10 Best 3 Piece Coffee Table Sets Under $200

Having coffee is a great way to catch up with some good conversation. Chic coffee table sets only serve to facilitate this mood.

Therefore, you might be looking for some cozy products to add a dash of style to your household. But seeing as there are numerous options on the market, we completely understand your confusion.

To that end, we have prepared a list of some of the best 3-piece coffee table sets under $200. Be sure to enjoy your beverage comfortably as we dive into the details without any further delay.

3 Piece Coffee Table Sets Under $200

1. Augeron Glass Top Coffee Table Set

Signature Design by Ashley - Augeron Contemporary 3-Piece Table Set - Includes Cocktail Table & 2 End Tables, Black
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Ashley Furniture is committed to providing quality products with stylish designs. Their coffee table is no exception and combines a degree of features and functionality to stand out from similar products.

Here, the style has a clean line, and there’s space for storage on the tabletop. It imbibes a sophisticated but simple look and tries to match the decor with a particularly chic finish. The crafting is bound to catch the eye, thanks to the metal body and fine glass.

With a minimalist style, you’ll see how easy it is to put together this table. Merely following the instructions makes the process extremely straightforward, and doesn’t require any additional expertise.

We have also noticed how these products can be trusted due to the goodwill inspired by the manufacturers. In fact, the company takes special care to ensure that these glass top coffee tables are packaged properly and reach the destinations safely; due to the fragile nature of the products, the concern is understandable.


  • Crafting is smooth
  • Easy to assemble
  • Timely delivery
  • Made of fine materials


  • Legs are hollow, making the set seem lightweight and cheap

2. Laney Glass Top Coffee Table Set

Signature Design by Ashley - Laney Glass Top 3-Piece Occasional Table Set, Black Finish
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We’ve already heaped praise on Ashley as a company, so let us dive into why this particular set stands out. The first thing that caught our eye has been the stylish design, which stands out and makes the product look chic, no matter where it is placed.

Metal and glass go into manufacturing the table, which benefits from the fine hand-finish. With the black glass on top of the table, it embraces a modern look, which is further enhanced by the overall minimalist appearance.

Since the necessary hardware and tools are included with the package, it is pretty straightforward to follow the instructions and assemble the table before using. As we’ve already stated above, the manufacturer takes special care to ensure that the goods are packaged safely and delivered in a timely manner.

On top of that, Ashley has a name to live up to, which is why only the finest materials are used in crafting the product.


  • Sleek and modern appearance
  • Hand-finished with metal and glass
  • Easy to assemble
  • Timely and safe delivery


  • Sometimes there might be noticeable scuffs

3. Homfa Rustic Brown Coffee Table Set

Homfa Living Room Coffee Table Set of 3, Nesting Coffee Table Set, Occasional Set with 2 Sofa Side End Tables, Vintage Utility Furniture for Home Office
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Homfa products are easily some of the best choices you can make. They are sturdy and made of good materials. Not only do they serve as coffee tables, but they can also come in handy as quick workspaces. The tabletops are broad enough to keep your laptops and other devices.

You’ll see that there is a wood and metal variant of this popular coffee table. Due to the design, which renders the set stackable, you’ll save on a lot of space and add a dash of style to your interiors at the same time.

As these products are made with heavy-duty steel and thickened particleboards, you’ll enjoy the durability and sturdiness of these products. Even after prolonged use, there’s little chance of scratches, breaks, and other signs of wear and tear.

It should also be noted that the company is dedicated to providing excellent after-sales service for these chic products. Therefore, once you reach out to them, you can expect an answer or a resolution to your issue within 24 hours.


  • Stackable design
  • Made with sturdy materials
  • Chic and stylish look
  • Great after-sales service


  • The height of the table might be more than expected

4. Amzdeal Wood Coffee Table Set

Living Room Table Set - amzdeal 3-Piece Table Set Includes Coffee Table and 2 End Tables, Coffee Table Set Occasional Set for Home Office, Walnut
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Fine craftsmanship is the name of the game with this set. Firstly, the edge is sealed with a good quality waterproof layer, which makes cleaning easy while protecting it from scratches. Due to the metal frame, along with the chipboard, the product has structural integrity which doesn’t get compromised over time.

Special care is taken to balance the design and to avoid problems like wobbly legs, which essentially render a lot of tables unusable. Also, these three-piece sets have double storage options, so you can save up on space.

They’re made keeping regular users in mind, so the assembly process is very easy and requires a straightforward following of instructions. The company is very diligent in ensuring the product is packed properly and reaches the user on time.

On top of that, they aim to please customers, so you can find all your queries answered within 24 hours of you reaching out to the manufacturers.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Design is stylish
  • Saves space
  • Great customer service


  • The product is smaller than how it appears in images

5. Larzeny Modern Coffee Table Set

Signature Design by Ashley - Larzeny Occasional 3-Piece Table Set - Coffee Table and 2 Nesting End Tables, Brown/Black
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We have already showered a lot of praise on Ashley products, and this table set is no exception. It embraces fine craftsmanship with the best quality materials. With this set, you can be sure that the interiors of your house will receive an instant upgrade.

These tables are extremely well crafted and include decorative laminates, as well as engineered glass and wood in a metal frame. The design is modern, and the nesting style makes it suited for all kinds of spaces – large or small.

Although the assembly is rather simple and requires you to follow the instructions, it is recommended as a two-person job. If you’re looking for the right additions at affordable prices, then your search ends here.

