10 Super Soft White Fluffy Rugs for Bedroom

A fluffy rug has the ability to transform the entire ambiance of a bedroom. But it can be challenging to choose one.

Today, there are several variations even when talking of white fluffy rugs. There is a difference in styles and piles, and you might have a difficult time finding one that fits perfectly.

To make the process easier, we have curated a list of the 10 best super soft white fluffy rugs for your bedroom.

All you got to do is grab a cup of coffee and dive in!

10 Super Soft White Fluffy Rugs for Bedroom

1. LOCHAS Ultra Soft White Fluffy Rug

LOCHAS Ultra Soft Fluffy Rugs Faux Fur Sheepskin Area Rug for Bedroom Bedside Living Room Carpet Nursery Washable Floor Mat, 5x8 Feet White
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LOCHAS is known for the luxurious and high-quality products that they sell. Their rugs are very thick with a high pile height and offer a quiet place for your feet to land. It can be placed in any of your rooms and has the ability to change the complete ambiance.

If you live in cold areas, this can be an excellent way to ensure that your feet do not touch the cold ground. It is made of faux sheepskin and comes in several colors. You can choose its color as well as the size depending on the space that needs to be filled.

Furthermore, the rug can be folded and stored easily when not in use. It is also easy to clean, and you can use a vacuum to do it.


  • 6 different sizes
  • Made of faux sheepskin
  • Rectangular in shape
  • Fluffy and thick


  • Dust and dirt sticks to the surface

2. Noahas Luxury White Fluffy Rug

Noahas Luxury Fluffy Rugs Bedroom Furry Carpet Bedside Faux Fur Sheepskin Area Rugs Children Play Princess Room Decor Rug, 5ft x 8ft White
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The next rug that we have for you is the Noahas Luxury White Fluffy Rug. While it is quite similar to the one discussed above, the company makes it out of Polyethylene terephthalate wool.

You will love the soft feel, and it is best to walk on it after removing your shoes. This will keep this product clean, and you can enjoy the softness of the low pile.

Plus, cleaning the item is not very difficult at all. You can use a machine to wash it, but make sure that you set it on delicate mode. Air drying is the best way to dry, and once dried, it will regain its fluffiness.

Moreover, it is available in multiple sizes, and you can choose the one that fits your room the best. Measure the area in your house and then look for a rug that is of a similar size.


  • Made of polyethylene terephthalate wool
  • Smooth to touch
  • Easy to clean
  • Professional design that fits all spaces


  • Can catch bugs from pets

3. Junovo Luxury White Fluffy Rug

junovo Luxury Fluffy Area Rugs Furry Rug for Bedroom Faux Fur Sheepskin Nursery Rugs Fur Carpet for Kids Room Living Room Home Decor Floor Mat, 5ft x 8ft White
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One of our top recommendations is the Junovo Luxury White Fluffy Rug, which is known for its ultra-softness and extreme comfort. Enjoy the luxurious feeling as you walk on the soft surface. What’s more! This is a no-slip low pile rug that prevents you from slipping and falling. Hence, anyone can use it around kids and pets.

Adding on, this is an excellent piece of decor that will complement different furniture of all colors. It is available in 7 light shades, too, and will brighten up any room immediately. Pair it up with light-colored curtains, and you have a beautiful home space.

The only downside here is that it creases a lot, and you will need to blow dry it to remove the creases.


  • High-quality faux material
  • No-slip rug
  • Suitable for hand wash and machine wash
  • Fits with all kind of decor


  • Creases a lot

4. JOYFEEL Extremely Soft White Fluffy Rug

JOYFEEL Soft Fluffy Shag Area Rugs for Bedroom Living Room - Large Fuzzy Fur Carpet Nursery Kids Playroom Classroom Plush Decor - Furry Rug Used for Floor/Tile Non-Slip - White 5x8 ft
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If you have kids and pets in your house, the JOYFEEL Extremely Soft White Fluffy Rug will be the perfect option. It is made of polyester and hence is stain resistant. So, you don’t need to worry about your kids dropping food or paint on the surface.

Another quality that stands out is its sound absorption quality. It is perfect as a living room rug, and your kids can play on it without making any noise.

