10 Best Rugs for Dining Room

There’s nothing simple or straightforward about getting your hands on a brand-new, beautiful dining room rug. The rug you choose to decorate your dining room with is going to dominate the space. It’s going to take up a considerable amount of real estate, set the mood and the tone of your space immediately, and has the opportunity to transform your dining room in all the right ways – or leave your dining room feeling disjointed and confusing.

No pressure, right?

Well, with the tips and tricks we include below (as well as quick reviews of the 10 best dining room rugs available on the market today) you’ll have no trouble whatsoever navigating the often times super confusing world of rugs and floor coverings.

Use the inside information in this quick guide and you’ll be adding the perfect dining room rug to your space sooner than you would have thought possible before.

Let’s dive right in!


The 10 Best Rug for Dining Room


1. nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Rug

nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug, 12' x 15', Dark Grey

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Certainly one of the most beautiful rugs for dining room available on the market today, this particular option is made 100% in Turkey out of polypropylene materials – synthetic materials that are designed to last for years and years without losing any of their luster.

A unique new pattern is created by the contemporary Moroccan design, a design that isn’t chosen just to add visual flair to your space but also to “fill in” some of the voids that would have been left in traditional Moroccan rug production.

Pet friendly thanks to the polypropylene fibers and materials, this rug is also resistant to stains, is super lightweight, and features a low pile construction. It also doesn’t hurt that it is available in eight different colors and patterns for any space you might want to add it to!


  • Propylene construction is a big benefit
  • Moroccan weave design will not shed


  • A little on the pricey side of things
  • May not fit some specific dining room aesthetics


2. Safavieh Bohemian Chic Paisley Rug

Safavieh Madison Collection MAD600C Bohemian Chic Glam Paisley Area Rug, 9' x 12', Cream/Light Grey

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Offering a more classic and traditional kind of dining room rug design, this dining room rug is also manufactured out of high quality polypropylene pile fibers that are durable and long-lasting.

The overall aesthetic here is very vintage, very Victorian almost, and a bit of a throwback compared to some of the other modern choices on the market today. The inclusion of jute fibers, polyester fibers, and cotton fibers (making up 25% of the construction combined) lends it a richness that you won’t get out of 100% polypropylene options.


  • Classic design looks fantastic in formal dining spaces
  • This manufacturer has a 100+ year reputation for producing top-quality rugs


  • The half inch pile height may be to “fuzzy” for some
  • Not as stain resistant as other options


3. Persian Area Rugs Oriental Cream Rug

Persian Area Rugs 4620 Cream 8 x 11 Area Rugs

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It’s hard to imagine any rug being able to offer the kind of opulence that a Persian rug brings to the table, and this beautiful modern reimagining of classic Persian rugs brings a lot of styles and a lot of elegance to any dining space.

Available in a variety of different sizes and more than a dozen different patterns (ranging from subdued and understated to more vibrant and energetic), the high quality 100% polypropylene fibers in this rug are designed to last the test of time.

Stain resistant, wear resistant, and certainly able to stand up to more use and abuse than traditionally woven Persian rugs, this is going to immediately add more luxury to your dining space without a skyhigh luxury price tag attached.


  • Persian luxury elegance without a skyhigh price tag
  • Available in a dozen plus styles and numerous sizes/configurations


  • Some issues with the packaging
  • Requires a little bit more upkeep and maintenance to protect


4. Unique Loom Vintage Light Blue Rug

Unique Loom Sofia Traditional Area Rug_SOF001, 8 x 11 Feet, Light Blue/Navy Blue

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Ideal for those high-traffic areas in your home (particularly the dining room), this rug is not only available in a number of different beautiful styles and colors but it also offers a lot of modern benefits that are perfectly suited to today’s dining spaces.

100% waterproof, resistant to both mold and mildew, and able to withstand all kinds of use and abuse without staining – as well as guaranteed to never shed, no matter what – this is about as close to an indestructible dining room rug as you are going to come across today.

The softness of this rug is absolutely second to none, which only makes the fact that it requires little to no maintenance to clean and keep looking fantastic even more unbelievable. Spot cleaning is all that’s necessary to bring this carpet back to better than brand-new condition – and even then you certainly don’t have to go overboard.