Ashley inspires trust automatically, and this product does not let us down either. Feel free to make the best use of this long-lasting coffee table.


  • Well-crafted
  • Stylish design
  • Suited for all spaces
  • Made with the best materials


  • Some products might bear marks due to packaging

6. Yarlow Contemporary Coffee Table Set

Signature Design by Ashley Yarlow 3-Piece Occasional Table Set, Black
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If you’re looking for a contemporary but casual design, then this is the right choice. It has a functional nesting layout, and the tables can slide together, which saves a lot of space in small interiors. Not only is the finish done finely, but the tables are elevated as well, to allow a sense of light into the room.

The construction is especially sturdy, and you can be sure that this table set will make your room look cool enough. As far as the assembly is concerned, this Ashley set is easy to put together by following simple instructions. However, it is more of a two-person job, despite the fact that most of the hardware, except for the screwdriver, is part of the package.

Thanks to the signature design, you’ll never have to worry about the table set standing out and drawing the attention of everyone who lays eyes on it. Ashley products can be trusted for the quality materials used as well, which is why numerous buyers flock to these tables.


  • Stylish design
  • Easy assembly
  • Saves space
  • Made of good quality materials


  • Product packaging could be better to avoid chances of scuffing

7. Yaheetech Contemporary Coffee Table Set

YAHEETECH Wood Living Room 3-Piece Table Sets - Includes X-Design Coffee Table & Two 3-Tier End Side Tables, Easy Assembly Home Accent Furniture
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It’s the quality of materials used that brought this product to our attention. Thanks to pine and MDF, these table sets last for a long time without signs of wear and tear. Also, since the set comes with a design accommodating three shelves, you can keep things without worries in an organized and orderly manner.

Even the ‘x shape’ in the design improves the overall stability of the structure and makes the stands more durable. If you ask us, this furniture set is simplistic, rustic, and is sure to tastefully match the interior decor.

Overall, the design is chic, and it is incredibly easy to assemble the entire structure. All you have to do is follow the instructions, and the table set can be put together without any professional assistance.

YAHEETECH puts a great deal of effort into pleasing the customers, which is why their products are designed to serve the purpose while looking extraordinarily eye-catching at the same time.


  • Good quality materials
  • Stylish design
  • Easy assembly
  • Preserved structural integrity


  • Not easy to clean, and handprints remain on the surface for a long time

8. Roundhill Contemporary Coffee Table Set

Roundhill Furniture Athens, Coffee Table Set, Grey
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This product from Athens lends a feeling like a lodge to any room, and makes the entire ambiance quite unique and welcoming. Even the frame is compact, which saves a lot of space while incorporating a rather unique design.

Be it rustic or contemporary styles, this set is bound to fulfill all needs since it is inspired by tables of the craftsman era and sawhorses. The top of the table has a hardened wood veneer, which means it doesn’t scratch too easily and can support a degree of weight.

There’s even space for storage thanks to an added shelf. The legs of the table add a degree of accentuated appearance, and some easy assembly is enough to put the table together.

Basically, if you’re looking for a sturdy addition to your house, then a Roundhill set is sure to fulfill your wishes. The build materials are also picked in a careful manner, ensuring that the tables last longer.


  • Rustic design
  • Sturdy materials
  • Stable structure
  • Easy to assemble


  • The feel is like plastic despite the appearance

9. Furinno Modern Coffee Table Set

FURINNO Camus Modern Living Room Table Set, French Oak Grey
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This coffee table set can help you lead the best modern lifestyle with items that fit both your style and budget. There’s no dearth of space here either, and when you assemble the product, you’ll see how simple it is.

Not only do the materials make it durable, but there isn’t any foul smell arising either. The company believes in a simple approach to living, and this table set lives up to the same principles. They’ve made it relatively simple to maintain the product too. All it needs is a good wipe with a clean piece of cloth.

When you begin using the item, you’ll notice how best quality materials have gone into its construction. Be it the particle board or the PVC covers, the table sets won’t show wear and tear over time. On a sturdy surface, too, this table retains solid stability.


  • Stable design
  • Made with sturdy materials
  • Saves space
  • Easy to assemble and maintain


  • Can’t withstand heavy weights on table tops

10. Mooseng Faux Marble Coffee Table Set

MOOSENG Living Room Table Set,3-Piece Marble Table Set with Marble-Looking Top - Includes Coffee Table & 2 End Tables, Black Brown
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Life is made more comfortable with this table set, which embraces a modern design while retaining a classic look. Since the faux marble has a similar gloss, it elevates the overall look of the table, without the same budget tag as real marble.

At the same time, the choice of material makes it more durable and sturdy. Therefore, it provides a longer service, without problems of breaking or sustaining damage. Moreover, these tables serve a lot of functions as well, be it for workspaces, or to place interior decorations.

As the company is focused on satisfying customers, they’ve made the installation process especially easy. All that’s needed are some screws to assemble the table set. Instructions and hardware are all included, so you don’t have to face any hassles while using the product.


  • Solid design
  • Good quality materials used
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multiple areas of use


  • Packaging could be a little better to prevent damage during transit


Now that you are familiar with some of the best 3 piece coffee table sets under $200 on the market, you should pick one based on your specifications.

Some of the top designs and products come from Ashley, like the Augeron and Laney sets, so you can trust them completely. If you run into any other problems while choosing the right table, do feel free to reach out to us. Until then, goodbye!


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