5 Best Offset Patio Umbrellas with Base

Owning an offset patio umbrella with a base is part of the American dream. No matter the weather, enjoying a cooling drink outside under an umbrella on your patio is an experience that’s hard to beat.

But, what umbrella is right for your patio or front lawn? They come in all shapes and sizes and provide their unique aesthetic. The answer lies within offset patio umbrellas with a base.

These large, looming umbrellas are held down by a weighted base and are offset to provide maximum shading coverage for its occupants. If you’re looking for something to enjoy throughout the years that won’t rust or fall apart on you, you need to buy one an offset patio umbrella with a base.

That’s why this article has compiled the 5 best offset patio umbrellas with a base for you to review.

Keep reading to find out all the nitty-gritty details that you need to know to make the best purchase possible. Pros and cons will be given as well.

Best Offset Patio Umbrellas with Base

1. WUFF Deluxe Offset Patio Umbrella with Cross and Weight Base

Bluu 11ft Deluxe Patio Offset Umbrella Cantilever Umbrella Outdoor Hanging Market Umbrellas with Cross Base and Weight Base, 360 Degree Rotation(Navy Blue)
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The WUFF Deluxe is a large, 11ft patio umbrella that covers between 65 and 80 sq feet of overlay depending on the position of the sun. Ideal uses include on a patio table, over a hot tub, or even across a swimming pool on a hot day.

The umbrella is made from five layers of yarn-dyed fabric. This ensures that it’s both puncture-proof as well as resistant to most elements. It’s also certified to include top of the line UV protection. This is all done to help bring you a great product that you’ll assuredly get a lot of use out of.

To operate the umbrella set, you’ll use a simple crank system. As you crank away the umbrella will tilt to your desired angle. Reaching maximum comfort levels couldn’t be easier.

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum to help keep set up and transportation of the set to a minimum. The aluminum also looks great when contrasted against the dyed yarn.

While the umbrella is easily removed, the base is recommended to be nailed down to the foundation. This will help keep its place when the going gets tough outside. The base itself is weighed down with water/sand.


  • Easily adjustable to your desired comfort
  • The umbrella itself is quite durable as it made from five layers of fabric
  • Covers a generous area of 65 to 80 square feet of space with shade
  • Suitable for covering small and large tables as well as pools and hot tubs


  • The weighted base could be filled with strong, durable material rather than sand/water

2. Grand Patio Aluminum Offset Cantilever Umbrella with Base

Grand patio Outdoor 12 FT Offset Umbrella with Base Included, Curved and Cantilevered, Aluminum (Champagne
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The Grand Patio offset cantilever umbrella with base comes in at 12 feet in diameter.

This wider umbrella means that you’ll have a huge coverage area when compared to other similar umbrella sets. It’s crank-powered and can be easily repositioned as you need.

To make your life easier, wheels are attached to the weighted base to allow for constant adjustment. This is miles better than having a base that requires it to be attached to the foundation if you want versatility within your umbrella patio set.

On the other hand, if you don’t plan on moving your lounge location, wheels may be inconsequential to you.

What makes this set stand out from the crowd is the material that it’s made of. The frame is made from rust-proof aluminum poles that have been powder coated to reduce corrosion. The ribs of the umbrella are made of steel as they’ll be getting the most abuse. You can expect it to last many years.

The canopy is made from a double-coated heavy-duty polyester that weighs in at 250g. That means you can expect a long-lasting, durable covering that can withstand most elements. Of course, it’s also UV protected and fade resistant. It’s rated at 99 percent UV protection.


  • Steel-ribbed canopy for extra durability
  • The frame is made from a rust-proof aluminum frame
  • Canopy is made from a double-coated heavy-duty polyester
  • The large diameter of 12 ft means you’ll be able to cover almost any size area you’d like
  • Wheels are attached to the base for increased portability


  • The base isn’t incredibly strong, leaving it susceptible to strong winds and severe weather

3. SORARA Offset Patio Umbrella with Cross and Weight Base

SORARA 10 by 10 ft Square Offset Cantilever Umbrella Patio Hanging Umbrella with Dual Wind Vent, Cross Base & 4 pcs Base Weight and Umbrella Cover, Black
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The SORARA’s offset patio umbrella is what you get when you combine a quality product with modern aesthetics.