To top it all, it has anti-slip properties and is very durable. There are dots on the bottom of the mat, which increases friction. This, in turn, leads to the item being very stable.


  • Dots on the bottom to increase friction
  • Can absorb noises
  • Resistant to stains


  • Cannot be washed in a machine

5. Andecor Super Soft White Fluffy Rug

Andecor Soft Fluffy Bedroom Rugs - 5 x 8 Feet Indoor Shaggy Plush Area Rug for Boys Girls Kids Baby College Dorm Living Room Home Decor Floor Carpet, White
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Do you want a velvet-like surface to relax on? The Andecor Super Soft White Fluffy Rug will give you just that. It is resistant to fading and does not shed at all. Our kids love the cushion-like feeling while they play on it. You can use it for your nurseries or playrooms too.

Like its peers, this also has an anti-slip bottom. There are dots below which prevent the rug from slipping even on very smooth surfaces.

After seeing the benefits, we felt that this could be a great gift and can be given at weddings and anniversaries too.

The only issue with this is that it is prone to catching dust and dog hair. This could be problematic for those with respiratory problems.


  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Anti-slip bottom with dots
  • Exquisite and delicate stitched edges
  • Easy to maintain and durable


  • Traps dirt and dog hair

6. Ophanie Ultra Soft White Fluffy Rug

Ophanie Ultra Soft Fluffy Area Rugs for Living Room, Luxury Shag Rug Faux Fur Non-Slip Floor Carpet for Bedroom, Kids Room, Baby Room, Girls Room, and Nursery - Modern Home Decor, 4x5.3 Feet White
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Up next is an excellent resting option that will provide for the softest surface to rest after a long day. The company makes the Ophanie Ultra Soft White Fluffy Rug with a high-density sponge interlayer, which does not shed at all. This can be the perfect place for you to chill and relax in your bedroom.

Furthermore, it is made from polyester and hence does not have any toxic material. It is known for its hypoallergenic property, which works for sensitive people.

If you have skin allergies or are susceptible to respiratory diseases, this is going to be a worry-free option for you. We loved the skin-friendly material, and there were nights when we chose to sleep on it rather than the bed.


  • Made of skin-friendly polyester material
  • Anti-slip
  • Kids and pet-friendly
  • Has hypoallergenic properties


  • Has a pungent smell

7. YJ.GWL Super Soft White Fluffy Rug

YJ.GWL Super Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rugs for Bedroom Floor Shaggy Plush Carpet Faux Fur Rug Bedside Rugs, 3 x 5 Feet Rectangle White&Silvery
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Do you want a thick and exquisite fur rug? This one is bound to please with its soft and skin-friendly fabric. Professionals use high-quality artificial animal wool faux fur to make it, and it looks like real wool but will not stain at all. It has all the advantages of wool while being resistant to marks and has no smell.

Adding on, it is machine washable, and you do not need to clean it by hand. It is best to use the wool-wash delicate cycle mode, which means low temperature. High temperature could spoil the fur, so remember never to wash it in hot water.

If you are going to use washing powder, do not use more than a teaspoon of it. That will suffice and your rug will come out absolutely clean.


  • Perfect for cold weather
  • Machine washable
  • Does not have a smell
  • Made of high-quality artificial animal wool faux fur


  • Cannot be washed at high temperatures

8. Softlife Fluffy Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug

Softlife Fluffy Faux Fur Sheepskin Rugs Luxurious Wool Area Rug for Kids Room Bedroom Bedside Living Room Office Home Decor Carpet (3ft x 5ft, White)
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If you are looking for a durable rug that will not fade in years, this is a great option. It is fluffy and comfortable while providing you with the benefits of easy washing. Our guests were surprised to see the white color even after we used it for a year. The white color does not fade or turn yellow with time.

Further, it is lined with suede leather, which adds to the luxurious feel of the item. It is soft and comes with an anti-skid bottom, which gives it more stability.

Overall we enjoyed using this product, and we even gifted it to our friends. Yes, it can be a great gift for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthdays, and Children’s Day.

The only downside is that it has a lot of white and black mixed fur, which some might not like.


