45 Best Cheap Sectionals for Every Budget

If you are looking for the perfect sectional, it can be difficult to know which price range to shop in and what you can get for a specifically budgeted amount.

Most people base their buying decision on the soft that they like the best and then check the price afterward. As a result, many people end up paying more than they should for a sectional.

In this guide, we have chosen the best cheap sectionals sofas for a number of specific budget categories, so that you can check each one for the perfect sofa for your living room. You don’t have to spend too much on a sectional to get the perfect centerpiece for your home.

Table of contents:
Lower Price | Medium Price | Comfortable Sectionals | Quality Sectionals | Stylish Sectionals
Premium Sectionals


Lower Price Sectionals

The first category that we’ll be covering is the assortment of cheap sectionals under 200. The lower price categories are going to be smaller sectionals that will fit into apartments and small rooms. In a huge living room, some of these sectionals may even look silly.

HomeLife Adjustable Sectional Sofa

This is a nice little sectional sofa that will fit just about anywhere. The only color that it comes in is gray, but the cushions are comfortable, and it will easily work for a small family to watch TV on or for a sleeping spot if you need it.

The sofa measures 77L”x53W” and have the advantage of being able to travel up and down stairs. It weighs about 150 pounds so you may still need a crew of three or four; it does come disassembled, which means you can break it down again when you move.

Espresso Brown Leather Sectional

This is a gorgeous, dark chocolate sectional that is large enough to relax and spread out on but small enough to fit into a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

It features thick seat cushions and pillow-like back cushions that make it a pleasure to lean back on. You can stretch out on the chaise if you are watching television or sleep across the sofa the long way.

The dimensions are 77L”x53W”, and the price is perfect for those who need quality furniture on a budget. This sofa is made of easy-to-clean bonded leather material

Linen Cloth Modern Sectional

From LIFE Home comes this creamy, sectional sofa with an elegant design and a stunning color. It is small enough even for the tightest spaces, and those who live in one-bedroom or studio apartments will appreciate the fact that it comes disassembled. Can be take up long flights of stairs with ease and then put together in the room where you plan to enjoy it.

This sectional measures 77L”x53W”. It also has stable but attractive feet with plenty of room for a family to relax and watch television together. Plus, it’s easy to clean.

Black Contemporary Sectional Sofa

This jet-black sectional sofa is a perfect example of contemporary design and simplicity. The seating capacity is at least three, and perhaps four, and the chaise lounge attached at the end allows for stretching out and putting your feet up.

You can move the chaise to either side of the sofa so that it fits your space best and black will go with just about any decorating style. Some assembly is required, but that makes it very easy to get the sofa into the room that it will be used in. This sectional measures 77L”x53W”.

Canvas Linen Sectional Sofa

From a distance, you might think that this sectional sofa was made of suede. Thanks to the neutral beige color, this looks much more expensive than it is, and the couch won’t betray you when someone gets close enough to sit on it; as long you remember to remove the price tag.

This is a great color for those who aren’t sure what their final décor will be because beige goes with almost anything. Also, it is really small and compact with thick, stable feet that are safe for your wood floor surfaces.

Medium Price Sectionals

The next category is cheap sectionals under 300. These sofas are still going to be somewhat small, although you may find some nicer pieces here that are more durable and likely more stylish than the ones in the previous category.

Merax Contemporary Sectional Sofa

This contemporary, upholstered sectional is a sensational piece. It features a narrow profile that fits with many decorating styles, and it still offers enough room for you to stretch out and sleep or watch television. The only available color is a deep blue, but you will fall in love with that color once you see it up close for the first time.

This sectional has cylindrical feet with a wide base, and it comes with three pillows that work perfectly for back support when leaning back on the couch watching television, reading a book or using your laptop.

Modern Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional

For a small, sectional sofa this is an impressive piece. You will love the sky blue color because it will brighten up any room and go with all kinds of decorating color schemes, from pastels to spring, winter or fall colors.

This is a Divano Roma piece that is built to fit into small spaces without compromising quality. It comes with two matching, decorative pillows, and you can fit it into any small space thanks to a footprint of only 76″W x 50″ D x 28″H. You will have to do some minor assembly, but all the tools come with it.

Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise

This is an amazing piece for an incredible price. This mid-century sectional sofa has a modern design with subtle reminders of the 1950’s. The feet are slightly angled for better stability, and the included chaise lounge is reversible. You will love the deep maroon color, which makes the sofa feel more comforting and goes with multiple color schemes.

You will love the high-quality quilted fabrics when you get up close, and it features overstuffed cushions on the back and two decorative pillows to complete the look. Some assembly is required, but all of the tools and hardware are included.

Divano Dark Grey Small Space Sectional

This is a sofa constructed with the idea of building a modern piece that offers homage to the 1950’s and 1960’s. That means that it will look great in a modern living room but is versatile enough to go with many retro decorating styles as well.

This is a Divano piece in dark gray, which passes for livid or “cadet-blue” from a distance. You will love the quilted stitching when you get close enough to see it, and this sofa offers the ultimate in comfort for a slight price. Some assembly is required.

Divano Yellow Small Space Sectional

This is another sofa from the Divano Collection of Modern Linen Small Space sectionals. This sofa is a beautiful yellow color that resembles apricot, and it features full feet on the bottom that will keep the sofa stable even when there is a lot of weight on it.

The frame is hardwood, and the fabric is soft and pleasant to sit on. The rear cushions are overstuffed for maximum comfort, and it is perfect for a small one-bedroom apartment, studio or could even fit into a bedroom or office.

Comfortable Sectionals

The next category is cheap sectionals under 400. In this category, you start getting into the more expensive materials like microfiber. That means that these sectionals are going to look better up close and be more comfortable to sit on. They still don’t have the unique features or sophisticated looks of the higher categories.

Phelps Contemporary Microfiber Sectional

If you want an incredible microfiber sectional, this is a perfect choice. From Phelps, this sofa is made for style first and foremost, with gorgeous textured fabric and a reversible chaise lounge that is long enough for even tall people to stretch out on and watch television.

The seat cushions are extra-thick, and the back cushions are overstuffed. This sofa can be combined with a matching ottoman (sold separately), and it measures 78 x 56.7 x 35.8H inches. This sectional is perfect for your living room, but it might be even better suited for an office.

Sprague Modern Rolled Arm Sectional

From Homelegance comes the Sprague modern sectional with rolled arms and perfect, complementary pillows. It features no-sag construction and high-quality polyester that is soft to the touch and looks much more expensive from a distance.

This sofa is perfect for small spaces because it only measures 82 x 58.5 x 36.5H inches.  What is amazing about this sectional is how soft it is to touch and sit in, and it’s sturdy enough for an entire family to hang out on the couch at the same time. Also, the throw pillows offset the fabric perfectly.

Divano Contemporary Linen Sectional

This Divano Roma piece is perfect for contemporary or post-modern designs, and the beautiful, beige color will look great no matter what the season is. This beautiful sofa has a flat, futuristic profile that looks like it time-traveled here from the 22nd century.

You will also love the unique armrests and headrests that tilt at an angle with stainless steel extensions to allow you to get yourself in the most comfortable position possible. This is simply one of the unique and high-quality sectional sofas on this list no matter which price range you are in.

Dorel Configurable Sectional Sofa

Dorel’s interchangeable sectional is one of those sofas that will make your apartment look like you spent thousands on your furniture rather than just a few hundred. The black color is perfect for rooms with bright colors because it looks much lighter than you would expect. Plus, the sinuous spring design makes this sofa a great investment because it will last for a long time without sagging. The cushions are removable, and they are easy to clean as well. You can move the chaise to either side so that it will fit into any space, no matter how tight.

Merax Fabric Sectional Sofa

This Merax fabric sectional is probably among the top five sofas on this list when it comes to comfort. Featuring jet-black fabric and a contemporary profile that simply exudes quality, this sofa is not only high-quality and stylish. It is also soft and supportive when you sit down on it.

The cylindrical chrome feet are fitted with a wide base to prevent movement, and you can easily fit it into tight spaces like studio apartments and small offices because the footprint only measures L(51.97″ – 68.9″) x W26.38″ x H29.14″. It includes three matching accent pillows.

Quality Sectionals

If you want a quality sofa that is going to last for a long time, this is probably the price point category that you want to start looking in. There are some great sectionals in this category.

