19 Best Couches Under $400

Finding the perfect couch for your home is quite a task, especially when you have so many things to consider: looks, brand reputation, durability, you name it.

And home is where you relax, let your stresses out by hitting up a friendly chat or a weekend movie marathon with your fam. Or for the loners out there, relaxing is nothing more than an utterly chilled-out weekend curled up with their favorite novel.

In any case, the least you’d need is a nap-worthy couch, where you can completely sink in! And because a couch is the most dominating piece of furniture in a room, you can’t squeeze in anything through the front door, right?

So, if you’re looking to float up all your worries and chill, or snuggle up with your favorite novel, or binge watch Netflix, look no further. We’ve got you covered with some of the best feature-rich couches that look great and are also a bang for the buck!

Without further delay, let’s get straight to the details.

Best Couches Under $400

1. Zinus Benton Mid-Century 76 Inch Sofa

Zinus Benton, Sofa, Stone Grey
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Zinus is one of those companies that pack some awesome features in their sofas, couches, and loveseats that make cozying up all the more pleasurable! And the best part is, unlike other brands, it doesn’t drain your budget.

Although most of their products support incredible leisure and comfort, we have a soft corner for this mid-century model that seamlessly blends with any kind of home decor.

This 76-inch upholstered sofa is the perfect cushy spot to curl up. The sofa’s outer cover features 100% polyester and stress-free fabrics and can pull off any dirt very easily, while its stain-resistant nature makes it last for years.

And it doesn’t end here; the sofa has a sturdy lightweight wooden frame that makes the arduous task of room reshuffling, a cakewalk. Even the multiple layers of Certi-PURUS cushioning seem like a warm embrace and will be your perfect recipe for relaxation.

2. Zinus Ricardo Contemporary 62.2 Inch Sofa

Zinus Ricardo, Sofa, Dark Grey
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This is yet another compelling choice from Zinus that’s tufted with remarkable comfort, letting you enjoy all the quirks of a good sofa life. The Ricardo 62.2 inch sofa comes with almost all the quality features that its mid-century model has, including light weight and ease of assembly.

Talking about assembling, it takes about 20 minutes to put this thing together and doesn’t require any extra tool as everything comes in a single box. The colors perfectly match with the website claims, and both the loveseats and sofas are wrapped in 100% polyester easy-to-clean fabric.

Furthermore, multiple layers of cozy foam cushioning line the durable wooden frame, which also sports an elegant pair of flared arms. The arms complement the modern look of the sofa, while the wooden frame is purposely made lightweight to enable its convenient reshuffling.

3. Zinus Josh Traditional 77.5 Inch Sofa

ZINUS Josh Sofa Couch / Easy, Tool-Free Assembly, Beige
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If you’re a sucker for traditional home decor, the 77.5-inch Josh would surely qualify among your best choices. How do we know? Because Zinus has designed this sofa with great care, focusing equally on aesthetics, design, build, and comfort. And a hint of a warm shade of beige that complements any home decor.

Like the company’s other models, putting this couch together takes you less than 20 minutes as everything comes in a single box. Just unpack, attach, and you’re good to go! Coming to its design and build, its upholstery is made of premium polyester fabric and sports a youthful beige color. It’s this color that can grace up any room with a shining elegance!

The sturdy, single-piece cushion base adds to its stately presence, and also comes with incredibly supportive, puffy back pillows. Furthermore, the lightweight wooden frame has a sturdy build, and a beautiful traditional look makes it a smart, petite extension of your home decor.

4. Zinus Jackie Classic 71 Inch Sofa

Zinus Jackie Classic Upholstered 71 Inch Sofa / Living Room Couch, Soft Grey
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It seems Zinus has something for everyone, and we can never have enough of them! This classic 71-inch sofa is perfect for all those who want to fit in some elegantly designed furniture in their space-crunched homes. The Jackie Classic measuring 71 x 31 x 34 inches, comes with a seating capacity of three, although it’s smaller than the regular-sized sofas.

Coming to the build, it sports an uncompromising yet lightweight wooden frame that you can move comfortably around. It’s wrapped in multiple layers of ultra-soft foam cushioning, which makes way for incredible leisure and comfort. After a long day, you definitely deserve a warm and cushy seat structure to lean on!

Moreover, the upholstery is made of stain-resistant polyester, and the cushions come wrapped in easy-to-clean, durable fabrics. The model has two colors, grey and soft grey, that combine with the classic look of flared sidearms to combine functionality, comfort, and versatility.

5. Container Furniture Direct S5455 Mid Century Modern Sofa

Container Furniture Direct S5455 Mid Century Modern Velvet Upholstered Tufted Living Room Sofa, 69.68', Space Blue
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If you’re looking for elegance and luster in every inch of your couch, Container Furniture Direct has a lot to offer, apart from extreme comfort. And out of their vast array of some compelling products, we prefer this mid-century S5455 sofa as it fuses sleek mid-century architecture with modern lines, a stunning design, and high durability.

