40 Best Cheap Sectionals for Every Budget

In this post, we have chosen the best cheap sectionals sofas for a number of specific budget categories, so that you can check each one for the perfect sofa for your living room. You don’t have to spend too much on a sectional to get the perfect centerpiece for your home or apartment.

If you have a small modern apartment, then a sectional sofa might just be the very best option for your home and a great way to improve your décor.  Even where you have a larger apartment, choosing a sectional will allow you to make more total use of the space available. If you can’t use one wall because there’s a radiator in the way, then a sectional will solve that problem.

With all that said then, let’s dive in and take a look at the cheap sectionals available right now, no matter your budget.



Sectionals Under $2000


Stone & Beam Kristin Performance Fabric Sectional Sofa

Stone & Beam Kristin Performance Fabric Sectional Sofa Couch, 93'W, Sand

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This is a very traditional looking sofa unit that fits snuggly in any corner of your room. It has a homely appeal and very large, comfortable cushions to match. This is a perfect choice for those that want to relax and unwind with their family after a hard day at work – and it can seat an entire family pretty easily.

The sofa is 93″W x 37″D x 37.5″H and comes in either sand or stone.


Rivet Emerly Modern Velvet Metal Leg Sectional Sofa

Rivet Emerly Mid-Century Modern Velvet Sectional Loveseat Sofa Couch, 63'W, Navy

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This is a smart and sophisticated sofa that stands out thanks to its slim profile and metallic legs. It’s an eye catching centerpiece for sure and has a stain-resistant fabric to ensure that it stays looking that way. It has a velvet looking effect, but is actually made from a much tougher fabric. Reversible cushions will also help to extend the lifespan of the item.

In keeping with that toughness, the unit is also made from a hardwood frame. Dimensions are: 96″W x 35″D x 34″H.


UrbanMod Modern Reversible Sectional Sofa 

UrbanMod Modern Reversible Sectional Sofa Gray 120'- 170'

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As insinuated in the introduction though, sectionals are often a particularly great choice for those modern-looking apartments. In which case, you can’t go wrong with this stunning gray sectional sofa. It has a very modern and minimal appeal, with no arm on one side. The L-shape in this case is the flexible variety, allowing you to customize its layout to fit into any apartment. You can add the second half to the right or left side, thereby easily fitting it into any corner of your room.

The sofa fabric is dry-cleanable and while it might look sleek and modern, it’s still actually very soft and comfortable. Dimensions are 120”-170”.


Meridian Furniture Gail Velvet Sectional 

Meridian Furniture Gail Collection Modern | Contemporary Velvet 3 Piece Sectional, 127' W x 69.5' D x 30.5' H, Grey

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This is a truly striking piece of furniture. Available in grey, cream or navy, it is a very large sofa that creates a U-shape and provides a huge amount of different seating options. It’s ideal for large families and having friends round to watch the game – while the appearance is very grand and fitting for the very finest décor. The back rest and base are patterned, while the cushions themselves are large and plain. It once again stands on metal legs, making it easy to clean beneath.

Seat Height 19″/ Seat Depth 24″, seat width:109 inches. Comes with throw pillows.


Stendmar Modern Gray Microfiber Big Sectional Sofa Set


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If its versatility you want though, this five piece modern sectional sofa will prove ideal for filling out almost any room. You get one very large sectional L-shaped sofa piece, as well as a foot stool, and an additional chair unit that can be attached or used separately. In fact, that is true for every piece of this set, allowing you to create a huge variety of different layouts whether you want to have a single mass of comfortable surface to relax on with friends and family, or whether you want to have islands of comfort dotted around the room.

The design is also ultra modern and unique. It will look perfect in a modern apartment and the two-toned grey makes it very versatile and able to fit a wide range of decors and stylings. The pieces each stand on metal legs and are light enough to be easily rearranged while still feeling sturdy and strong.

In terms of the sheer amount of material and the quality of the design, this is incredible value for your money. This is a product that absolutely maxes out what’s possible with sectional furniture.