Plunge Reversible Sectional Sofa

There is no question that this sofa was made to simply throw yourself into and get wrapped up in its plush, squishy comfort. The unique design combines an extra wide chaise lounge with a comfortable sofa, combined into one piece that is as stylish as it is unusual. The seat cushions are super-thick and allow you to sink into the couch and get lost there in limbo, and six large pillows cover the back cushions, making this the sectional that you will never want to get out of.

Chelsea 2-Piece Sectional Sofa

This is an amazing piece that will take your breath away the first time that you see it. This sectional is huge with chocolate brown fabric and accent pillows that complement the color perfectly. There are no less than eight seats available counting the small corner seat and the chaise.

This sofa is so comfortable that you will have a hard time staying awake while you are sitting on it, and it is made on a solid hardwood frame with reinforced stress points for maximum durability. This chocolate sectional is a fantastic piece.

Bobkona 3-Piece Sectional Sofa with Ottoman

This Bobkona sectional features one of the unique capabilities of any of the other sectionals on this list: the ability to come apart and go back together in any configuration that you desire. There is a two-seat sofa combined with a chaise lounge that includes an ottoman that completes the set perfectly.

The colors are varied but all complementary, with a patterned ottoman and accent pillows combined with the microfiber gray of the sofa and two additional accent pillows, one pink and one sky-blue. Comfort, customization, and style; you can’t ask for anything else.

Bobkona Atlantic Faux Leather Sectional Sofa

Another excellent sectional from Bobkona, this sofa is not only beautiful and stylish, but it is also adjustable. The armrest and the headrests on the back can be tilted any way you want to get you into the most comfortable position for watching a movie, reading or working on a laptop.

This sectional is loaded onto a heavy-duty wood frame, and the comfort foam is beneath a beautiful layer of faux leather. The chaise and the sofa lock together when you want them as one piece, or you can unlock them and separate the lounge.

Black Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa with Single Recliner

This might be the perfect sofa for small spaces. This sectional from Case Andrea Milano is stylishly covered with black faux leather and not only looks amazing but also has a feature that no other sectional on this list can boast – a comfortable recliner complete with footrest.

This sectional does require a little bit of assembly, but it has a very small footprint of 64″ x 30″ x 37″H, and you can fit it almost anywhere, including a small office, studio apartment or waiting room. Plus, you will be hard-pressed to find a better-looking sectional anywhere.

Stylish Sectionals

These sectionals are large enough for any size living room, and they are not only well-constructed and made to last a long time. They are also some of the most stylish sectionals that you will find currently available. Some of these have great features, and they all make comfort a priority.

Reversible Chaise Sectional with Ottoman

This beautiful sectional from Divano Roma Furniture is so amazingly priced that you might not have the opportunity to get one. They will go very fast thanks to the amazingly soft, polyester fabric and the six seating areas, not counting the extra-wide ottoman. This sofa is barely over $500. You do have some minor assembly to do once it arrives, but all of the tools and hardware is included.

Modern Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa

Divano Roma has outdone itself this time with this two-toned modern sectional that features bonded leather material and adjustable headrests and armrests. You get two choices when it comes to color: black/gray and white/gray.

The modern design is perfect for a contemporary living room and will go great with all of the wood furniture that you have in your home. Also, the combination of microfiber and bonded leather make this one of the most comfortable sectional sofas that you have ever sat on, and it is durable enough to last for years.

Mid Century Modern Linen Large Sectional Sofa

This Divano Roma mid-century sectional is the perfect sofa for small spaces but big families. Even though it is thin and compact enough to fit into a small apartment or home, it still seats 6-7 people.

The sofa is of modern design, but it features a subtle throwback to the fifties that people who appreciate classic furniture will love. The chaise can be shifted from one side to the other to make it fit into just about any corner or nook, and the linen covering the sectional is incredibly soft and smooth to the touch.

Bobkona Reversible Sectional Sofa

If you are looking for the most attractive sofa that you have ever owned, combined with the most comfortable one that you have ever sat on, this is the sectional that you should choose. From Bobkona, this three-seat sectional has a reversible chaise lounge and features micro-suede material covering comfort foam with springs, set upon a hardwood frame that is both durable and great looking. You can move the included chaise lounge to either side of the sofa, and it comes with several accent pillows. Also, the back cushions have been designed for support as well as aesthetics.

