive. That’s why it’s such good news that so much furniture is on sale at Wayfair right now. Here are some of the best items of discount furniture for the living room…

Zipcode Design Liam Barrel Chair

Liam Barrel Chair

This is a great looking barrel, meaning that the arms and the back of the chair are made from one piece, giving it a cylindrical look. The chair looks neat and will fit seamlessly into any home décor, while at the same time offering an excellent level of support and comfort.

Along with that firm comfort – perfect for sitting up and reading – you’ll also be able to pick from a wide range of different colors from Blackboard gray, to green, red and turquoise. Right now, the chair is selling at 32% off of the usual price, which presents a fantastic opportunity for any family that wants to add a nice place to sit and reads or perhaps an accompaniment to go with the sofa.

Green Tufted Upholstered Linen Club Chair

Tufted Upholstered Linen Club Chair

This is a great looking chair with low arms and a large comfortable sitting area. The upholstered look is timeless and classic, and this makes it a perfect fit for any slightly more traditional décor – or a great way to offset a more modern and contemporary room décor. It’s more of a statement than the barrel chair and would look great in other rooms of the house too – such as a reading room or study perhaps.

At a very impressive 56% off, this is an excellent opportunity to get an item of the best discount furniture while the offer lasts. It also comes in a variety of alternative colors if you need something different to match the rest of your room.

Athena Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Convertible Sleeper Sofa

A sleeper sofa is a perfect addition for the living room if you lack a guest bedroom or if you just want to host bigger groups. This is a stunning, minimalist sofa that is very striking in blue linen. To look at you would not know that it also transformed into a comfortable place to sleep without taking up a massive amount of floor space.

Throw on a nice set of cushions, and this is a stylish addition to your living room. At 49% off, now is the time to strike! It comes in a variety of colors, each as striking as the next too, so if the blue doesn’t match your color scheme, take a look around.

Sunbury TV Stand

Sunbury TV Stand

For so many of us, the TV is still the centerpiece of the living. A TV is not a particularly attractive or stylish object! So why not give yourself something more appealing to look at with this sleek, black TV stand that provides ample compartments and storage for DVDs, games consoles, sound systems, magazines or ornaments?

It’s an excellent way to organize more things in your home as well then, but just keep in mind that these compartments don’t close, so you’ll want to keep the items under there nicely presented. Tip: try using baskets!

Wide enough for the widest of widescreen TVs and currently available for an impressive 58% off!

Aedesia Waffle Sectional Sofa


Cheap Reversible Chaise Sectional Sofa

This is a stunning modular sofa that can adapt to suit your changing needs. The benefit of any sectional sofa is that it can be rearranged to fit into any home, meaning you can rest assured that this will look the part in your living room.
But a sectional sofa is more than that because it can continue to change your lifestyle – whether you want somewhere to kick your feet up or whether you want to rest your head on your partner’s lap.

This is a beautiful sofa with plush, high-quality fabrics and a great design. And right now it is available with 37% docked off the price!

Augustine Tufted Sofa


Augustine Tufted Sofa

This Tufted Sofa has an upholstered look and a slight sheen to it that makes it a real centerpiece. Add the flamboyant arms and the rounded feet, and you have a piece of furniture that has a mainly classical and traditional feel to it, and that will work well in any quirky or retrofitted living room.

Thick cushions and a firm back finish this off and make it a comfortable and form-fitting place to kick your feet up. At 47% off, it represents a fantastic opportunity for anyone that likes this style.

Jouhara TV Stand

Jaouhara TV Stand

And now for another TV stand, this time with a much more aged effect and less modern stylings. Intricate patterns adorn the glass doors, while the feet are a feature in themselves. This is quite a high TV stand and would work equally well as a regular sideboard or cupboard. It’s perfect for anyone with a liking for weathered furniture and would work well in a beach aesthetic too. Storage, functionality and ornate aesthetics are on offer here, along with a great price while the 38% discount is available.

Wildon Home Sleeper Sofa

Discount Sleeper Sofa

Another sofa that can double as a place to sleep, but this time in an executive looking black leather with an attractive square patterning and silver, diagonal feet. It’s a definite statement piece and one that would look very at home in a living room filled with other modern, luxury ornaments and furniture. But because this is one of the best discount furniture options right now, you can get it for much less than people would think – at 28% off!

Of course, this also turns into a very comfortable bed with a simple and easy mechanism that won’t put your back out to operate!

