10 Best Two Person Home Office Desks

Working from home has slowly crept into our lives and become the norm. To make the most of it, we need to adapt to its needs and requirements.

One of the most basic and essential tools you need for work is a suitable office desk. However, with numerous options in the market, finding the right one can become an overwhelming task. Fortunately, we have searched for and reviewed some of the best two person home office desks for you.

Depending on the budget and various other factors, you can choose the ideal desk to increase your productivity. These office desks are ideal for two people, but you can use one on your own too.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

10 Best Two Person Home Office Desks

1. Sedeta 94″ Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves

Sedeta 94.5 inches Two Person Desk, Double Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Extra Long Workstation Desk with Monitor Stand, Power Strip with USB, Study Writing Desk for Home Office, Rustic Brown
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We begin by introducing you to the Sedeta Two Person Desk – a versatile workstation containing everything you might need for optimal productivity. Made of engineered wood, this workstation is ideal for two people to comfortably work on. Furthermore, its beautiful rustic brown shade looks eye-catching and aesthetic in any room.

Moving on, the monitor stand riser is one of the best features that reduces neck strain and headaches, thereby increasing productivity. Moreover, an included power strip containing two USB charging ports and two AC outlets allow you to charge all your devices in one place – eliminating clutter and chaos.

The desk measures 94.5 inches long and 39 inches wide, and can hold up to 325 pounds with ease. Made of P2 degree environmental solid particle wood, it is scratch-resistant and friction-proof, making it very easy to clean and maintain.


  • Adjustable leg pads
  • Large under desk storage capacity
  • Can power four devices at once
  • Black metal frames


  • Unclear assembly instructions provided by the manufacturer

2. Tribesigns 94″ Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves

Tribesigns 94.5 inch Computer Desk, Extra Long Two Person Desk with Storage Shelves, Double Workstation Office Desk Study Writing Desk for Home Office (Rustic Brown)
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Are you looking for a similar office desk like our previous recommendation, but something that isn’t as wide? Maybe you need to find a space-saving option for a smaller room. In that case, consider the Tribesigns Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves.

Although it is 94.5 inches long, it is only 20 inches wide, saving about 10 inches of space compared to the previous option. That being said, it is spacious enough for two people to work comfortably without added clutter.

You can take advantage of the three storage shelves to store books, documents and files, chargers, and other essentials. Moreover, it features an excellent CPU stand, so you don’t have to place it on the floor. The stand also allows excess heat from the CPU to dissipate organically.


  • CPU stand
  • Three-tier storage shelves
  • 800-pound weight-bearing capacity
  • Anti-slip foot pads


  • You need to use your own power tools for assembly

3. Tribesigns 94″ Two Person Desk With Hutch And Shelves

Tribesigns 94.5 inches Computer Desk with Hutch, Extra Long Two Person Desk with Storage Shelves, Double Workstation Office Desk Table Study Writing Desk for Home Office (Dark Walnut)
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Next, we bring you the Tribesigns Two Person Desk With Hutch And Shelves. As the name suggests, this 94.5-inch desk comes with an additional hutch that is easy to assemble and can be used as a storage space above the desk.

Measuring 23.6 inches in width, this office desk is ideal for two users, providing ample storage space for two monitors and laptops, books, documents, and other work essentials. Moreover, the two-tier open shelves allow you to store two CPU’s on either side with ease.

Also, you get 30 inches of space under the desk, which you can use as legroom or for storing additional items. The desk is made of engineered wood, featuring a beautiful, warm, dark walnut color.


  • Additional hutch for extra storage
  • Ample space underneath the desk
  • Easy to assemble
  • Anti-slip foot pads


  • Comes in two separate boxes which may arrive on different dates

4. Vipek 94″ Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves

VIPEK Computer Desk with Storage Shelves, Large Desk with Hutch & Open Display Shelf, 94.5 Inch Extra Long Desk Writing Study Table Double Workstation Home Office Desk for Two Person, Suntalam Walnut
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Our next recommendation is the Vipek Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves. Compared to our previous recommendations, this desk has an entirely different appeal – with its sturdy metal legs featuring an ‘X’ design. Not only does this design make the product intriguing, it also provides more stability.

Those looking for a sturdy, long-lasting office desk designed to bear heavy weight will find this to be an ideal option. Each desk can bear 330 pounds, while each shelf can bear another 33 pounds.
Lastly, since this table is designed entirely from MDF with melamine lamination, it is scratch-resistant and waterproof.


  • Open shelf design for added storage
  • Two CPU stands
  • Adjustable foot pads
  • Scratch-resistant, waterproof surface


  • It does not feature a cup holder or charging strips

5. Tangkula 87″ Two Person Desk With Storage Drawers

Tangkula 87 inch 2-Person Desk Double Computer Desk, Multifunction L-Shaped Desk w/ 3 Storage Drawers & 2-Tier Shelves, Writing Desk Computer Workstation with Spacious Desktop, Home Office Desk
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Moving on, we have the Tangkula Two Person Desk With Storage Drawers. This office desk is ideal for those looking for something smaller than our previous recommendations. Measuring 87 inches long and 21.5 inches wide, it makes a perfect workspace for two people without cluttering.

However, one of the best aspects of it is its versatility. The desk can be easily adjusted to create an L-shaped design. This is advantageous for those who wish to use it as a single person office desk or a gaming desk.

As for the capacity, it can withstand up to 250 pounds easily. Moreover, it features three storage drawers and shelves to store files, documents, books, chargers, and other essential items conveniently.