Sectionals Under $1,500


Modway Empress Mid-Century Upholstered Fabric Sectional 

Modway Empress Mid-Century Modern Upholstered Fabric Sectional Sofa Set In Gray

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This sectional is another large, simple affair. The full dimensions are 100.5″L x 100.5″W x 35.5″, giving a large amount of space for a whole family to park themselves and enjoy some TV. It has another attractive and very premium looking pattern on the back rest, and a somewhat square overall shape. It’s raised on legs and actually gives a decent amount of clearance underneath – so you shouldn’t lose the remote down there!

Another nice feature of this large couch is that it comes in a large variety of colors and a variety of different finishes. You can rest assured you should be able to find a color and style to match your home and to keep your décor as you want it.


Meridian Furniture Sabrina Tufted Velvet Sectional 

Meridian Furniture Sabrina REVERSIBLE 2 Piece Button Tufted Velvet Sectional with Scroll Arms, Nailhead Trim, and Custom Wood Legs, Black

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This is a very stylish looking sectional that comes in a range of impressive colors and finishes. The black velvet has to be among the most eye catching and striking options, with the decorative arm rests really adding to the generally regal yet contemporary feel.

The sectional is an exquisitely crafted piece of furniture that makes a fantastic focal point for any room with its fine upholstery and decorative details.


Stendmar Contemporary Grey Microfiber Sectional Sofa

3pc Contemporary Grey Microfiber Fabric Sectional Sofa Chaise Ottoman S168LG

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This three piece sectional is another highly versatile piece of furniture that can be combined in a wide number of ways in order to offer a selection of different seating options.

The three piece is made up of a chaise, sofa, and ottoman. That gives you the option to create a huge surface to lounge on, to add foot rests, or to take up different amounts of space as you combine the sectional in different ways.

The sofa comes in grey with four darker throw pillows. It’s a neutral tone that will match most decors.


Baxton Studio Voight Modern Sectional Sofa, Gray

Baxton Studio Voight Modern Sectional Sofa, Gray

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They don’t come much more modern and sleek looking than this! The Baxton Studio Voight has an incredibly clean silhouette and really is striking in its minimalism. It sits on raised metallic legs and has low arms and back rest with lots of curves and diagonals. We really like the attention to detail with the chrome plating on the legs, while the polyurethane cushioning looks modern while still being very comfortable. It’s almost a leather effect, but without the tendency to get hot and sweaty!

Overall, this is a fantastic addition to any modern apartment. Once again, the color is grey which is very versatile and able to adapt into many spaces. It is a shame that there isn’t a greater range of hues out there though!


Container Furniture Shonda Fabric Upholstered Sectional

Container Furniture Direct Shonda Fabric Upholstered Button-Tufted Two (2) Piece SECTIONAL Sofa & Right-Facing Chaise, Grey, Dark Grey

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Another grey sectional! It’s a striking one though, with attractive patterning and some very clean lines. It sits on raised legs and provides wide seating areas on two axes, giving plenty of room for guests to come and relax.
What really sets this particular model apart though – as the name suggests – is the in-built storage. You can keep a host of items inside the sofa and thereby keep them out of the way while saving space. If as suggested you are choosing a sectional as a way to maximize the use of your floor space, then this will prove to be a particularly savvy choice!


GDF Studio Mid Century Modern Fabric Sectional Sofa 

Christopher Knight Home Christopher Knight Home | Milltown Mid Century Modern Fabric 7-Piece Sectional Sofa Set | in Light Grey

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This might be another grey sectional, but it is rather different thanks to a mid-century design and some attractive striped cushions that really draw the eye in a unique way. It’s long and provides plenty of space to sit and is ideal for placing opposite a TV. The full dimensions are: 31.00″D x 22.00″W x 31.00″H.
The sectional stands on wooden legs which helps again with cleaning while also making more of a bold statement.


Iconic Home Da Vinci Tufted Left Facing Sectional

Iconic Home Da Vinci Tufted Silver Trim Navy Blue Velvet Left Facing Sectional Sofa with Silver Tone Metal Y-Legs

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This is a highly striking sectional that combines a bold blue velvet effect with attractive chrome details. The velvet upholstery and ‘modern transitional look’ (meaning that it sits somewhere between contemporary and classic) really make for a beautiful item. If you’re not a fan of the navy, then it also comes in a wide variety of additional colors – including red!