  • Easy to clean
  • Does not fade or become yellow
  • Has a suede leather lining
  • Perfect gifting option


  • Has a mix of white and black fur

9. Carvapet Luxury Soft Faux Sheepskin Rug

Carvapet Luxury Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rugs for Bedside Floor Mat Area Rug Plush Sofa Cover Throw Rug for Bedroom, 2.3ft x 5ft,White
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Up next is a statement piece from Carvapet, which will impress all your guests with its plush surface. This is like a sheepskin rug, which can be used both on the sofa and on the ground below. It is made of artificial wool and has a soft ivory suede back. The shaggy pile will suit everybody, from kids to adults alike.

What’s more! These rugs are machine washable, but it is advisable to use a wash bag for it. The machine needs to be set on cold and delicate washing mode for the best performance.

Also, you can use this as a fireplace rug. You can keep it beside a fire, and it will provide you with a soft and warm surface to sit on. The heat is absorbed fast, and the surface becomes warm too.


  • Can be used as a fireplace rug
  • Available in various sizes
  • Soft ivory suede back
  • Can be used on sofas


  • Is not as thick as its peers

10. Gorilla Grip Premium White Fluffy Rug

GORILLA GRIP Original Premium Fluffy Area Rug, 7.5x10 Feet, Soft High Pile Shag Carpet, Washer and Dryer Safe, Modern Rugs for Floor, Luxury Carpets for Home, Nursery Bed and Living Room, Bright White
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If your drawing room is missing that elegant touch, we have the perfect product for you. The Gorilla Grip Premium White Fluffy Rug will add to the contemporary look and make sure your room has a neutral color tone. The fluffy white body is not only comfortable but adds to the sophistication.

Further, you can clean it easily with a vacuum cleaner, and retain its color for a long time. This product is known to be durable, and you do not have to worry about replacing it very soon.

The only downside is that it does not have dots on its back, and hence you can slip on it if you are not careful. Remember to keep it flat at all times to prevent falling over.


  • Known to be very durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Lacks anti-slip properties

Buying Guide

So, now you have a clear idea about the fluffy bedroom rugs available in the market. But before you make a decision, we would like to tell you about certain factors that need to be kept in mind. Read on to know all about it.

1. Material

Companies use synthetic materials to duplicate these rugs’ texture and finesse, and you can choose between the kind of material you want. Some of them are made entirely of polyester and are stain-resistant.

These work well for houses with kids or pets. Others are more shaggy but might catch dog hair and dust easily. These need an extra amount of cleaning. Some very shaggy ones are extremely soft but not very stain resistant. Hence, make a decision keeping the material in mind.

2. Pile Height

The pile height varies with different rugs, and you need to look into it before making a purchase. Some have a low height, and these are generally less shaggy and provide for a plain surface. Some prefer this, and it goes well with a sophisticated or minimalist decor.

On the other hand, high piles have more height and are known to be very shaggy. These work perfectly well with kids and look good in nurseries and kid’s bedrooms. You can also use these as chilling pads when you have friends over.

3. Size

You will be amazed to see the range of sizes that every brand offers. We would suggest that you measure the area that needs to be covered first and then proceed with finding the nearest size. There are usually 5-6 variants of every item, and finding the right size should not be difficult.

4. Shape

What is the kind of shape that you are looking for? Most of the rugs that you will find are rectangular in shape. Square and circles are also available, but people usually go for rectangular ones. This is because there is usually a rectangular space that needs to be covered. Either it is the bedside or beside a sofa, and a rectangular rug fits right in.

5. Easy to Clean

Make sure that your rug is easy to clean. Be it vacuuming or washing; the process should be easy. Otherwise, it will get problematic in the long run.

Some of the rugs are machine-washable, while others need to be cleaned by hand. It is best to purchase one which does not catch stains easily so that the process of cleaning becomes simpler.


With this, we have come to the end of our guide. Fluffy rugs look very aesthetic when placed in a bedroom, but you need to remember that they will need some amount of maintenance.

White rugs work very well for adults but may sometimes not be a viable option for kids and pets. Again, if your pet is well-trained, then it should not be a problem.

It is time to add that extra touch to your bedroom with a comfortable white rug.

Happy Shopping!

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