  • Durable construction
  • Non-slip foot pads
  • Easy assembly with clear instructions
  • It can be switched between a long design and an L-shaped design


  • No CPU holder or foot stand

6. Tangkula 79″ Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves

Tangkula 2-Person Double Computer Desk, 79 Inch Home Office Desk with Storage & Cabinet, Writing Desk with Spacious Desktop, X-Shaped Frame & Adjustable Foot Pads, Writing Table for Home Office
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We are halfway through our list of recommendations, and the next product we want to introduce you to is the Tangkula 79″ Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves. If you liked our previous recommendation but are looking for something slightly smaller for your office needs, this is the best option.

This two-person home office desk is 79 inches long and 23.5 inches wide. Made of engineered wood, it features sturdy, steel X-shaped frames that provide added stability and durability. Moreover, it comes with a nether cabinet with two spaces in different sizes for storage of various items.

Finally, the cable hole behind the desk enables you to connect your work monitor and host conveniently.


  • Sturdy steel frames
  • Safe and durable P2 engineered wood construction
  • Cable holes for convenience
  • Two storage spaces


  • No CPU stand and monitor riser

7. DlandHome 78″ Two Person Desk With Storage

DlandHome Double Computer Desk 78 inches Extra Large Home Office Desk Multifunction Gaming Table Workstation for Home Office, Walnut Black DWK-HZ011
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For our next recommendation, we want to talk about the DlandHome 78″ Two Person Desk With Storage. This model is ideal for those looking for a long yet compact workstation for comfortable and efficient work from home.

Made of wood and metal, the unit comes in a classy walnut black color that blends in and complements most rooms. Its high glossy finish and powder-coated frames are easy to clean and maintain, even after regular wear and tear.

Coming to the next aspect, the double X-bracing design provides additional stability, allowing the desk to withstand 300 pounds with ease. As for its storage space, the middle storage cube allows you to store files and folders, chargers, and other office supplies effortlessly.


  • High gloss black walnut design
  • Heavy-duty, powder-coated metal frames
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Excellent customer service


  • No CPU stand or monitor riser

8. Sedeta 78″ Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves

Sedeta Two Person Desk, Double Workstation Desk, 78 inches Computer Desk with Storage, Extra Large Home Office Desk, Multifunction Writing Desk with Shelf, Black
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We are almost at the end of our list, but first, let us introduce you to the Sedeta 78-inch Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves. Its ideal length allows two people to work comfortably while having adequate room for two monitors, tablets, and phone storage space. Also, the cable management grommets help reduce desk clutter.

Moving on to its design, this model features 1.6-inch thick metal frames with adjustable leg pads. This allows you to conveniently adjust the height of the desk as per your requirements. Moreover, it enables adjustment on uneven or wobbly surfaces, giving you a stable workstation.

If you plan on using the desk for heavy equipment like multiple monitors and laptops or a gaming PC, don’t worry. This desk can easily withstand up to 325 pounds, which is excellent considering its compact size. Furthermore, it comes with clear assembly instructions and tools.


  • Easy assembly with clear instructions and tools
  • CPU holder in the middle
  • Sturdy black metal frames
  • Two-layer storage shelf


  • It features plastic inserts rather than metal ones for screws

9. Dewel 78″ Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves

DEWEL Two Person Desk 78” Double Computer Desk with Drawer Extra Long Office Work Table with Storage Shelves Wood Executive Craft Desk
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Moving on to the next item on our list, we have the Dewel 78-inch Two Person Desk With Storage Space. Featuring a beautiful, subtle, wood grain shade, this desk looks extremely elegant and aesthetic in most home offices. Also, its excellent features make it an ideal work setup for most home office workers.

Although it features a drawer and cabinet down the middle like most desks, it comes with an added storage functionality. There are two additional hanging storage shelves on either side of the desk between the table legs.

This additional space is excellent for storing documents, files, chargers, and even a CPU. Moreover, there is adequate legroom underneath the desk to relax and spread out while working or gaming.


  • Additional hanging storage shelves on either side
  • Clean lines and sturdy finish
  • Numbered accessories and instructional video included
  • One-year after-sales servicing


  • No cable holes

10. Soges 78″ Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves

Soges 2-Person Home Office Desk,78 inches Large Size Workstation, Writing Desk with Self, HZ011-200-OKX
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Our final recommendation is the Soges Two Person Desk With Storage Shelves. It features a beautiful oak color, which looks stunning in any room. Moreover, it is made entirely of wood and metal, giving it an added appeal and durability.

Cleaning and maintaining this desk is relatively straightforward, as most dirt, marks, and stains can be removed with some warm water, a cloth, and mild soap. The two-layer storage shelf down the middle provides adequate room for storing all your office supplies.

Furthermore, the 30.1 inches of space below the desk gives you adequate legroom. You may also use this additional space to store your CPU or other items.


  • Beautiful oak color
  • Additional protection board
  • Solid metal frames
  • Hardware, tools, and instructions provided


  • No CPU holder or cable grommets


And we’ve finally come to the end of our guide! We hope this helps you decide on the best home office desk for your needs.

Make sure you check out the manufacturer’s instructions properly before assembling the desks. You may need additional power tools for some. However, most manufacturers will provide all the hardware and tools you need.

On that note, we would like to sign off. But we’ll be back soon with more helpful reviews and guides.

Till next time, happy working!


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