Sectionals Under $1,000


Rivet Revolve Modern Reversible Chaise Sectional

Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa with Reversible Sectional Chaise, 80'W, Denim

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It’s more than possible to get some absolutely stunning sectionals for under a grand and this first entry into the list really demonstrates that. The Rivet Revolve is the epitome of understated elegance being made from straight lines and minimal detailing. It’s relatively small – able to seat three or four – but that only adds to the versatility for those smaller apartments.

The colors are denim or grey weave, both of which nicely complement the wooden feat and the modern stylings. And despite looking very minimal, this couch is actually highly comfortable as well and something you’re sure to look forward to coming home to. That really is the mark of good furniture after all!


Baxton Studio Orland Leather Modern Sectional Sofa Set

Baxton Studio Orland Leather Modern Sectional Sofa Set with Left Facing Chaise, Brown

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Our first leather entry in this list. The brown is a classic look that will be particularly well suited to a wooden décor, or an office/library room. The pine frame is sturdy and if you don’t like the deep brown effect then you can also find it in a bold white.


Homelegance 110″ Cornelia Two-Piece Sectional

Homelegance Cornelia 110' x 85' Fabric Sectional Sofa, Gray

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Another somewhat transitional effect here that straddles the line between classic and modern – the perfect marriage of two complementary and independently beautiful design sensibilities. What gives this more of a classic look is the rolled arms and tapered cherry finished wooden legs. But the stark modern lines contrast this. The backrests are removable for easy transportation and storage.


Poundex F6523 Bobkona Kathie Sectional Set, Dark Blue

Poundex Bobkona Kathie Sectional Set, Dark Blue

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A comfortable and welcoming looking sectional that does away with all the stark, straight lines, and instead introduces some more curves and natural shapes. The cushions are particularly comfortable here and it’s one of those sofas that you just want to leave. It also comes with a loose seat and chaise, both of which can be opened to provide additional storage. The seating options here are fantastic, as is the storage, particularly given the low price.


Golden Coast Furniture L Shape Sectional Sets

Golden Coast Furniture 2 PC L Shape Sectional Sets Including Ottoman (with Multiple Colors) (Right Hand Facing, Taupe)

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With all those modern looking couches, you will likely find that you either love or hate the aesthetic. It’s clean and crisp sure, but you might also accuse it of lacking personality or being a little unwelcoming looking.

Well this sectional does away with that by making some much bolder choices. How about the suade-look seats? Or the fascinating color choices which include taupe, red, and even pink? The design somehow still manages to be on trend though, earning the sofa the self-given title of ‘modern masterpiece’. It’s hard to argue!

In terms of value this is also an impressive showing. Not only do you get the sofa itself but also a foot rest that offers extra storage and some great looking cushions. Together you get a lot of options here and this can more than provide the entire seating needs for a room!


Flash Furniture Benchcraft Maier Sectional

Flash Furniture Benchcraft Maier Sectional with Right Side Facing Chaise in Cocoa Microfiber

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This is another one that manages to be both contemporary and somehow nostalgic for bygone eras. In the cocoa color, it has a very 60s feel which isn’t a bad thing. It looks intentional and combined with the straight lines and simple design, it still feels like a product of the 21st century. Accent stitching is another unique effect.


Flash Furniture Riverstone Implosion Black Velvet Sectional

Flash Furniture Riverstone Implosion Black Velvet Sectional with Black & Shimmer Gold Frame

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If its colors and patterns you want, then you’re not going to be disappointed by this one! Rather than your stark, simple, monochrome appearance, the Riverstone instead gives us a two toned look that combines all kinds of contrasting tones. You can get gold and black, white and purple and more. Throw in some highly patterned cushions and this really does make a statement!

It’s also incredibly comfortable and well made though – so it’s a positive statement!


