5 Best Full Body Bath Pillows

Bathing is excellent if you’re seeking relax-time after work. If the floor of the tub is too hard on your back, a full-body bath pillow will give you support to be able to relax instead of laying on a hard surface. The bath pillows give you head, neck and back support for your bath at the end of the day, and it has a rejuvenating and soothing effect on the body. 

Let’s take a look at the best full-body bathtub pillow on the market based on the highest rated reviews.


The 5 Best Full Body Bath Pillows


1. Soothing Company Full Body Bath Pillow Back, Head and Neck Rest Support

Soothing Company Full Body Bath Pillow Bathtub Back, Head and Neck Rest Support for Luxury Comfort | Spa Cushion for Jacuzzi Hot Tub | Quick Drying, Machine Wash Safe | Fits Most Tubs | 50 Inches
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The Soothing Company full body pillow is their deluxe choice and best full-body pillow. The pillow is built from a soft mesh that goes easy on the back and comes with a hanger that you can use to store it after it’s been dried. Cleaning is effortless and it dries very fast. The fabric is very clean white and will be suitable for any color pallet in the bathroom. The suction cups hit a perfect middle between being strong enough to suck on the bath tub and also remove at-need. They keep the Soothing Company pillow from sliding when you make movements, especially in porcelain Jacuzzis.


  • Full-Body Support

The Soothing Company deluxe pillow provides full support for the head, back and hips. It’s long and wide, providing the ultimate relaxation experience for the muscles which eases tension. The built-in pillow is the highlight with maximum support for the head.

  • Quick-Drying

The pillow is very hygienic and always has a fresh and clean smell. The material is safe to wash in a washing-machine and very fast to dry, making it usable for taking multiple baths a day. The Soothing Company pillow can dry in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Maximum Comfort

The cushy material inside the pillow provides the ultimate relaxation experience. It minimizes backache and allows you to relax in the bathtub for extended periods. If you like to stretch out and rest your head like you do in your bed, you can do this easily.

  • Powerful Suction Cups 

The suction cups are very strong and they grip on the surface of the tub, even if the material is very slippery such as porcelain. The materials keep the pillow in place if you’re switching positions and they’re easy to remove once you’re ready to get out of the bath.

  • Easy Maintenance

The pillow is built using anti-mildew properties and it always smells fresh. Maintenance is minimal. You only have to dry it between uses and you can use your washing machine and dryer for a quick wash. There’s a wash bag where you can place it to ensure the suction cups won’t stick to the edges of your washing machine.


  • Tiny Hook

When you remove the pillow from the bath for drying, it comes with a very tiny hook that might not stick to most wall hangers.


2. QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion for Full Body Comfort

QuiltedAir BathBed Deluxe - Luxury Bath Pillow and Spa Cushion for Full Body Comfort
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The QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Bath Pillow is a full-body cushion that can transform a regular bath tub into a full-blown SPA. The full-body coverage will allow you to relax in your tub and take longer baths thanks to an orthopedic design and properties which decrease pressure and stiffness. The Quilted Air BathBed is equipped with luxury stitching material that virtually sinks into warm water and allows you to detoxify and distress after a long day at work.

The QuiltedAir BathBed is one of the largest full-body pillows, making it ideal for taller men who want full cover for the sensitive parts of the body. The cushion itself is over 50″ long and it provides support for the head, neck, back/spine, hips and tailbone. Unlike pillows that only provide support for the upper back, this oversized pillow has you covered and will allow you to take those long baths you crave.


  • 3D Air Mesh

The QuiltedAir BathBed is a luxury cushion that implements air-mesh fabrics instead of regular bulky foam. The elevated technology located between silky outer layers has a central air core that lifts and positions the body comfortably on top of the hard tub surface. This makes the cushion permissible and gives you additional flexibility to move around, as it absorbs the body shape. Due to a lack of foam, you never have to be concerned about deflating the cushion by accident. Simply lay it down on the tub and start relaxing.

  • 11 Suction Cups

 The pillow has powerful suction cops – 11 of them, which are strategically placed all over the back of the pillow and attach to the bottom of your tub. This seals them in place, giving you leeway to move around in the tub. All you have to do is wet the suction cups a bit and press them against the surface of the tub before letting the water flow. These pressure cups ensure the pillow never slides when you’re moving around and they’re easy to remove.

  • Easy Maintenance

The pillow is made from breathable materials which are quick to dry and contain anti-mildew properties. This makes the pillow easy to use for people who take multiple baths a day.


