9 Best Sectional Sofas Under $400 (Some Under $300)

A sectional is an elegant piece of furniture that effortlessly fills up a living room with its stunning appeal!

Not only does it provide immense comfort but also plays an essential role in taking up the glam-quotient of your home up several notches! And it’s also spacious enough to stretch out on and grab a quick nap whenever! What’s more?

Even if you prefer minimalist designs, the classic vibe of a sectional is to look out for, as it helps create defined spaces. But with the number of available options, it can get tricky to find a quality product within a budget.

So, to help you figure out which unit will work best for you, we have narrowed down 9 of the best sectionals under $400 (some will be under $300 too!).

So, let’s check them out!

Best Sectional Sofas Under $400

1. Honbay Small Space Sectional

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Modern Linen Fabric L-Shape Couch for Small Space Grey (Gainsboro)
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If you’re furnishing a new apartment, one of the essential pieces of furniture is going to be a sofa. And the Honbay Small Space Sectional works beautifully in any living room as it comfortably fits even in the most compact spaces.

This sectional comes with a solid wood frame, polyester fabric, and foam-filled seats. Although it has a fairly decent size, you can choose to put the chaise on either side of the sectional to suit your requirements. This will also helps you arrange the other furniture around it accordingly. Moreover, the black plastic legs help to prop up the grey-colored upholstery.

This is not just a great budget option, but the cushions are also firm enough to provide the right amount of support. The cushions might feel a bit stiff initially, but after using the sofa for a few days, it gets quiet comfortable. So, it does take a while to break in and provide the comfort that you’re looking for. Overall, this sectional is ideal for small apartments, dens, and bedrooms.

2. Honbay Beige Convertible Sectional

HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch, L-Shaped Couch with Modern Linen Fabric for Small Space Dark Beige
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The next product on our list of recommendations is the Honbay Beige Convertible Sectional that has an unbeatable value. It’s suitable for apartments, vacation homes, or apartments. What we appreciated the most about this unit is the soft linen fabric upholstery that is easy to clean, and it’s also pretty resistant to dirt.

Plus, the beige-colored fabric works beautifully against any type of home decor and helps dazzle up the living room! It also has sufficient room for three people to sit comfortably, and you can customize the layout to get the best fit for your space. And since it comes with a reversible chaise, it works in your favor because you can redecorate the living room whenever you want.

This convertible sectional also requires minimal assembly, and it won’t take you more than ten minutes to set this piece up. All in all, it’s a great product that updates the style quotient of your place without having to break the bank.

3. Honbay Black Faux Leather Sectional

HONBAY Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Couch, Convertible Sectional Sofa L Shaped Couch with Faux Leather for Small Space, Black
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This black faux leather sectional by Honbay provides a classic, luxurious look to your living room. And it’s probably one of the best leather sectionals that cost under $400. Just like all the other sectionals, this unit is also made of two pieces, and you can arrange the chaise according to your preference.

Best of all, the design of this unit is such that it effortlessly complements any formal or informal setting. And the cushions are quite firm, which makes it ideal for everyone because you don’t have to worry about sinking in it too much. Moreover, this is one product that keeps getting more comfortable with regular usage, which is an advantage.

The assembly is also relatively simple, and you don’t need to keep any tool handy for putting it together. All in all, this faux leather sectional is incredibly durable and classic, and will surely be your favorite for many years to come.

4. BLF Modern L-Shape Sectional

Best-Living Furniture Modern Linen Fabric L-Shaped Small Space Sectional Sofa with Stool, Reversible Chaise, in Grey
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If you have a large family or friends coming over frequently, then you do understand the importance of having a spacious sofa. This modern L-shaped sectional by BLF looks like any standard sectional, but it can also be used as a bed.

You can also place the chaise either on the left or right side, but that will depend on the arrangement of the surrounding furniture. Plus, you have the option to select from two different color variants- gray and grey-blue. It also comes with solid wood legs and a sturdy hardwood frame that provides significant stability.

What’s interesting is that both the back and the set cushions are reversible, which helps prolong the life of the foam over time. And they are also easily washable, so even if you spill any food or drink on them, you can rinse them clean without any hassle whatsoever! Overall, the functionality and look of this sectional make it an unbeatable choice for the living area.

