10 Best L-Shaped Desks Under $200

Working for hours on an uncomfortable desk can take a toll on your health and productivity.

If you spend most of your time at a desk, you know how important it is to have one which is versatile and ergonomic. Moreover, you can use your desk as a gaming station or for any other needs.

Other than being comfortable, a suitable corner desk should be sturdy and easy to maintain.

With a range of options, it is overwhelming to choose the right one for all your needs. To make this easier on you, we’ve carefully analyzed and picked the 10 best l shaped desks under $200 available out there.

So, let’s cut to the chase and give you the deets.

10 Best L-Shaped Desks Under $200

1. Teraves Modern L-Shaped Computer Desk

Teraves Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk Home Office Study Workstation Wood & Steel PC Laptop Gaming Table
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L-shaped desks are great for when you need a substantial working space without taking up too much room. The Teraves Modern L-shaped desk is not only ergonomic but also super aesthetic. This desk allows you to organize all your tools at arm’s length, without looking bulky or out of place.

What we liked the most about this desk is its modern look. The desk fits perfectly into your home or office space – thanks to the L-shaped corner design. Made with P2 class particle board, adjustable leg pads, and a CPU stand, it is an excellent addition to your workspace.

Furthermore, the M-style buckles make it easy for you to assemble it yourself. The convenient instructions and tools ensure that you can set up the desk with minimal effort.

Lastly, this desk offers enough space, as it measures 57.87 long and 44.09 inches wide. So, you can essentially keep your computer, laptop, gaming device, and other essential tools for work.


  • Adjustable leg pads for repositioning height
  • Steel metal base withstands adequate weight
  • Easy assembly with instruction manual and tools
  • Corner wedge for multitasking needs


  • The countertop material is prone to scratches

2. Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk

Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk PC Laptop Study Table Workstation Home Office Wood & Metal, Black
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If you need a larger workstation to accommodate all your tools and gadgets, then our first recommendation isn’t the best option for you. The Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk measures 66.14 inches long, 49.21 inches wide, and 29 inches high.

We especially liked the smart design of this desk. The beveled edges fit in perfectly into any space in the room. Moreover, the corners are smooth, with a slight curve to ensure that you don’t accidentally hurt yourself from sharp corners.

This unit comes along with a free CPU stand. With an E1 class environment protection particleboard, it is environment-friendly. The thick steel frame and leg of the desk enhance durability and sturdiness, allowing you to apply 450 lb of weight or pressure on the desk.

Lastly, we liked how easy it was to assemble this desk. The manufacturer provides all the tools and instructions you require – so you can quickly assemble it yourself!


  • Long and wide design offers more space
  • Round corners for safety
  • Safe, environment-friendly material
  • Footrest design


  • Slight imperfections in a couple of places

3. Soges Large L-Shaped Computer Desk

Soges 59 x 59 inches Large L-Shaped Desk Computer Desk L Desk Office Desk Workstation Desk, Black CS-ZJ02-BK
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Sometimes, space for one desktop is still not enough! If you have more than one desktop and work tools that you need space for, then the Soges L-Shaped Desk is an excellent product for you.

This L-shaped desk measures 59 inches long on either side, 21.7 inches wide, and 30 inches high. With adequate space to keep two desktops, gaming supplies, and any other tools, this desk is quite versatile and spacious.

We especially liked the extra PC holder. This feature ensures that your computers don’t host moisture, thus preventing them from damage. Adjustable leg pads enable you to reposition the desk on uneven ground, providing you with greater stability. Additionally, the sturdy X crossbars add durability to the unit.

This Soges product consists of 3 boards – all of which you can efficiently assemble on your own. The instructions clearly state that you should assemble and adjust the product first, then tighten the screws for the best results.


  • Double wide tabletop for two monitors
  • CPU holder to prevent the computer from hosting moisture
  • E1 grade solid particle wood provides sturdiness
  • Scratch and stain-resistant


  • Does not come with a keyboard tray

4. Hago Modern L-Shaped Corner Desk

Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk Home Office Study Workstation Wood & Steel PC Laptop Gaming Table
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It should come as no surprise that Hago Modern l-Shaped desk is one of our top recommendations. With a beautiful and ergonomic design, sturdy structure, and easy to maintain body, this Hago unit provides optimal value for money.