Let’s tell you two things right off the bat here. First, this is a heavy couch, and second, you need to spend quite some time for its assembly. But after you’re done with it, it will blend anywhere with pride of its own! Other than this, the model comes in five elegant shades of red, space blue, Prussian blue, goldenrod, and the usual grey that chip in pretty well with various house-styles.

Coming to its design, its beautiful button-tufted seats add a touch of texture to the velvet upholstery, while its square arms and splayed legs enhance the elegant mid-century look. Also, the removable back cushions and bolster pillows match the boldness of the product, while the durable Hardwood frame adds to the polish of the couch.

6. Container Furniture Direct S5457 Mid Century Modern Sofa

Container Furniture Direct S5457 Mid Century Modern Velvet Upholstered Tufted Living Room Sofa, 69.68', Grey
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The S5457 is so easy to confuse with the S5455 model. It comes from the same manufacturer with almost similar features of promising durability and elegance. This is yet another beautifully-styled couch that draws a fine line between modern designs and the minimalistic aesthetics of a classic sofa.

The uniqueness of this couch lies in its beautiful eggplant shade, which is so rare to find! What’s more surprising is this rare shade spreads a relaxing vibe and perfectly complements the mid-century aesthetics of the couch. Moreover, the Hardwood frame adds to the timeless appearance with its splayed legs and square arms.

Coming to its build material, the soft velvet upholstery and button-tufted seats are incredibly comfortable. At the same time, its tailored design with a subtly-tufted back is carefully designed to provide elegant seating. With the removable back cushions and bolster pillows, this combination of grace, strength, and timelessness is difficult to ignore!

7. Christopher Knight Aidan Mid Century Modern Tufted Sofa

Christopher Knight Home Aidan Mid Century Modern Tufted Fabric Sofa, Red
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Well, this is a mighty couch for a mighty home! Christopher Knight sofas can be the perfect anchor for your living room owing to their huge sizes, impeccable comfort, and flawless designs. Coupled with all of this, come highly durable frames that hold the Knight couches together for years.

The mid-century modern couch offers an elegant button-tufted design, also featuring a diamond-stitched backrest and waffle-stitched seating. It further blends its gold-tipped splayed legs with a stunning Hardwood frame, that gives you a traditional design contrasting with its contemporary aesthetics.

Coming to its contemporary elements, the button-tufted stitching adds a sophisticated texture to the couch without compromising on the comfort. And talking about comfort, the two matching rolled accent pillows are great pieces to recline on, apart from giving an edgier look to the couch.

8. Mellow ADAIR Mid-Century Modern Couch

Mellow ADAIR Mid-Century Modern Loveseat/Sofa/Couch with Armrest Pockets, Light Grey
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If you are looking for a versatile couch to suit any house style, traditional or modern, Mellow loveseats could well be your perfect choice. The best part of owning one of its pieces is it sits comfortably even in the most compact and space-crunched homes. And the ADAIR couch sports a timeless design along with some new attributes, bringing to the fore a perfect mix of comfort, utility, and contrast.

This couch comes with a host of features that suit modern homes perfectly. One of them is the storage pockets that are conveniently placed on the armrests to hold phones, remote controls, or magazines. And in terms of convenience, Mellow puts others to shame as the assembling of the couch is a child’s play and can be done all alone in four simple steps.

Coming to its build features, eucalyptus wood make a very sturdy wooden frame, and also gives the couch an edgy lustrous look. The upholstery is made of polyester, and the frame comes wrapped with multi-layered ultra-soft cushions for the most comfort. Overall, it’s an excellent buy for all those who have a space crunch.

9. Mellow Hana Modern Sofa in Gray

Mellow HANA Modern Loveseat / Sofa/Couch with Armrest Pockets, Sand Grey
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Well, this is yet another couch we reviewed, keeping compact and smaller spaces in mind. It’s the age of skyscrapers now, and apartments come crammed in lines. So, space crunch is something that we gotta consider every time we design lifestyle products. And very few understand this as better as Mellow as we have seen it with its ADAIR model as well.

Apart from appealing looks and a space-saving design, this modern loveseat also comes with insane comfort! The high-density foam cushions are wrapped in soft linen to provide maximum support to your back when you’re in a reclined position. Sitting on it felt like
I was sinking into an old-world European cushion!

The rest of the features perfectly match those of the ADAIR model. Slanted side pockets, eucalyptus wooden frame and legs for a refined look and strength, and a 4-step assembly combine for a compelling relaxing experience. So, it’s a tough choice to make between these two Mellow models!