Mid-Century Sofa

Mid Century Modern Style Sofa Red

A modern, minimalist red sofa with a firm back and low arms, raised strikingly on four wooden peg legs. The red color grabs attention (though you can also find it in blue, yellow and black) and in short, it makes for something of a conversation piece in any living room.

This also has one of the biggest discounts we’ve seen so far with a very impressive 51% off! A perfect example of how the best discount furniture helps you to add real style without spending a huge amount.

Alderbrook Tufted Loveseat

Tufted Loveseat

This is a short, retro-inspired sofa with an upholstered effect backrest and a square form factor. It’s short and cute, and that means it can fit easily into spaces around your living room where a full-sized sofa might not. Still, it provides ample space for two people to sit at once and the simple styling is very elegant upon closer inspection.

Discount Bedroom Furniture

Moving into the bedroom now, this is another room where it can pay to find some great discount furniture deals. A bedroom is a place we often reserve mainly for sleeping, but you’ll still want to deck it out so that you have storage for your clothes and other items. And why not include a place to sit so that you can enjoy a book by lamplight as your partner snoozes?

As with any room, adding the right furniture can enhance your quality of life. And here’s some of the best discount furniture to help you do that…

Gabriel Upholstered Panel Bed

Gabriel Upholstered Panel Bed

At 81% off this is an incredible deal for any piece of discount furniture. That you’re getting such a stunning bed at that price is the unbelievable part, though. Raised on square wooden feet with a square shape itself and with a simple beige color scheme and upholstered back panel, it is striking but in a way that feels at once classic and contemporary. This would go beautifully with a dark oak bedside cabinet or a spacious, light décor.

It’s as comfortable as it is attractive too and all in all, it’s an excellent opportunity to get true quality at a super-low price.

Felisa Upholstered Panel Bed

Felisa Upholstered Panel Bed

The Felisa Upholstered Panel Bed offers a similar Beige color scheme, similar upholstered back panel, and similar wooden feet. The big difference is that large back panel and the borders around the edge which will make you feel extra cozy – like you’re receiving a hug from your bed! That tall back also gives it a slightly more grandiose feeling, which makes even more of an impact and statement upon entering the room.

Nice and low with space for a thick mattress, this is a real fashion piece and a great addition to any bedroom. At 60% off, it’s also a steal!

Queen Upholstered Panel Bed


Queen Upholstered Panel Bed

Another beige bed with an upholstered back panel, quickly tells you that this must be in fashion right now. With 60% off, you can enjoy a bed that’s in style for a small price, and in this case, the differentiating feature is the interestingly shaped back panel that appears like a kind of crest. The color is also slightly lighter, making it a ‘neutral white.’

The only problem with these beds is a lack of storage underneath. There are ways around this limitation certainly, but it’s something to keep in mind!

Turin Upholstered Panel Bed

Turin Upholstered Panel Bed

Ornate, flamboyant and comfortable. This is another Beige bed, once again with an upholstered back panel. Like the previous discount furniture, this bed enjoys a more shapely back panel adding extra visual intrigue. It still retains the same great selling points as the other items on this list so far, though, with a square shape and a simple, modern aesthetic overall.

The discount on this one is an excellent 59%, which means you can enjoy class and elegance for a fraction of what you’d normally pay.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

How your bed looks are secondary to how it feels. While this is true of any furniture, it is extra true of your bed. That’s because the comfort of your bed will determine how well you sleep, which in turn will impact on how you feel and perform the next day. In the long term, a comfortable mattress (or otherwise) can make or break your back.

Memory foam is an excellent choice both regarding how it feels and regarding how good it is for. It will conform to your shape and then stay there, keeping you supported while never digging in or feeling lumpy. The only problem? Memory foam is usually very expensive. Luckily, at 62% off, this product is not right now!

Maisie Upholstered Platform Bed

Lexington Upholstered Platform Bed

This has to be one of our favorite discounted furniture pieces on this list so far. This is a perfect choice for modern professionals and anyone who enjoys a luxury, modern and minimal aesthetic with an Eastern influence. The low platform style of this bed gives it an Asian feel and makes it that much easier to fall into. The simple lines meanwhile are striking and bold and perfectly compliment the clean white or stark black color choices.

At 72% off, you’ll be able to enjoy a bed that feels much more premium than the price you pay!

Grayson Storage Platform Bed

Greyson Storage Platform Bed

This is another platform bed, but it is very different from the Maisie. This bed is significantly taller and significantly more wooden, giving it a warm and homely feel. The wooden panels are in fact drawers, which provides plenty of storage for keeping your bedclothes or other items.