  • Retains Water

After the pillow is taken out of the bathtub, it still retains a lot of water and you have to spend a minute removing the water.


3. IndulgeMe Full Body Bath Pillow for Tub Neck and Back Support

IndulgeMe Full Body Bath Pillow - Non-Slip, Plus Konjac Bath Sponge, Luxurious Mat, Bath Pillows for Tub Neck and Back Support
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The IndulgeMe Full Body bath pillow is excellent pillow for all people who like to take long baths to. This pillow could be used by the whole family and it could make a great gift for a loved one. It’s extremely easy to maintain, comes with 11 suction cups to secure it on the tub surface, and the company included a free bonus “konjac” sponge. The manufacturer included a money-back guarantee for a complete risk-free buying experience.


  • Full-Body Cover

The IndulgeMe provides a full-body cover from the head to the bottom of the back, removing the pressure from your back tailbone and allowing you to relax fully in your bathtub. The material is thick and comfortable, providing the ultimate relaxation experience.

  • Effortless Maintenance

The IndulgeMe is made of the same weaved mesh fabric. Users feel the same comfort on their back as they do on the head. The mesh 3D technology allows you to relax, but it also contains hygienic properties. It’s 100% mold-free, dirt-free and smells fresh. Moreover, it allows the pillow to dry out quickly and prepare you for your next bath session. It comes with a hook that you can hang and let it dry out if you don’t have a dryer. It’s also washing-machine compatible. The air flow in the 3D mesh ensures it dries faster than other pillows naturally.

  • 11 Strong Suction Cups

There are suction cups placed everywhere from the top to the bottom to secure every bit of the pillow onto smooth and slippery bath surfaces. Never worry about switching positions and the suction cups detaching as a result.

  • Konjac Sponge

The IndulgeMe comes with a luxury bath sponge which the company sells for $10 independently. This is a best-selling sponge which can improve your skin texture and allow you to exfoliate your skin. It’s ideal for deep-skin cleansing and built using non-toxic and biodegradable materials. The natural sponge is very soft and gentle, making it perfect for keeping your skin free of dirt and grime. The sponge comes with each IndulgeMe pillow package.


  • Short Design

The IndulgeMe is not the longest pillow and despite providing coverage for most people, larger men might not get the length that they need.


4. COMFYSURE Bathtub Cushion Extra-Large Full Body Bath Tub Pillow

COMFYSURE Bath Cushion for Tub - Extra-Large Full Body Bath Tub Pillow & Non-Slip Spa Bathtub Mat Mattress Pad with Super Thick Breathable 3D Mesh Layers - Great Back Support for Adults (48'x 15')
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The COMFYSure combines a blend of luxury technology such as 3D air mesh and powerful suction cups which create a breathable water mattress that is as smooth as your real bed. The layers are silky soft and the built-in headrest feels like a real pillow, allowing you to enjoy the warm and soothing waters of your bath tub. The ComfySure Bath Matters is ideal for unwinding after a long day’s work or taking baths multiple times a day.


  • Thick Padded Layers

The all-new ComfySure layers are now 35% thicker compared to old models, making them one of the most comfortable by ComfySure. The 3D air mesh technology creates a comfortable feeling similar to a real bed and it allows air flow to pass through for easy drying. The head-rest wedge allows you to lean back while you lay down straight.

  • Slip-Resistant Design

The mattress features 8 large suction cups with anti-slip technology which firmly attach the pillow on the bottom of your tub. There’s a drying hanging loop that allows you to store the pillow compactly after you’re done with the bath.

  • Mildew-Resistance

The ComfySure is easy to maintain and washing-machine compatible. The hygienic materials give you anti-bacterial protection which keep the pillow free of molding and always fresh-smelling. The permeable layers on the inside are waterproof and the pillow dries very fast.

  • Suitable For Large Men

The pillow is more than 4″ long, meaning it’s great for very tall men. If you struggle with small pillows that don’t provide coverage down to your hips, you need one that is built for your size. Obviously, the pillow is ideal for people of average stature and might even provide more coverage than they need. It can also be used by pregnant women as the oversized factor compensates for it.


  • Slipper On Fiberglass

The suction cups are not the most powerful and they may come off if your tub is built from extra-slippery fiberglass material.