US Pride Convertible Sleeper Sectional Sofa

You can sleep comfortably on most of the sectionals on this list, but this one converts into bed. This convertible sectional from US Pride looks like an ordinary sectional in your living room but when you need an extra place to sleep it converts into an extra-wide bed that will sleep two comfortably and perhaps an entire passel of kids. You can choose from either the left-facing chaise or the right, and this is a comfortable piece of furniture whether you are using it as a sofa or an extra bed.

Premium Sectionals

These sectionals are for those who don’t mind spending more than $1000 on a quality sofa but also want to pay a reasonable amount. You can find sectionals in premium furniture stores priced at thousands of dollars, but you will probably not find many there better than the ones in this category.

LifeStyle Faux Leather Sectional Sofa

The sofas in this category are expected to be the most beautiful, comfortable and durable ones on the list, and this Lifestyle faux leather and microfiber sectional is a perfect example. This is a gorgeous piece of furniture. The interior is a rich, coffee color and the faux leather base is a very beautiful dark brown. This sectional easily surpasses expectations and will be your favorite piece of furniture. It also comes with two square pillows that match the coffee color of the main piece as well as an ottoman that opens up to provide storage.

Welsh Chocolate Fabric Sectional Sofa Set

This amazing sectional sofa is made to be seen. The footprint is 30.75”D x 70”W x 33”H, and it is not the sectional that you are going to want to put into a small apartment or office. This sectional needs a full-sized living room because it’s big enough for the entire family to spread out and relax. There is a total of five full-sized seats on this sectional, not including the corner seat, and there is an included ottoman as well. The polyester is soft to touch, and the cushions are firm but comfortable.

Toffy Bonded Leather Sectional with Ottoman

This elegant, sectional sofa seats six if you include the corner seat, and you can fit one or two more on the ottoman. It is made of bonded leather and designed by Bobkona, and it has one of the finest designs of any of the sofas on this list. You will love the comfort of the thick foam cushions combined with an inner spring to offer even more support. The design allows you to install the chaise on either side, and there is silver “nail head” accenting and two throw pillows.

Poundex Bonded Leather 2 Piece Sectional

This two-piece sectional will look great in any living room thanks to bonded leather material in espresso, combined with a handsome wooden frame and adjustable supports to make this sectional not only one of the best-looking pieces on this list but also one of the most versatile when it comes to comfort. The chrome mirrored feet are very stylish, and the cushions are comfortable but firm. The seat backs are made of support, and the cushions are loaded with comfort foam and springs to prevent sagging and allow you to sit for hours in comfort.

Beverly Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Set

The first time you see this sectional, you might wonder if there was some mistake with the pricing – like someone leaving off a zero at the end. That’s because this is such an incredibly handsome sofa that it rivals any that you could find in a premium furniture store for no less than a few thousand bucks. The frame is hardwood with a faux leather covering, and the rest of the sofa is a beautiful maroon microfiber. The pieces lock together to prevent movement, and the included ottoman has an enormous amount of storage space.

Modern Retro Sectional Sofa

How can a sofa be modern and retro at the same time? The answer is: it’s almost impossible, but somehow Madison has pulled it off with this sleek and sexy sectional in Laguna. The sofa has a decidedly retro feel, but the curves and material feel very modern. The box style back cushions are tufted for maximum comfort, and the angled wooden feet provide a very sturdy base and contribute significantly to the retro feel of the piece. Some assembly is required, but all of the tools come with it. There are also two stylish accent pillows included.

Benchcraft Maier Sectional

This sectional from Benchcraft features a right-facing chaise lounge in walnut that can be separated from the main sofa and placed a few feet away if desired. This sofa is designed to be contemporary and stylish, and the beautiful walnut color of the microfiber is accented perfected with rows of double stitching. This sectional looks good whether you are up close or across the room from it, and you can easily expect to have it last for years without noticeable wear-and-tear. The wood feet have coasters on the bottom for easy movement and to protect your hardwood floors.

Coaster Casual Sectional Sofa

This is an elegant and sophisticated sectional from Coaster, and it has two unique features that you are not going to find on sectional sofas often. The first is the huge storage compartment beneath the ottoman, which gives you more storage space than the largest car trunk. The second feature is a fold-out bed that turns this sectional into an extra-large futon or a place where three people can lay back comfortably, put their feet up, and watches television for hours. Finally, the cushions and the armrests are incredibly plush and uber-comfy.