A solid bed then that is perfect for a family home. And at 51% off, your money will go much further!

Ophelia Upholstered Panel Bed

Ophelia Upholstered Panel Beds

As is the style right now, this Ophelia upholstered panel bed features a tall, upholstered back panel which contrasts the low, simple base. It manages to look classic and contemporary at the same time, giving it a timeless appeal and meaning it can fit into a wide range of bedroom decors. It’s currently selling for 68% off!

If you’re looking for a bed that matches the most modern styles but don’t want to pay for a designer brand, then this is a superb choice.

Nielson Queen Upholstered Panel Bed

Nielsen Upholstered Panel Bed

Similar in style to many of the other beds we’ve looked at already on this list, the Nielson Queen gives you yet another option for an upholstered panel bed. It’s available in beige and several other colors and is low to the ground with a tall panel. It’s currently enjoying a big discount at 70% off, too!

We love this style of bed in case you hadn’t noticed and for a good reason. With the right bedside furniture, it can create a beautiful environment to sleep in and one that looks like it was ripped from the pages of a home improvement magazine.

Adams 7 Drawer Dresser

Drawer Dresser

The ‘7 drawers’ in the name only somewhat hints at the massive amount of storage that you get from this dressing table. Along with the seven draws (five full-size and two for underwear), you also get a cupboard, and there are locks to help keep your things private. All this means that this could easily provide storage for two people’s clothes – a great way to make smart use of space.

The dresser itself uses a simple and clean design and layout which means it will fit into pretty much any bedroom in an unassuming manner.

Discount Kitchen and Dining Room Furniture

When it comes to the cupboards, drawers, and sideboards you use most often, it’s the kitchen and dining room furniture that takes the prize. You’ll be going in and out of these drawers and cupboards any time that you want to get cutlery, placemats or napkins.

Thus, it makes sense to invest heavily in discount furniture for these rooms in particular. And then there are the countertops and the dining table itself. These are surfaces you will spend a lot of time with, and in many ways, your dining table is likely to be something of a centerpiece for your family interactions.

As we’ll see, though, there are even some elements that you might not have considered regarding your kitchen and dining room furniture that can shake things up.

Read on then and let’s take a look at some of the very best discount furniture available for those rooms right now!

Mattice 3 Piece Kitchen Island Set

3 Piece Kitchen Island Set

The Mattice 3 Piece Kitchen Island set is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. If you have space, then any kitchen island will make life much easier by giving you another surface to work on and giving you more ‘zones’ where you can reach multiple surfaces. Add in the chairs with this three piece set, and you can sit while you chop carrots, or enjoy breakfast in the kitchen in the mornings.

This is a beautifully made centerpiece for any kitchen too with stunning polished oak tops and a slightly olive black body. Lots of storage and intricate design finish this off while the 46% discount makes it an opportunity you should not miss.

Francoise Dining Table

Francoise Dining Table

This Francoise Dining Table has a washed out effect featuring a light patterned wood that is something different. The design of the table itself is quite striking and unique too, with two central pillars at either end holding the table up and a flat bar running along the middle underneath. It’s spacious for four to six people, but its looks make it much more than simply functional. With 57% off right now, it’s a very compelling offer.

Arpdale Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island with Wood Top

Another Kitchen Island but this time on wheels. That simple change switches things up as you might expect, as it allows you to push this island to whichever point in the room is most convenient. This item is conveniently designed in many other ways too though with a lot of thoughtful choices.

We particularly like the included hanger for dish cloths and hand towels, as well as the ample storage. A polished finish gives it a real sheen, while the black, red or white color schemes all look equally great. This discount furniture currently has 28% off the usual price.

Bistro Compact Dining Set

3 Piece Compact Dining Set

Features like this can enhance the usefulness of a dining room or a kitchen by giving you a place to enjoy a coffee and paper in the morning, or somewhere to enjoy a drink with a friend that’s away from the main dining table.

Options like that help to improve the décor of room too, as the whole idea evokes a sense of relaxation and enjoyment – making your room feel much more homely as a result. This is a light design with space for a book or a bottle of wine under the table, and right now it is available with 30% off the asking price.

Hartland Bar Stool

Hartland 24 Bar Stool

Bar stools are another addition to a kitchen or perhaps an open plan dining room that can introduce new ways to enjoy yourself and therefore make the whole room feel more relaxed and more comfortable. Let your family and friends recount their woes while you polish them up a glass, or enjoy serving eggs and bacon to your partner in the morning – a barstool offers an additional place to sit and turns a countertop into a surface that can be eaten from.