What impressed us the most was the powder coating finish on this desk. Not only did it add a remarkably smooth finish, but also acted as a protective barrier. This barrier ensures that your desk is not susceptible to scratches, stains, and marks. Moreover, the powder coating finish also makes it easier for you to wipe down the desk with a damp cloth for regular maintenance.

This product also comes with leg rests – for optimal comfort during long working hours. Furthermore, the desk’s dimensions are 66.14 inches in length, 47.24 inches in width, and 29.52 inches in height. This ensures that you have adequate space for all your essential work supplies.

Finally, the M-Style buckle design of this desk allows you to assemble it with ease.


  • CPU stand with slide
  • Powder coating finish to prevent corrosion
  • Round corner design for additional safety
  • Steel metal base to withstand weight


  • The countertop surface may scratch easily if you drag rough objects on it

5. Mr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 59' Computer Corner Desk, Home Gaming Desk, Office Writing Workstation, Space-Saving, Easy to Assemble
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If you like to stretch out your legs while working or gaming, this product is a good fit for you! Most L-shaped desks come with a footrest across the middle. This addition can be bothersome for those who have longer legs – or just wish to stretch out during long hours.

Mr. IRONSTONE L-shaped desks have an ergonomic design that provides optimal comfort. Additionally, there are no obstacles like bars or frames, allowing you to stretch and relax.

Coming to the measurements of the desk; both ends measure 40 inches, while the middle curve measures 24.2 inches. This design allows you to switch the desk sides according to your room’s dimensions.

The triangular frames act as a sturdy base for the desk, making it durable and sturdy. P2 Medium Density Fibreboard with a texture surface ensures that your desk is not prone to scratching and staining. Moreover, this material is easy to clean and maintain. The waterproof desktop surface is ideal for wiping down with a wet cloth without any damage.


  • Humanized footrest with adequate space for movement
  • P2 MDF for strength and durability
  • Waterproof, high-quality texture surface
  • Large desktop space for three computers


  • Overtightening the screws may cause a dent in the side pieces

6. TOPSKY L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk

TOPSKY L-Shaped Desk Corner Computer Desk 55' x 55' with 24' Deep Workstation Bevel Edge Design (Oak Brown+ Black Leg)
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Looking for an L-shaped desk with a symmetric design? The Topsky L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk measures 55.1 inches on both sides, giving you optimal space for all your necessities.

In terms of material, this product has a CARB P2 Class Medium Density Fibreboard and epoxy coating. This not only contributes to the desk’s inherent sturdiness but also to its glaze finish. In addition to that, the thick steel frames ensure that your desk can carry adequate weight for all your office and gaming supplies.

Cleaning and maintaining this desk is straightforward – simply wipe it down with a damp cloth regularly, and that’s it!

We also liked the fact that it was very convenient to assemble. In fact, by following the instructions carefully and using the right tools, it would take you less than an hour to fully assemble it. The manufacturer’s instructions are quite clear and concise. However, you need to be mindful not to tighten the screws before properly aligning the desk.


  • Thick steel frames provide sturdiness
  • Symmetrical design
  • Convenient footrest
  • The epoxy coating offers a smooth finish


  • There is no CPU holder or keyboard tray

7. Lauraland L-Shaped Computer Desk

Lauraland L Shaped Desk 55 Inch, L-Shaped Computer Desk, Laptop Study Corner Table, Gaming Table, Workstation for Home Office - Oak
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When it comes to maximizing space and comfort, the Lauraland L-shaped Computer Desk is a great pick. Its design has a 90-degree angle, which effortlessly blends into any corner of your room. Moreover, the round corner design gives the unit a clean look, rather than looking sharp and sudden.

In terms of space, it is excellent for placing two monitors and any other work or gaming supplies you need. The convenient footrest allows you to stretch out your legs and relax during work.

You can also adjust the leg pads on the desk to add stability on uneven surfaces. The anti-slip function on the legs ensures that you get optimal strength and sturdiness for all your work needs.