Carolina Sectional Sofa Set

If you need a great looking sectional that can seat a small army, this is the one that you should go with. The 100% polyester material looks terrific, especially in white, and it is combined with an all-wood frame that is both stylish and durable. The legs are wood and sturdy enough to keep the sofa from moving even if you have kids that like to flop onto the furniture and this set is made up of four different sections so that you can choose whether to keep it all as one piece or separate one or more components.

Riverstone Implosion Velvet Sectional Sofa

This velvet sectional is the kind of stylish furniture that you might expect to find in the private quarters of an eclectic prince. This sofa perfectly combines white and purple to great effect, making this eye-candy for anyone who happens to look in your window. There is a total of nine accent pillows that come with this sectional, some white, some purple and the others a stylish design that complements the colors perfectly. This is truly a unique piece that is one-of-a-kind, and with the velvet and vinyl materials covering it, it will be your most comfortable piece of furniture.

Bobkona Faux Linen Sectional Sofa

If you want something unique for your living room, this Bobkona is one of the most interesting and evocative pieces on this list. The back is lower than most of the sectionals on this list but the cushions are overstuffed, and there is plenty of room for multiple people with two seats plus the chaise lounge. The fabric covering this sofa was selected because it outperformed other materials in comfort, aesthetics, seam strength and the ability to withstand wear-and-tear. The chaise lounge is removable, and it comes with five accent pillows.

VIG Red and Black Leather Sectional

You’ll do a double-take the first time that you see this sofa. Then you’ll probably do another. This is, without question, the unique sectional on this list and there is no chance that any of your friends or family members will own anything similar. The sofa material is rich leather, combining vibrant fire-engine red with inky black that creates the perfect color combination. The double curves on each end are a major show-stopper and features like adjustable headrests, extending footrests and a fold-up table right in the middle of the sectional makes this an easy choice.

Griffith Corner Sectional Sofa

This Griffith corner sectional sofa is the perfect piece of furniture for a large family that wants to get together on the sofa and watches television. With the rich brown leather material covering it, this piece looks incredibly stylish and classy. But it is also extremely comfortable and even includes a couple of extendable footrests that allow you to watch television or read in the utmost comfort. This is a 6-piece sectional that can be combined into one unit or taken apart to fill an entire room, and the included chaise lounge is very nearly a bed.

Glory Red Sectional Sofa

This is a simple sectional without any special features like some of the ones on the list, but there are still some pretty compelling reasons to consider this one for your living room. For one thing, this piece is stunning thanks to the color and contemporary style. Red is the perfect color for a sectional like this because it demonstrates the elegance and sophistication of the wood frame and the comfort of the extra-thick padded cushions. Also, it comes with a comfy armrest pillow and two accent pillows as well.

Urbania Left Hand Facing Sectional

This faux leather sectional is a great addition to any living room and is sophisticated enough to be used as office furniture, even in a business setting where you need to entertain clients. The tufted cushions are comfortable to lean up against, and the seat cushions are firm and allow you to remain upright, even while enjoying the refreshing feel of the more relaxing back cushions. The chocolate leather is glossy and stylish, and this sectional comes with a matching ottoman that has plenty of storage space for whatever you cannot fit in the closet.

Callidora Leather Sectional Sofa

This brown sectional is simplistic and stylish, featuring seating with headrests and a low to the ground profile that makes it look very sophisticated. This sofa is comfortable without sacrificing class and has stainless steel legs with a wide base to keep the sectional secure. Also, it comes with free shipping. Some light assembly is required.

Gabriel Gray Leather Contemporary Sectional

This is a contemporary design that looks amazing with any modern living room style. Yuri gray is an amazing shade that shows off the quality of this sectional. The chrome legs beneath are thin and sturdy, and the rest of the sofa is made of solid wood and bonded leather. This sectional has a right-facing chaise lounge and the two pieces separate in case you want to use them both in your living room. This sofa is a little lower to the ground than the average sectional, but the seat and back cushions are very comfortable and supportive.

Final Word

Whether you are looking for a quality sofa that makes your living room look stylish or a big, squashy, comfortable sectional that the whole family can flop onto, you will find it in the above categories. You can choose style, durability, comfort, low price or a little bit of each but the bottom line is that if you choose one of the sectionals listed here, you will have made an excellent buying choice.