10. Modway Revive Contemporary Modern Sofa

Modway Revive Contemporary Modern Fabric Upholstered Sofa In White
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Designed for the modern-day user, every inch of the couch speaks of strength, style, and comfort. Modway Revive couches make way for a sumptuous and refreshing appearance to any room you put them in. And we can assure you that all your guests would pause for a moment looking at these gorgeous modern-styled sofas.

Coming to its features, the couch comes in five calming hues, keeping in mind mod architecture and everything that comes along! Revive’s attention to aesthetics alongside great build features, make their products stand far apart from the rest of the crowd.

Moreover, upholstered in polyester fabric, the model comprises foam-padded cushions and two bolster pillows. Apart from the placid shades, this approachable design makes the sofa ideal for both formal and casual spaces.

Finally, its durable hardwood frame is complemented by rubber wood legs and a beautiful walnut polish to make a deserving wholesome combination.

11. DHP Ivana Tufted Futon, Blue Velvet

DHP Ivana Tufted Futon, Blue Velvet
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DHP is also one of those brands that have a lot to offer if what you’re looking for in a couch is class, comfort, and sophistication. The Ivana model of DHP includes all the three aspects in its forte and shines in its own warmth.

First, the design is simply stunning, and in ways more than one. We were amazed at its flexibility to blend with a vintage look, a classic style, or a bold contemporary home decor. It ships in a single box, and its assembling time is less than 20 minutes. Overall, a rad design!

Moving on to its comfort, it fuses excellent cushioning and tufted velvet upholstery with slender armrests and durable wooden legs. This combination specifically deserves praise as it never fails to relax you while its independent split-back design of the seating only adds to its versatility and comfort. You can take the separate seats and lower them into lounging and sleeping positions, making it a multipurpose model best suited for small living spaces.

12. Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Sofa Bed

Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Sofa Bed, Light Green Velvet Futon,
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Novogratz is another famous manufacturer of sofas, couches, and loveseats, that brings you not just elegance and sophistication, but also superior comfort. And the Novogratz Tallulah Memory foam futon falls precisely along the lines of being the fanciest, the coolest, and the most comfortable!

This foam futon comes with a sturdy wooden frame that also has six splayed legs, helping it hold up better with minimum scratches on the ground. The wooden structure is wrapped with soft velvet upholstery, a vintage silhouette, and a button-tufted design, inviting relaxation, comfort, and great aesthetics.

And the inside of the couch is lined with multiple layers of high-density foam and responsive memory foam, which help relieve the pressure points and increase circulation. The memory foam certainly deserves more credit for that! To further add to its comfort quotient, the backrest comes with an independent split-back option, and you can recline it in multiple positions for lounging and sleeping. Chilling has never been easier!

13. Novogratz Regal Futon Couch, Mustard

Novogratz Regal Futon, Mustard
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Another great multi-functional piece from Novogratz that complements any space you put it in is the Novogratz Regal Futon. Out of its three shades of green, mustard, and navy blue, we feel the mustard design is the most versatile in terms of blending with your home decor. This model takes you back to the 1950s, only with a hint of modernity here and there!

Coming to its features, the couch comes with soft linen upholstery, wide-winged arms, beautiful tufted back, and a durable wooden frame. The linen fabric is easy-to-wash and wraps multiple layers of high-density memory foam, making it one of the best nap-worthy couches.

Also, the wooden frame comes with padding under the legs, and that prevents any dent on the surface you put it on. And the various reclining positions that come with the split-back design make it apt for people who have notably smaller homes. It’s packed with too many things at once, and that’s just great!

14. BCP 76 inch Contemporary Sofa Couch Lounger

Best Choice Products 76 inch Linen Fabric Upholstered Contemporary Sofa Couch Lounger, Dark Gray
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If you’re a fan of classics and everything related to it, you’ll definitely love this couch-lounger from BCP. The best part of this design is its simplicity, making it perfect for a variety of stylish setups. And the compactness of this model pushes it as another excellent choice for small spaces.

Talking about comfort, a tufted backrest, and multiple layers of soft cushion make the couch very relaxing to sit on. When you know your guests are perfectly relaxed, lounging over drinks and great conversations follow! And its seamless blending with any home decor, furnishing, and style really take away that painful worry of furniture reshuffling! That’s bidding goodbye to one of the major headaches of home remodeling.

And BCP leaves you with so little to complain about the durability of its products. The solid wooden frame comes with screw-on legs that ensure sturdiness and stability, preventing even minimum slippage on the floor. Also, the cushions are wrapped in high-quality, easy-to-clean linen that’s made to last for years. So overall, it’s a couch that speaks of durability, style, and flexibility, all in a single breath.

15. Mopio Chloe Convertible Futon Couch Bed

Mopio Chloe Convertible Futon Couch Bed, Fabric Tufted Modern Sofa Sleeper with Tapered Wood Legs, 76.8' L, Perfect Suit for Your Living Room, Dark Gray
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Who doesn’t like a hint of vintage in their modern sofas and couches to give them the best looks, extreme convenience, and a timeless appeal? Well, Mopio Chloe fits all these adjectives into their products with ease, while also boasting of their budget-friendliness.