5. Idle Hippo Full Body Bath Pillow with No-Slip Suction Cups

Full Body Bath Pillow, Upgraded Non-Slip Bath Cushion for Tub, Spa Bathtub Pillow Mattress for Head Neck Shoulder and Back Rest Support,Hot Tub Accessories – 50'x 15'
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The Idle Hippo full body bath pillow features an innovative leaf-shaped design that adds a luxurious touch to the pillow and makes it suitable for Jacuzzis and pools. The pillow has 3D air mesh technology and durable suction cups, making it a very aesthetic and appealing choice.


  • Leaf Design

The Idle Hippo stands out from other full body pillows with a unique leaf-shaped design that curves to the left. This is ideal for Jacuzzis and expensive baths where you want to have aesthetic appeal and create a SPA-like environment at home.

  • 3D Air Mesh Technology

The pillow features 3D air mesh technology, adopting mesh material and providing additional air flow which enables quick drying. The material is washing-machine compatible and it can be cleaned by hand. There’s also a built-in hook which enables you to dry it or store it away. The pillow can fully dry and be ready for re-use within 30 minutes.

  • High Comfort

The Idle Hippo utilizes multi-layered fiber and mesh materials that combine perfectly to give you the ultimate relaxing experience in hot water.

  • Powerful Suction Cups

The bottom of the pillow is lined with suction cups that grip to the surface of the bathtub or Jacuzzi, holding it firmly in position as you move around.


  • Not Large Enough

This pillow is mid-sized and it might not provide full body coverage for really tall men.


How To Choose A Full Body Bath Pillow

Best Full Body Bath Pillow

Full-body bath pillows are essential for people who love to take baths, or have to take multiple baths a day due to a medical condition. If you take baths often the hard bathtub material hurt your body because it’s rubbing against the hard surface of the bath and you need a soft mattress-like material that you can rest your sensitive parts (head, neck & back) on.

It’s possible to purchase pillows-only but full-body makes a difference because you won’t have to buy the bottom cover you get all the support you need. Here are a few tips for choosing a full-body bath mat.

  • Dimensions

Pro Tip: Full-body pillows do not really offer coverage for the full body, but rather down to the hips. Your legs will be left out, but that’s not a problem because legs are the least sensitive part of the body. If you’re a woman or you’re of average height, pretty much all pillows will suit you.

The average dimensions are 50″ from the top head-rest down to the bottom of the pillow. Dimensions are only a problem for very tall men and you should pick out the largest one if you’re buying a pillow for your 6’4 husband and you want to give him that extra length. Look for pillows at least 50” long in that case.

  • Mold and Mildew Resistance

If you’ve used a bad pillow in the past you might recall a cat urine smell… Eww! That smell means that mildew starts growing on the pillow, due to prolonged contact with water.

The pillow will start smelling awkwardly and that smell will worsen until the pillow is unusable anymore and you have to discard it in the trash. This is why mildew-resistant pillows contain materials that are resistant to mildew. All the pillows we reviewed are mildew-resistant, so you’re good to go.

  • Softness

Foam pillows are really comfortable pillows, especially ones with 3D mesh technology. Those have steeper price tags but they mold to the shape of your body and offer full support. They’re worth spending the extra few dollars.

The cheapest pillows are inflatable pillows and you can save a lot of money buying them, but they don’t really offer top-notch comfort and support. You must fill them with warm water to get a really comfortable bath.

  • Thickness

The insider textures should be thick in order to provide comfort and easy cleaning. Ideally the pillow should have a fabric cover with mesh or ribbed patterns. The pillows we reviewed are really thick and provide the support you need, but they’re also extremely easy to clean.

  • Suction Power

If you move in the tub to find the most comfortable position, you’ll need powerful suction cups that don’t lose pressure at the slightest movement. With weak suction cups, the pillow will move at every hint of pressure and this makes it slippery in most baths. The more suction cups you have, the better.

  • Quick Drying

The pillow should be fully dried in 30 minutes or less and to enable that, the air ventilation in the materials have to be optimal. The pillows we selected have quality mesh that provides maximum air flow for quick drying once they’re removed from the tub.

  • Easy To Clean

Hygiene is imperative and the pillow has to be easy to clean, either by hand or in a washing machine. Each one of the pillows we reviewed are washing-machine. Each one of the pillows we reviewed are washing-machine compatible and it’s also possible to clean them by hand.



The full-body bath pillows we featured on this page provide the optimal comfort experience for the bath and they feature the latest hygiene and drying technology that allows you to repeatedly use them on a daily basis. Get yourself a bath pillow now!

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