  • Almost indestructible, perfect for high-traffic and high accident prone areas of your home like the dining room
  • Requires almost no maintenance to look beautiful and brand-new for years and years


  • Not all shades, colors, and patterns are available in all sizes
  • Some quality control issues from the manufacturer


5. Rugshop Contemporary Modern Rug

Contemporary Modern Floral Flowers Gray Area Rug 9' X 12'

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If you’re looking to add a more contemporary rug to your space, this is EXACTLY what you are going to want to zero in on!

The general design and pattern is the same across all of these rugged options, but the color scheme and combination is mixed and matched in a number of bold and beautiful colors perfect for any decor. Made 100% in Turkey out of polypropylene materials (with jute twine backing), these rugs are designed to stand up to the abuse dining room rugs are inevitably subjected to.


  • Vacuum cleaning every now and again (twice a month) is enough to maintain this rug
  • Stain resistant and pet/kid accident resistant as well


  • Some consistency issues with colors when ordering from the same lot
  • A little bit more expensive compared to other similarly sized options


6. Diagona Designs Contemporary Stripes Rug

Diagona Modern Stripes 8X10 Area Rug, 92' W x 116' L, Ivory/Navy/Teal

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These rugs are available in a half a dozen different styles and configurations, most of them geometric and abstract in nature, and all of them very clean, very modern, and very contemporary.

Made from 100% polypropylene materials to prevent shedding and to offer protection even in high-traffic areas of your home (like the dining room), these beautiful rugs are resistant to stains and accidents as well.


  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles/colors
  • Supersoft polypropylene fibers feel great underfoot but are also quite strong


  • Not all color and style combinations are available in every size
  • Thickness of this rug may not be ideal for your dining room set up


7. Ottomanson Contemporary Bordered Rug

Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Bordered Design Modern Area Rug, 8'2'W x 9'10'L with Non-Skid Rubber Backing, 8'2' x 9'10', Chocolate Brown

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Getting a rug for a formal dining room is never easy, but if you really want to add some traditional luxury and understated elegance to a space this rug is going to be right up your alley.

Made from imported materials and 100% polypropylene fibers, this rug has been made it to a nonslip rubber backing to offer a little more protection but also a little more stability when placed underneath a dining room table.

Waterproof, stain resistant, and guaranteed not to shed there isn’t going to be a lot of maintenance necessary to keep this rug looking better than brand-new!


  • Beautiful and understated elegance adds visual flair to any space
  • Nearly indestructible construction materials guarantee this rug looks great for decades to come


  • Feels a little “cheap” compared to competing options
  • Nonslip rubber back can make it difficult to maneuver into place at first


8. Superior Rockwood Geometric Rug

Superior Modern Rockwood Collection Area Rug, 8mm Pile Height with Jute Backing, Textured Geometric Brick Design, Anti-Static, Water-Repellent Rugs - Slate, 8' x 10' Rug

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Easily one of the coolest modern designed rugs on the market today, these rugs look like a carpet style take on a traditional wooden floor – adding a bit of “hard” texture to a space mixed with soft fabrics and tactile feedback to create a unique juxtaposition you won’t get with a lot of other dining room rugs.

The 100% polypropylene fibers have been carefully crafted and woven to produce a supersoft feel underfoot, but also have the strength and durability you’re looking for in high-traffic areas like the dining room. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, you can’t go wrong with this rug!


  • Unique look can’t be found anywhere else
  • Available in eight different sizes and four different colors


  • Starts to get pricey the larger you get
  • Some have complained about too thin of carpet material for dining room use


9. Safavieh Madison Collection Round Rug

Safavieh Madison Collection MAD611B Bohemian Chic Vintage Distressed Area Rug, 9' Round, Cream/Multi

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The folks at this manufacturer have been producing quality rugs for more than 100+ years, and the rounded shape of this rug really helps to set it apart from the rest of the options on our quick list.

Style very much in a bohemian chic kind of aesthetic, you will be able to add a punch of color, visual interest, and more than a little bit of fun and energy into a dining space when you bring this carpet home.