In a world of fancy gimmicks, Mopio Chloe stands apart because they pay equal care and attention to all the aspects of their products. This convertible futon couch bed sports a charming Nordic design that shines in contrast with its modern outline. This beautiful fusion makes the sofa a sheer treat to the eyes!

Coming to its features, this couch has a custom comfort facility with which you can adjust the seats and recline them to any angle of your choice. Also, this modern adjustable futon has a sturdy wooden frame with splayed legs, increasing stability with a tremendous weight-endurance capability. And if we turn to comfort, its stunning chevron-stitched linen upholstery wraps multiple layers of soft cushion to create a very relaxing ambiance for a comfy night’s sleep.

16. US Pride Furniture Obadiah Sofa

US Pride Furniture Obadiah Sofa, Burgundy
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If you are a fan of simplicity and lasting performance of comfort and durability, we have another great product to offer. We included this couch from US Pride in our list because it’s a piece of furniture that never fails to impress with its straightforward design. What it offers is far more than good looks, and there’s convenience hidden underneath every aspect of it.

First of all, its assembly will take you less than ten minutes. Everything comes in a single box, and the only bit you might find tricky is placing the back component into the guiding metal channels. Other than this, everything else will just let you sink in!

The high-density foam cushioning, the two accent pillows, and removable back pillows warm up your body into a luxurious comfort, to say the least. And the dual-tone matte velvet upholstery doesn’t just add style to the simple design but is also very easy-to-wash. So, taking this Obadiah Sofa home is a win-win for all!

17. US Pride Furniture Sofa Bed

US Pride Furniture Sofabed, Sleeper, Blue
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Looking at this couch from US Pride for the very first time made us think of a couple chilling with their favorite movie, the best wine of their choice, and a long rolling weekend ahead! This product looks more like a loveseat than a proper sofa, making it ideal for two people to sit on, relax, or lounge!

The sleeper lies somewhere between the 1950’s style and a modern look. While its symmetrical design, tapered legs, and classic lines give the couch a vintage spin, its overall trendy design furnishes its contemporary feel. So, the US Pride has hit a perfect balance with this couch!

Next, we don’t have anything to tell you about its comfort quotient. Tight seats with tufted backs and a convenient cup holder make it a perfect candidate for a long, pending movie night. And if you got pretty worked up, merely extending the velvet upholstery will transform the couch into a cozy bed. Isn’t that great?

18. Container Furniture Direct Orion

Container Furniture Direct Orion Mid Century Modern PU Leather Upholstered Living Room Loveseat with Bolster Pillows, 69.68' Brown
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Earlier in the list, we had included two wonderful couches from Container Furniture. And we couldn’t afford to miss this worthy product of theirs that contains the best of the two products mentioned above, and then some! Well, we’ll start right away with its comfort.

The soft button-tufted seats are comfortable in their own right and envelop a single foam-filled cushion of medium firmness. This allows for the seats to not get too saggy over the years. Also, faux leather upholstery, a pair of leather bolster pillows, and removable back cushions make it the perfect perch for your morning coffee, or a movie night with the family.

What remains is the question of durability. And we’d suggest you not to question it as the solid wooden frame holds everything together beautifully. Its endurance is further accentuated by the track arms and round tapered legs, taking away all your worries about the sofa’s stability.

19. Lifestyle Solutions Lexington Sofa in Navy Blue

Lifestyle Solutions Lexington Sofa in Navy Blue
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Lifestyle Solutions has been faithful to its motto for the last 25 years, and their innovations have revolutionized the futon industry. ‘Crafting furniture with love’ is something they really adhere to, and this Lexington Sofa simply belongs to their long line of some of the best couches in the market.

In terms of appearance, this couch is an eclectic blend of traditional and contemporary styles. This is the primary reason behind it being people’s one of the favorite choices, as it can easily blend with any home and lifestyle! Upholstered in a polyester fabric that wraps a high-density foam seat cushion, a lot is going on underneath to give you the maximum comfort.

Dream coils and serpentine springs along with the premium foams make the perfect combination of optimum comfort, responsive support, and lasting endurance. This arrangement distributes your entire weight equally, and the kiln-dried wooden frame comfortably holds it all, further adding to the elegance and durability of the couch.


So, from ultra-plush cushions to faux leather, from compact couches to tons of space to sprawl out, we’ve covered them all here! The one promise that we can make to you today is getting up from any of these couches would be quite a challenge.

And we’d like to part with these few final words: Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, and no one deserves a shut-eye with their stresses hovering above them.

That’s precisely what these couches do to you. Goodbye, till the next time!

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