In terms of design, it’s made of your standard materials. This includes steel ribs, an aluminum frame, and a canopy made of durable polyester. Although, it comes with several highlights.

This includes a dual-vented canopy that increases the airflow and stability of your umbrella. No matter if it’s windy or you’re experiencing grueling heat, this umbrella set works to combat both.

What sets this a par above other umbrella sets is how beautiful it looks. The dual-vented canopy is done with such artistic integrity while still getting the job done. Plus, the color scheme can match just about any patio décor.

If you’re looking to get an offset patio umbrella with the base but wanting to maintain the beauty of your patio, this will likely be your best bet.


  • Stunning in terms of design
  • Great functionality between the dual-vented canopy and easily collapsible fiberglass rods that are used within the frame
  • Ribbing is made of steel for extra protection
  • Canopy is made from high-quality, durable material


  • Relatively lightweight, which may not be a bad thing. However, this makes it vulnerable to strong winds and must be put away during these times.

4. Abba Patio Rectangular Offset Umbrella with Cross Base

Abba Patio 9 x 12 ft Patio Offset Hanging Umbrella with Solar Lights Double Top Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella with Easy Tilt & Cross Base for Garden, Deck, Backyard and Pool, Cocoa
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The Abba Patio Rectangular Offset Umbrella with Cross Base is a classic design combined with modern luxury.

There’s one highlight that simply can’t be ignored when discussing this umbrella set. It comes with solar-powered lights. Yes, you read that right. The future is here.

Keep this bad boy out and about during the day time and in the evening you’ll be able to have a brightly lit table under the cover of your beautiful umbrella set. It’s all part of the American dream.

Other highlights include a bronze finish across the frame as well as the canopy. This color scheme helps it fit into most modern decors. It blends especially well against a wooden patio backdrop.

The canopy is also dual-vented and made to produce a wide swath of shade during the daytime hours. This makes it perfect for patios, beaches, balconies, restaurants, backyards, and gardens.

If you can think of a space outside where a patio would be lovely, this Abba umbrella set is going to be a great choice.


  • Made of high-quality material such as steel and multiple layers of polyester as a canopy
  • Comes with solar-powered lights for a classy evening in the outdoors
  • Easily controlled by a crank and tilt system
  • Dual-vented for better airflow to keep you comfortable no matter the temperature
  • Combines modern technology and modern luxury


  • The base is relatively cheaply made and is colored in a dull grey, which may not be most pleasing thing aesthetically speaking

5. Le Conte 10ft Offset Patio Umbrella with Crank & Cross Base

Le Conte Offset Umbrella 10ft Cantilever Patio Hanging Umbrella Outdoor Market Umbrellas with Crank & Cross Base (Beige)
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The Le Conte 10ft Offset Patio Umbrella with Crank and Base Cross isn’t going to blow your socks away. But, it will get the job done beautifully.

In design, it’s relatively basic. The cross base is made of solid iron and stretches 10 ft in the sky to provide an overarching canopy. Iron is an extremely tough material that weighs a significant amount. By using iron as the base material, you get a simplistic yet quaint aesthetic without sacrificing the integrity of the base.

The canopy is made of five layers of high-quality polyester fabric. You’ll be protected against most elements. It’s also rated as great for UV protection and is water-resistant.

The iron pole that runs to the top of the canopy is made 25 percent thicker than other iron poles used for the same thing. This helps defend against the wind by up to 30 percent and will increase the longevity of your umbrella set as well.

Other highlights include a turn handle to tilt the canopy to your desired position and a large variety of colors available to match whatever décor you have.


  • Comes with a wide selection of colors to choose from
  • Made from five layers of polyester fabric
  • Iron is used as the base material as well as the for the frame, helping your umbrella set last for longer
  • Great for UV protection and water resistance
  • A simplistic, yet classic design


  • The weighted base isn’t included in the purchase. You’ll have to buy it separately.


At the end of the day, having an offset patio umbrella with a weighted base is going to be something you can’t live without. Spending evenings with a cool drink underneath a classic umbrella overhang or cooling off during the dog days of Summer is too good to pass up.

Consider what you need your umbrella set to do within your situation and then make your choice from the umbrellas on this list.

They were all picked to accommodate the needs of everyone, finding the perfect one won’t be hard.

You couldn’t make a better purchase as a smart consumer.

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