These are relatively short barstools by usual standards and eschew the usual black, swivel look for something a little more elegant. The brown wood is very attractive, while the gray seat is comfortable and supportive. Right now, there’s a 29% discount.

Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Adjustable Height Swivel Bar Stool

Now, this is what you imagine when you think of a barstool! This is your classic swivel barstool with an adjustable height. This design has endured because it is so convenient and will allow you to easily reach any surface so that you can chop food while you remain seated, or so that you can spin around to face the other way while you recline against the countertop and enjoy your morning coffee. It’s a great addition to a bachelor pad but also surprisingly convenient for a family home.

This is a particularly sleekly designed example of the classic swivel bar stool as well. The backrest, in particular, is something you don’t always see, and this has quite an artist and modern way of implementing that. Order it now and save 16%!

Wescott Swivel Bar Stool

Swivel Bar Stool with Cushion

What if you want the swiveling functionality of the last bar stool with the less ostentatious design of the one before it? Well then, you choose the Wescott Swivel Bar Stool. This is a wooden bar stool with a round seat and polished, dark finish. It looks like a traditional chair you might find in your study except it can swivel thanks to a hidden pivot. It’s a unique concept that marries form and function, currently for 34% off!

Baroncourt Buffet

Baroncourt Buffet

Another great piece of discount furniture to look into is your sideboard. This one is perfect for storing your crockery and especially thanks to the glass doors which can give a glimpse of your plates, bowls and other china – ideal if you have a set that you are keen to show off!

The design is quite ornate with round feet and thin draws along the top for furniture. It’s narrow enough to add ample storage to a range of places around the home and in short, it’s a great addition now with 38% off the usual price.

Kaiser Point Dining Table

Kaiser Point Dining Table

This table is elegance in simplicity. It is simply a flat piece of wood on four legs with no flashy intricate details and no fancy transformations. But this is what makes it such a great choice for any room where you don’t necessarily want to make space feel too crowded. This simplicity is also perfect for any room designed with a minimal aesthetic in mind, and it feels very modern because of it.

Despite being simple, this table is also very high quality, and that is immediately apparent from the deep colors of the wood and the sheen of the polish. There’s a 23% discount at the moment making it a striking piece of discount furniture.

Cabot Sideboard

Cabot Sideboard

This sideboard has an absorbing design thanks to corners that are glass on two sides and that feature offset glass shelves inside. This provides an interesting view of your vases/cut glass through the wooden detailing, with further storage in the middle. The design is fairly retro with an ‘antique white’ to finish the look. It still manages to feel very modern, though, and currently, you can enjoy all those great design choices for 11% less.

Discount Bathroom Furniture

The bathroom can be a functional room where you go to get washed before leaving, or it can be a haven – a home spa that you retreat to after a hard day to feel pampered and rejuvenated.

The right discount bathroom furniture can help you to achieve that latter feel and turn your bathroom into a stunning safe place where you can go to feel human again.

Oh and as an aside, having a great looking bathroom filled with beautiful furniture is also one of the best ways to impress guest that visit your home. Just like the right watch and belt can transform a man’s outfit, so too can the right bathroom and kitchen transform your home!

Let’s take a look at some of the best discount furniture for this room…

Florence Double Bathroom Vanity Set

60 Double Bathroom Vanity Set

When you go and stay in a fancy hotel, one of the first indicators that you’re staying somewhere that’s truly luxury is the bathroom. When you walk in this room, you will often notice that you have a double bathroom vanity set. For those that don’t speak ‘bathroom furniture,’ this means ‘his and hers’ sinks so that you can both enjoy brushing your teeth at the same time. You also get tons of storage for keeping your various products so that you aren’t fighting with one another over who got toothpaste where.

This vanity set would feel right at home in one of those luxury hotels thanks to the stunning black wood (or ‘espresso’ rather), the bottom shelf for face towels and spare products and the marble countertop. It’s a beautiful and practical addition that’s perfect for an ensuite in particular. With 54% off, this is a great opportunity to bring that luxury to your home!

Creighton Double Bathroom Vanity Set

72 Double Bathroom Vanity Set

This is another great looking double bathroom vanity set, this time in white with silver handles to match the taps. With a row of drawers in the middle, there is lots of storage here (a total of six drawers and two double cupboards to be the price!) as well as a lot of space for giving you each your spot for grooming. It has a crisp, modern and smart look that will go great in a light and spacious bathroom. In fact, it may well prove to be the piece-de-resistance for your bathroom décor! And with 34% off, why not?

