5 Best Sofa and Loveseat Sets Under $500 for Small Living Room

For achieving a complete and cohesive look to any interior-decor scenario, one needs to know what kind of home-furnishing to go for.

In all honesty, throwing just a bunch of random chairs or sofas together will never work well for the cause.

And, one of the most trusted seating arrangements in any home that could be counted on to make all the difference in style is that of a sofa and loveseat set. These bring the best of both worlds together to create a balanced seating layout for your living room.

But, buying such a set does require you to know about how to decide on the quality and, eventually, spend a heck lot of money on it.

And, spotting a cost-efficient deal can be tricky for almost anyone to get right at the first go. So, to help you out with it, we have prepared this extensive guide on some of the best sofa and loveseat sets you can get within a budget of $500!

Simply read on to know everything about them in the next following sections!

The 5 Best Sofa and Loveseat Sets Under $500

1. Poundex Aria Faux Leather Sofa and Loveseat Set

Poundex F7857 Bobkona Aria Faux Leather 2 Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Espresso
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There are but few materials that work as magically to transform the stylistic aspect of anything as incredibly as leather does. Spelling “SEXY” in caps, leather is one thing that you cannot just go wrong with when it comes to upping the glam quotient of your interior decor.

And, that is why we are suggesting this absolutely gorgeous faux leather set from Poundex to you right now! It includes a loveseat for two in the same, stunning brown finish as that of the standard-sized sofa itself.

The set comes equipped with foam-filled seat cushions with a robust spring-coil on the inside.This makes the structure extremely durable against sudden, massive impact, contributing to substantial product-longevity.

Moreover, we love that the back and seat cushions of this item are flexible enough to accommodate your body-frame with utmost comfort and ease. Additionally, the tufted seat and back of the structures contribute to their overall comfort-factor.

Also, we have to say that we absolutely love the 4 accented pillows that this set includes, which complement not only the sofa and loveseat, but also the entire decor of the room. And, all of this being available under $500 is definitely one deal that you shouldn’t miss out on.

2. Poundex Aria Gray Sofa and Loveseat Set

Poundex F7858 Bobkona Aria Linen-Like 2 Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Grey
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The incredible appeal of gray-tones lies in its immense versatility and, even more than that- an absolutely dynamic masculine charm. Grays can balance out loud colors beautifully, bringing in a sharp, attractive contrast that highlights every aspect of your room.

So, keeping that in mind, we are suggesting this glamorous sofa and loveseat set for your home, done in an exquisite steel-grey tone!

Pretty much like the previously reviewed leather sofa and loveseat set from Poundex, this model, too, reflects an immensely durable construction. Both of these seating arrangements feature a strong coil-spring interior, which can tackle massive impacts. And, this is why you can literally rest assured on your sofa, that it’s not gonna break or warp anytime soon even under pressure.

Comfort-wise, Poundex does a decent job, and there’s no doubt in that, given the highly comfortable, foam-injected seats. Coupled with a flexible back, these seating arrangements ensure a perfectly relaxing experience, providing all the support to your spine and shoulders.

And, additionally, you also get 4 accented pillows which offer a complete and cohesive look, enhancing the overall appeal of your room decor.

3. Poundex Tyler Blue Gray Sofa and Loveseat Set

Poundex F6905 Bobkona Tyler Linen-Like 2 Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Blue Grey
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Next up on our list of incredible sofa and loveseat sets is this breathtaking model, done in a ravishing blue-grey accent. Now, as we have already mentioned, grays can work beautifully with almost any kind of color, creating a brilliant contrast between warmer and cooler tones.

Apart from that, what it also does is allow you to create cooler or warmer tones when used in combination with other colors.

And, that’s precisely what this sofa and loveseat set achieves for you! The bluish-gray tone creates a calming ambiance, and at the same time, takes the style quotient of your place up several notches!

Also, when it comes to product-durability, Poundex can definitely be counted on. These seating arrangements feature a formidable wood and metal structure that are fitted with enduring metal springs. In fact, we thought that the springs in this model did take an incredible lot in weight and massive impacts, without making the user feel anything at all!

Additionally, the sofa and loveseat, both have a tufted seat and flexible back, paired with foam-filled cushions. Not only do these features ensure the highest level of comfort for you, but they also accentuate the beauty of the arrangements itself.

However, the only thing that may be an issue to some is the overall weight and size of the sofa. These units are pretty heavy and, although they offer substantial space to accommodate many at a time, they may not fit smaller rooms.

4. Poundex Sonya Ash Black Sofa and Loveseat Set

Poundex F6913 Bobkona Sonya Linen-Like 2 Piece Sofa and Loveseat Set, Ash Black
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Now, if there’s one thing that makes this sofa and loveseat set from Poundex probably the most beautiful one, is its majestic black finish. Perfect for almost all kinds of decor, the set provides a brilliant, transformative effect to change the overall look of your place, making a scorching style statement!

The Sonya Ash Black sofa and loveseat set also scores substantially high up in durability and comfort, thanks to the incredible quality of materials it’s made with. These seating arrangements are equipped with tensile inner-spring coils that resist significant impacts.

So, even if you had high-spirited kids or pets, running around your house and toppling things over, you wouldn’t have to worry about your couches crashing down any time soon. Also, one of the things that makes this model a bit different than the rest is a tighter back.

This helps to rectify your posture while sitting, providing ample comfort at all times. For such factors, we think this one could be an ideal arrangement for any formal and official setting, which is further accentuated by its dapper black look!

When it comes to comfort, Poundex ensures the highest levels of it by offering a fluffy, foam-injected cushion, which is also easy to clean and maintain. And, this model definitely seals the deal with that!

5. Poundex Masaccio Light Gray Sofa and Loveseat Set

Poundex F6892 Bobkona Masaccio Sofa & Loveseat, Light Grey
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The last sofa and loveseat set on our list is a classic model from Poundex that has been somewhat created in a traditional layout. The steel-gray accents of the sofa beautifully contrast with the rest of your room-decor, highlighting all the other colors and textures in it.

The Masaccio features a chrome leg support, unlike the other models which come with wooden ones. Not only do these look absolutely stunning owing to the cool-toned design, but they also provide considerable support to stabilize the structure. As a result, it provides you with a wobble-free experience, which contributes to its overall comfort-factor and product-longevity.

Additionally, the chrome legs also come with floor-protective rubber tips which keep the structures from damaging your delicate flooring. What we also loved is the piping accent done on the arm, seat, and back of the sofas. This accentuates the layout of the structures itself, making them statement-pieces for your room.

Finally, the price of this set truly makes it an excellent deal, if you do not mind a heavier unit, for that matter.


In all honesty, getting a quality couch involves a significant amount of investment, let alone getting a combination of a sofa and a loveseat. But, as you can now see, having gone through our list of some of the best sets under $500, that patience is key while finding such things. And along with that, a bit of knowledge about what to look for and where exactly to look will get you the ideal product always. And that is precisely what we have tried to help you with, through this guide.

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