Last but not least, you will appreciate the angular design of the thick steel frames which support the countertop. This not only gives you more room under the desk but also creates a more robust structure that supports up to 300 lbs of weight.


  • P2 class MDF environmental protection board adds durability
  • Waterproof, scratch-resistant surface
  • Angular frame design for additional support
  • An ergonomic 90-degree angle


  • Due to the steel frames under the countertop, you cannot install a keyboard tray

8. GreenForest L-Shape Computer Desk

GreenForest Home Office Computer Desk L Shaped Corner Gaming Desk Laptop Workstation 3-Piece Writing Table, Rustic Brown
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We are almost at the end of our list, but we still have a couple of great desks for you. The GreenForest L-Shape Computer Desk is not only a classy addition to your workspace but also very versatile. This desk doubles as a workstation as well as a gaming station.

However, what we liked the most about it is how easily you can switch the design. The unit consists of 3 boards, but you can simply use two boards to create a U-shaped desk design. Assembling and rearranging the panels are very easy, thanks to an informative manual.

GreenForest understands that a desk needs to be both functional as well as aesthetic. Keeping this in mind, this desk has an edgy and classy look. The black color of the unit enhances its classic appeal. To top it off, it also ensures that marks and stains don’t show up as quickly.

Last but not least, GreenForest understands the importance of a solid base structure for your desk. The Z-shaped sturdy legs support the weight of 2 monitors, along with other office supplies.


  • A simple switch to U-shaped design
  • Black color enhances the edgy, classy appeal
  • Eco-friendly P2 particleboard
  • Moisture-proof and scratch-resistant countertop


  • Does not come with footrests

9. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top, Espresso
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The next product on this list is the SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk. In all honesty, we love the open shelf design, which allows you to store books, laptops, chargers, and other items conveniently. Moreover, the desk also has two grommets, which enable you to organize your cords efficiently. In terms of design efficiency, we love how much thought the manufacturers have put into this desk.

Talking about size, this desk is 51 inches in length. This is a perfect fit for most people – as it is neither too big nor too small. Another advantage of this desk is that one side is deeper than the other. This allows you to store your monitor and keyboard on one end while using the other for writing or gaming.

Finally, we like how easy it was to assemble this desk. With accurate and easy-to-follow instructions, you can assemble this desk within 20 minutes without much hassle!


  • Good size
  • Wood grain laminate wood adds durability
  • Grommets to help you organize your cords
  • Open shelves for storing items


  • No sliding CPU holder or footrest

10. Ivinta L-Shaped Corner Desk

Ivinta L-Shaped Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk with Monitor Stand Riser,Home Office Writing Workstation, Black, 63 x 44 inch (Black)
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We have reached the end of our list with another excellent product for you to consider. The Ivinta L-Shaped Corner Desk comes with an additional feature that we found impressive. A monitor stand riser allows you to keep one or more monitors at your eye-level for better viewing. Conversely, you can also dismount this stand and use it as a bookshelf or storage hutch.

With a maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs, you can conveniently organize more than two monitors, some books, and a gaming device on your desk. Moreover, the rust-proof steel frame comes with sturdy parts and connectors.

The material of the desk isP2 grade solid particle wood. This is non-toxic, stain and corrosion-resistant, and has a smooth finish. It is also easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t need expensive cleaners for upkeep.
Finally, there are no obstacles under the desk, allowing you to rest your legs or use the space for storage.


  • Heavy-duty steel frames for additional support
  • Adequate space underneath for storage
  • Scratch-proof and stain-resistant powder coating
  • Adjustable monitor stand for better viewing


  • No keyboard tray or CPU holder


We have finally reached the end of our comprehensive list. We understand that it was quite a lot of information to take in. However, it will only help you make a better decision.

Before signing off, we have one last piece of advice for you. Ensure that you check the manufacturer’s instructions properly before assembling or tightening the screws on your L-shaped desks. You can always check online for better instructions, in case you are unsure.

That said, we hope you have enough information to choose the best L-shaped desk for yourself.

So, best of luck, and see you next time!

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