Sectionals Under $700


GDF Studio Carolina Dark Blue Fabric Sectional

Christopher Knight Home 300117 Carolina Sectional Sofa Set with Ottoman, 6-Piece Living Room Furniture with Storage, Dark Blue

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Available in a few colors, we like this most in the dark blue shade. It comes with a foot stool that provides extra storage and it has a very unoffensive design that should fit into most homes. It’s comfy too!


Lifestyle Faux Leather Left-facing Sectional Sofa Set

Lifestyle Sectional Sofa Set

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There is something that is timelessly modern about a black leather couch – and this piece demonstrates that perfectly. It looks perfect for the modern professional, but is also a good choice for those that want to be able to wipe their furniture clean. It provides ample space and seating options, while the included ottoman helps to provide extra storage too!


Sophia Mid Century Modern Sectional Sofa and Lounge Set

Christopher Knight Home Sophia Mid Century Modern 2 Piece Fabric Sectional Sofa and Lounge Set, Muted Blue/Walnut

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Sectionals don’t always have to be thought of as sides of a sofa. This Sophia mid century two piece instead looks more like a regular couch with an exaggerated foot resting area. It’s simple and elegant and one of those items that always looks neat!


Poundex Bobkona Vegas Sectional with Functional Armrest

Poundex Bobkona Vegas Blended Linen 2-Piece Sectional Sofa with Functional Armrest and Back Support, Dark Blue

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What is a ‘functional armrest’ you wonder? Well it’s an arm rest that can change angles as needed – meaning it can also serve as a back rest, foot rest, or whatever else you need it to be. That’s just one example of the great thought that has clearly gone into this unit – while the varied head and back rests are another.


Sofamania Modern Large Velvet Fabric U-Shape Sectional

Sofamania Modern Sectional, Purple

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I’ve always believed that you have to be confident to wear purple – and the same goes for this couch. It is an undeniable statement and that of course means it needs to be able to live up to closer inspection. Thankfully, this is not all style over substance but rather it’s a highly comfortable and plush seating area too!


Casa Andrea Modern Contemporary Faux Leather Sectional

Casa Andrea Milano 2 Piece Modern Contemporary Faux Leather Sectional Sofa… (White)

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This white or black leather sofa is no-nonsense, sleek, and professional looking. It also has both adjustable back and arm rests like the Poundex. It’s a little smaller though.


Divano Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa (White/Light Grey)

Classic Two Tone Large Linen Fabric and Bonded Leather Living Room Sectional Sofa (White/Light Grey)

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If you’re a fan of the two-tone look, then this is another great option that includes a stool, as well as a large amount of seating. You’ll be able to stretch out in all manner of positions and store items in the stool. It is made from upholstered leather that is bonded to a strong, hardwood frame.


Beverly Emeral Left Facing Linen Sectional Sofa, Light Blue

Beverly Fine Furniture SH6001A Emeral Left Facing Linen Sectional Sofa, Light Blue

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This blue/grey coloring looks perfect in a room decorated with lots of wood and injects just enough color to avoid looking cold. It’s full of clean lines but also has a lot of presence of its own. It’s comfortable and it is well made to stand the test of time. Also available in a host of other colors.


Homelegance Tufted Accent Sectional Sofa

Homelegance Barrington 109' x 108' PU Leather Chaise Sofa, Brown

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This is another brown leather sectional that combines a chaise and arm rest on the other size. Measures 109 x 80 x 34H and provides a great amount of seating for a large group. Ideal for rooms with lots of dark wood furniture, or with a more old-school décor.


Sectionals Under $500


Merax Sectional Sofa with Chaise Lounge

Merax Sectional Sofa with Chaise and Ottoman 3-Piece Sofa for Living Room Furniture,(Black)

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For less $500 you can get your hands on not only a very classic looking black leather sectional (with plenty of seating space and chaise), but also an ottoman for storing items or kicking those feet up.


Sofamania Mid-Century Microfiber Sectional Sofa

Sofamania Mid-Century Modern Brush Microfiber Sectional Sofa, L-Shape Couch with Extra Wide Chaise Lounge (Grey), Large

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This is a short sectional sofa that will fit into smaller spaces. It looks very clean and cool with its light grey coloring but is plush and soft to touch. As with some other items on this list, you’ll need to handle some basic assembly on your own.