Enhanced polypropylene fibers provide a lot of extra strength but very soft feel at the same time, a combination that’s next to impossible to get with other carpet fiber choices. It measures in at just 0.375 inches high (which is a little bit thin, for sure), but it remains lightweight and durable all the same.


  • Round cut makes it ideal for smaller dining spaces
  • This company has a legendary reputation for quality products for over a century


  • Some will be concerned about the thinness of this carpet
  • Only a handful of colors and styles to pick and choose from


10. nuLOOM Handwoven Round Jute Rug

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute Area Rug, 8' Round, Natural

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Another round rug option, this one is made from 100% jute fibers – natural fibers – that not only give it a unique aesthetic, but also provides for an entirely different texture compared to the other polypropylene options we’ve highlighted in this quick guide.

Made in India out of imported jute fibers, this rug has been designed to stand the test of time and provide a stable, clean, comfortable floor covering surface in your dining room for years to come with very little maintenance.


  • 100% organic jute fibers are environmentally friendly
  • It’s hard to get this texture and aesthetic with any other type of dining room rug


  • Jute fibers start to break down faster than polypropylene and other man-made textiles
  • This round rug may not fit larger dining spaces all that well


Buying Guide

Best dining room rugs
Image: Safavieh


Should I put a rug under a dining room table?

Adding any floor coverings to your dining room space – but especially underneath your dining room table – is always a decision you’re going to want to take your time making.

Some folks are worried about these floor coverings becoming dirty and cluttering up the space, others are worried about chairs becoming stuck or caught on a carpet, and others still are nervous that adding floor coverings underneath a dining room table will take away from the rest of the design and aesthetics of that space.

At the end of the day, however, choosing the right dining room rug neutralizes all of those objections completely while at the same time works to add quite a bit of visual flair, interest, and texture into spaces that might have otherwise felt barren and empty.

It’s also tough to beat eating dinner barefoot in your own home while running your toes through a soft, luxurious, and comfortable rug!


How to choose a rug for under the dining room table

Finding the ideal rug for underneath your dining room table is going to involve quite a bit of research and due diligence, even though you are already armed with our top 10 recommendations above.

There are a number of key considerations you’re going to want to go over before you pull the trigger on this kind of purchase, including (but not limited to):

  • Rug Material

The material that your new dining room rug is made out of needs to be soft and comfortable but also has to be able to stand up to incredibly high amounts of traffic. It should also be waterproof or at least water resistant, stain proof, and effortless to clean.

  • Rug Size

Finding the perfect rug size is going to be entirely determined by the amount of real estate you have available in your dining room, the size and shape of your dining room set, and whether or not you want this to be a “wall-to-wall” focal point in your dining room or more of an accent piece.

  • Rug Shape

Rug shape should be dictated by the shape of your dining room table, though that doesn’t necessarily always have to be the case. Some have been able to mix and match square/rectangular dining room tables with round rugs quite effectively, though the opposite can be a lot more challenging to pull off.

  • Rug Pattern

The pattern that you choose for your dining room rug is really going to come down to your personal sense of style, the design aesthetic you’re shooting for, and a whole host of other personal factors. It’s also not a bad idea to go for something a little bit “busier” and a little bit darker – but not too dark – that can hide stains, wear and tear, and stand up to heavy traffic.

  • Rug Color

Again, this is all going to tie back to your personal style and the design aesthetic that you want your dining room to enjoy. But you will want to pay attention to colors that are somewhat neutral (with pops of vibrancy) and are able to hide stains, spills, and other accidents.


Dining Room Rug Ideas

dining room with black and white rug



dining room with modern rug

dining room with navy blue rug

dining room with oriental rug

dining room with persian rug

dining room with red rug

dining room with round rug

dining room with southwest rug



All things considered, as long as you pay close attention to the tips and tricks we have highlighted above – and consider the 10 best dining room rugs we highlighted in the early part of this buying guide – you really shouldn’t have any trouble at all getting your hands on a beautiful new rug that pulls your dining room together perfectly.

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