5. DHP Haven Small Space Sectional Futon

DHP Haven Small Space Sectional Futon Sofa, Black Faux Leather
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If you’re a fan of mid-century designs, then the Haven Small Space Sectional Futon by DHP is the perfect one for you. This sectional sofa comes with a square-tufted backrest that is pretty unique when compared to the other units. You also have the option to select from five different colors, which allows you to pick a shade that complements your home decor.

Moreover, this unit comes with a multi-position backrest, so you can easily change it from sitting to sleeping position. And the chaise can also be placed on the right or left side, which makes it convenient for every home.

As for the fabric, you can have this sectional upholstered couch in faux leather or even in your choice of linen. Finally, it comes with a sturdy wooden frame, which helps to keep the structure in place and has a decent weight capacity.

6. Casa Andrea White Convertible Sectional

Reversible Sectional Sofa, Convertible L-Shape Couch in Bonded Leather Upholstery for Small Space (White)
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This White Convertible Sectional by Casa Andrea will seamlessly fit in with any type of home decor, be it traditional or contemporary. The sleek design of this unit makes it an ideal home furnishing item that blends in perfectly with the surrounding furniture. Even more so, because you can arrange the chaise according to the design that suits your home the best.

The cushions are also pretty comfortable, and with regular use, it gets even better. It’s one of those ideal sectional sofas that you would love to sink in while watching television.

Further, the bonded leather upholstery is considerably easy to maintain, but it does require a bit of dusting to ensure that the finish is maintained. Overall, this sectional sofa scores high points for the design and comfort that it offers.

7. JY QAQA Convertible Sectional

JY QAQA Sectional Sofa Couch Convertible Chaise Lounge, Modern Sofa Set for Living Room, L-Shaped Couch with Linen Fabric for Small Space, Grey
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Even if your home has limited space, you can rock JY QAQA convertible sectional sofa with ease. You get to choose between two colors- grey and brown. Interestingly, the upholstery works well with almost any home decor, and the linen fabric also makes it easier to maintain this unit. The clean lines and solid construction is the perfect example of a well-designed unit.

Plus, the frame is made of hardwood, which is one of the sturdier options out there. It also comes with durable legs that have a decent weight capacity to fit in three larger-than-average sized adults on the sofa.

As for the seat cushions, they are firm yet comfortable, which makes it convenient for you to sit on this sectional for a long time. And the best part is that it features dirt-resistant linen fabric covers, which are removable and relatively easy to wash. All in all, this is a value-added product considering its quality and design.

8. Walsunny Convertible Sectional

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Reversible Chaise, L-Shaped Couch with Modern Linen Fabric for Small Space (Dark Grey)
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If you want to pick a sectional sofa that is ideal for small and mid-sized rooms, this Walsunny convertible unit would be a great option. It doesn’t take up too much space, and the design is such that it complements all types of home decor. The cushions are also comfortable enough for everyday use, although it does take a while to break in.

Plus, you can place the chaise on either side of the sofa, which makes it easy for you to fit the unit in the living area. The assembly is also fairly simple and doesn’t take more than ten minutes to put the entire set together.

As a bonus, it comes with a collapsible backrest and removable foam seat cushions, all of which work in your favor to provide the ultra-comfort factor. Moreover, this sofa has the perfect size for you to grab a quick nap during the day.

9. Walsunny Brown Convertible L-Shaped Couch

Walsunny Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch with Reversible Chaise, L-Shaped Couch with Modern Linen Fabric for Small Space (Coffee/Brown)
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The brown convertible L-shaped couch by Walsunny is a classic piece that is suitable for homes with children and pets. It’s upholstered with a high-quality linen fabric that is relatively easy to clean and maintain for a low-profile sofa.

Plus, the cushions are perfect for leaning on because they are full and soft with extremely high resilience. Even though the seating space looks a bit small, it can comfortably seat four people, which makes it useful for a get-together.

You can place the chaise on either side of the couch that gives you more room to customize the design according to the layout of your home. Finally, the frame is made of solid wood for durability, and it’s covered in a high-quality foam for extra comfort.

Final words

After seeing so many different options that are available for you, there might be some models that have caught your attention. But before you finalize a couch, don’t forget to measure the space to ensure that you get a model that fits correctly. While some models might be slightly firm, we are sure they are comfortable enough for you to lounge on.

And now that we have reached the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you find a sectional that suits you the best. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make yourself comfortable in that new couch!

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