Bliss Double Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity Set

Double Wall Mount Modern Bathroom Vanity Set

Any double bathroom vanity set is a real mark of luxury and style as we’ve already seen. It’s not only one of those features that enhance your quality of life (by letting you get ready together and giving you your personal space), but also that requires you to have the space to enjoy it.

But why not go one step further with a vanity set that draws attention to itself? It’s not just the jet black base and white top that is striking here, nor is it the minimal silver taps. Rather, it’s the fact that this is a wall mount vanity set, so it appears to hover above the ground and gives you extra storage space or space to slide a mat. It’s a stunning feature that will make your bathroom look like something from a showhome.

Pinecrest Single Bathroom Vanity Set

21 Single Bathroom Vanity Set

That Pinecrest, not Pinterest! Although with this stylish design you’ll likely be getting your camera out to upload snaps to the social media site.

This is a single bathroom vanity set which completely changes the whole notion of the bathroom set. In this case, you’re getting something slim that will easily fit into a range of rooms without taking up a ton of space. What’s more, is that this set has a beautiful dark wooden finish to give it a more stately and studious appeal and which complements the white basin.

It looks like any other small cabinet but with a sink on top! This also makes it a good choice for anyone that wants a sink in their room, or that has a large enough bathroom so that they can leave some space between the individual features. A step up from having an all-ceramic sink whatever the case – and it’s currently available with 31% off!

Zola Single Bathroom Vanity Set With Mirror

24 Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

This is another single vanity set but with a much more modern and minimal aesthetic. This time it’s a single black block with a cupboard and a single cylindrical tap. The set comes with a mirror that caps off the look and which has a very stylish appeal thanks to the black bar down the bottom.

A great choice for any modern bathroom interior and a great choice for all those that want to add form and function to their room. 29% off this discount furniture right now!

Gela Double Vanity Set With Mirror

60 Black Double Vanity Set with Mirror

Back to double vanity sets and back to extreme luxury. This is a wide double vanity set that has the stark black base of many of the more modern pieces of furniture we’ve looked at but with the marble countertop and ample storage space of the more classic designs. The included mirrors are also a great addition as you get two identical pieces that will sit over each sink, really finishing off a highly symmetrical look and giving you each your private space to get ready in. Brush your teeth without seeing your other half gurning back at you!

And right now this is a fantastic investment with 49% off!

Monaco Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set With Mirror

36 Single Sink Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

One thing to consider with any of these items is that they will be great investments in your home. A great bathroom does not only impress guests as we’ve discussed – but it also always impresses buyers too. With 57% off, this is a brilliant investment that will pay for itself – and that will also earn its keep by offering you a great free-standing sink that will act as a real feature and bring up the entire décor of your bathroom.

Barrington Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set With Mirror

72 Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

This double sink features a lighter gray (or white) base than the others we’ve looked at which gives it a very different look and feel. Otherwise, it has a lot of the same great benefits as the other similar items of discount furniture we’ve featured: giving you lots of space, making a luxurious statement and even providing a whole lot of added storage as well. It comes with a big rectangular mirror, which is a good choice for those that want to reflect maximum light and make their bathrooms feel all the more spacious. Make sure to wipe down with a microfiber cloth after showering, though!

Messina Single Vanity Set

Messina 48 Single Vanity Set

This is a much more traditional and almost antique-feeling vanity set that has a rounded front and slightly golden handles. The color we’re looking at here is ‘antique cherry’ which is a deep wood that will go very nicely in a bathroom with a more old-fashioned and stately aesthetic. The dark taps are also very warm looking and sure to look newer for longer compared with chrome. A marble top finished the look and makes this something truly special. It’s unbelievable to think you can get something this stunning with 49% off!

Melton Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set With Mirror

Melton 72 Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

This is a gray double sink for your bathroom that once again brings a genuine touch of luxury and quality to any room and that will be able to bring up the entire décor. We love the amount of storage you get here, the largely included mirror and the marble top which looks great with the blue-gray color scheme.

Discount Office Furniture

Lastly, let’s take a look at some high-quality discount office furniture. This is another room you might find yourself sitting in for long stretches, which make comfort and lumbar support highly important! At the same time, an office can be a great place to sit and read, to keep your important documents and generally to escape the madness of household when you need some time with your thoughts.

Whether you’re looking for a modern, slick home office or something a bit more traditional and studious, you’ll be sure to find some great discount furniture on this list…

Pinellas Executive Desk

Executive Desk

If you’re in the process of decking out a new office, then you always want to start with the desk. This is where the most work will get done, and it will take up the most floor space in most cases too.