Homelegance Phelps Contemporary Tufted Sectional Sofa

Homelegance Phelps 78' x 58' Fabric Reversible Chaise Sofa, Grayish Brown

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One of the smallest and most compact sectionals we’ve looked at so far, this will provide seating for just two-three people. While it doesn’t give you as much seating for the price though, what’s here is beautifully made and more importantly – very comfortable to sit on. The chaise is also reversible, which makes this very versatile.


Homelegance Reversible Sectional with Accent Pillows

Homelegance Clumber 82' Reversible Sectional with Accent Pillows, Beige

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Very similar to the last entry, except this time with rolled arms and a generally more classic and old-school appearance. In both cases, the small footprint and the reversible chaise make for furniture that is particularly well-suited to smaller homes.


Divano Roma Mid-Century Modern Tufted Velvet Sectional 

Divano Roma Furniture Mid-Century Modern Tufted Velvet Sectional Sofa, L-Shape Couch with Extra Wide Chaise Lounge (Purple), Large

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Another beautiful, purple item of furniture that won’t suit every room but will look fantastic in those it does. Interestingly, the main seating area actually only has a single long cushion. This actually makes life easier in many ways, as the cushions don’t get rucked up or end up sliding apart. Especially great for cuddling up together with a good film!


Andresen Mid Century Modern Muted Sectional

Christopher Knight Home Andresen Mid Century Modern Muted Orange Fabric Chaise Sectional, Natural

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This stylish sectional features a bold red color scheme, clean lines, large wooden feet, and some striking cushions. It’s a statement that will suit a very specific, rustic décor. But it’s wonderful in the right setting.


Sectionals Under $300


Divano Roma Modern Microfiber Sectional Sofa

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Sectional, Light Grey

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So, what does less than $300 get you when shopping for sectionals? Surprisingly more than you might think!

In this case, you’re getting a very modern looking sofa that is made from a very practical microfiber material. It’s comfortable to sit on with a sturdy frame. And to add to the impressive versatility inherent in its category, it also has removable feet!


Divano Roma Modern Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional

Divano Roma Furniture Modern Sectional, Grey

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The product description says light grey, but to look at this sofa actually has a mild purple-ish hue. It’s also available in a range of other bright colors though, including sky blue, orange, and green. If you have a very particular vision in mind, this sofa might be able to help make that a reality! Both these sofas are ideal for two people or three at a push.


Harper & Bright Designs Modern Linen Fabric Sectional

Harper&Bright Designs Sectional Sofa Fabric Living Room Sofa Set Collection Taupe with Curled Handrails and Nail Head Trim Upholstered Couch (Dark Brown)

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This brown, reversible sectional has the feel of a loyal old dog. It’s comforting and always there for you when you need to come home and relax. The brown helps to add to that warmth, but it looks great in grey too. It’s as comfy as it looks and stands on short wooden feet.


Moderne Livinf Reversible Linen Fabric Sectional Sofa

Moderne Livinf Modern Living Reversible Linen Fabric Sectional Sofa, Light Grey

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This linen reversible sectional is small and understated but works great in studio apartments and other smaller spaces. The linen is very easy to maintain, comes in a variety of colors, and doesn’t sweat in heat.


Divano Roma Mid Century Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional

Divano Roma Furniture Middle Century Modern Linen Fabric Small Space Sectional Sofa with Reversible Chaise (Dark Grey)

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Finally, we have another reversible sectional that comes in a dark grey color (though many others are available) and relatively small form factor. The fabric is lightly patterned which adds to the visual appeal, while the decorative pillows are also a very welcome inclusion at this price point. It’s comfortable to sit on and really you can’t go wrong!

Whether you are looking for a quality sofa that makes your living room look stylish or a big, squashy, comfortable sectional that the whole family can flop onto, you will find it in the above categories. You can choose style, durability, comfort, low price or a little bit of each but the bottom line is that if you choose one of the sectionals listed here, you will have made an excellent buying choice.