This Pinellas Executive Desk is a great place to start with 24% off, a stunning light color and a great shape that will fit into the corner of the room and give you plenty of space to spread out on. Space is crucial for a desk as it will allow you to keep all your items in one place and prevent you from feeling cramped up down one end.

Drawer Computer Desk

Drawer Computer Desk

This is a different style of desk, aimed very much at computer use and with a large amount of storage for keeping files, tools, and materials. The finish is in white or black which is a beautiful and crisp look for a modern office in either case, and the pull-out keyboard table means you’ll always have space to type comfortably. Right now it’s very affordable with 23% off.

Norden Executive Chair

Norden Executive Chair

If you’re looking for a chair that will make you look and feel like a boss, then this is it. With an upholstered effect and a choice of two dark types of leather, the overall feel is a stately armchair but one caster wheels. It offers excellent support and comfort and will fit right in with an office that uses a lot of dark woods and ornate books. If you have a globe on your desk or a letter opener, then it’s safe to assume you’re the sort of person who will love this chair. Either way, it makes a heck of a statement for 52% off!

Clina Mid-Back Deluxe Bankers Chair

Celina Mid-Back Deluxe Bankers Chair

This is a bankers chair that would look right at home in any bank (unsurprisingly) but also fits into a lot of other aesthetics. The light wood and light frame make it light to move around and make it perfect for a light and spacious room that gets a lot of suns. Open the blinds and enjoy nipping around on this little chair. Note that the padding isn’t quite as generous as for some other desk chairs, though. Buy now to save 45%!

Cyrus Executive Chair

Cyrus Executive Chair

The Cyrus Executive Chair is a chair you need to sit in to appreciate fully. That said, just looking at it shows off just how comfortable it is, and that’s because it’s designed with people suffering from back issues in mind. It offers excellent lumbar support but also a very padded head rest, and even padded arm rests! The quality materials used give it an elegant finish, and the fifth foot provides extra stability. A very luxury chair with 30% off.

AIR High-Back Executive Chair

AIR High-Back Executive Chair

If it comforts you’re going for, though, then this AIR ‘health and wellness’ high-backed chair is another strong contender. The back is extremely padded and ergonomically designed to offer perfect lumbar support. Perforation offers great breathability too, and the stylish arm can be repositioned to find the perfect posture.

Despite being a health-conscious chair, it still looks great with a very space age gray finish. This discount furniture is currently enjoying 32% off.

Thornbury Computer Desk

Thornbury Computer Desk

This desk may be somewhat complicated to look at first, which is thanks to a large number of compartments and draws. It’s ideal for storage then and will solve a lot of organization problems that way. The white finish is nice and simple and is complemented by chrome handles. There’s also holes included for wiring – something we’d like to see on a lot more furniture of this nature!

A great all-around computer desk with a great discount of 36% off!

Orrstown High-Back Mesh Desk Chair

Orrstown High-Back Mesh Desk Chair

This high-back desk chair is comfortable and breathable thanks to the mesh material at the back. It also looks highly stylish with a chrome frame, sleek curves and a nice shiny leather on the armrests and seat. If you’re not a fan of the black, it also comes in blue, red, orange and a variety of other colors.

This discount furniture is perfect for those that want the elegance and luxury of the large, upholstered leather swivel chairs but that don’t want to feel quite so hemmed in and hot. This is light and relatively small, but still stunning.

High Back Executive Chair

High-Back Executive Chair

This is another high back executive chair with an upholstered leather finish that is available in a deep and luxurious brown color. This is a chair for someone who is successful and serious about what they do and who wants to be comfortable and stylish while they do it! With adjustable lumbar support and ideal comfort, the sitting experience matches the truly beautiful look of this chair, and it screams ‘executive’ as a result. It’s currently available for a non-executive price, though, thanks to a 49% discount.

Greer Mid-Back Mesh Desk Chair

Greer Mid-Back Mesh Desk Chair

This is another desk chair that is an on the slightly lighter side. The blue is a lighter color, while the frame and the breathable mesh mean that you won’t feel claustrophobic or overly hot while sitting in it. The shape is perfect for supporting the back though, and bold colors are striking any home office. At 24% off right now, this is a great piece of discount furniture for your home office or study that won’t break the bank!

As you can see, there are a huge number of truly exciting deals on discount furniture right now, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to stock up and improve your quality of life and the look of your home!