50 Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Whenever you think of personal hygiene, typically the first thing that comes to mind is the bathroom and nothing else. Since you know that your bathroom is your only room for personal hygiene activities, you should also know by now that it requires one of the most beautiful designs you can afford.

Bathrooms contain a toilet, shower or a bathtub, mirror, and sinks. And some will only include the toilet and sink at a minimum.

With all that said, take a look at your bathroom; how does it look? Nobody is interested in old fashioned bathrooms as there are lots of modern designs for bathrooms these days.

You can enhance the look of your bathroom with one of these art design trends. Below are 50 modern small bathroom design ideas to give you a glance at what they look like. Your bathroom will look more beautiful with one of these designs


Art Deco Bathroom with Unique Ceiling

Image via: hgtv.com

This bathroom with white and black tiles, with a unique ceiling design giving it a contemporary look. The high profile bathtub is built in the corner next to a separate shower with a glass door. The bathroom has unique black countertops that compliment its design.


Bathroom with Bold Graphic Shower Curtain

Image via: barroncustomdesign.com

If you are the type that likes it simple, you might prefer going for this kind of bathroom design. The bathroom is simply designed, having the sink with a mirror close to the toilet, and the tub fitted by the side with a bold graphic shower curtain.


Bathroom with Chandelier and Floral Wallpaper

Image via: laurenmcreative.com

The floral design on the bathroom walls give it a unique and beautiful flare. It has a wide space, mirrors fitted on the wall above the sink, with green topiaries by the window to add an extra elegant view. The beautiful rug also has a unique floral design.


Bathroom with Clean, Modern Lines

Image via: dkorinteriors.com

If you are looking for a modern style bathroom design, this might be an excellent choice. This bathroom has clean, modern lines with a shower nestled in the corner. The clean black dotted walls compliment the beauty of the bathroom.


Bathroom with Corner Vanity

Image via: hgtv.com

The brown tiles and black vanity with a white basin on top boast a streamlined design for a contemporary look. This is a simple modern art design and has not much space in it. The combination of black and brown tiles gives it a sleek design, with a mirror mounted on top.


Bathroom with Floating Vanity

Image via: hgtv.com

White walls, gray tiles, a floating vanity and a mirror fixed on top compliments the look of this simple modern bathroom design. You can also find the sink with simple faucets and a shower to the side.


Bathroom with Geometric Tile

Image via: homesbydesign.biz

This would make an excellent choice for those that like bathrooms with a simple wide shower. It has a mirror with a wooden frame and geometric tiles that add to the beautiful view.


Bathroom with Glass Enclosed Shower

Image via: hbdallas.com

As light comes through the window, it makes the shower looks large. The bathtub is separated from the toilet and the sink with high standard glass doors. It also has the perfect color; brown mixed with white.


Bathroom with Glass Walk In Shower

Image via: dkorinteriors.com

A high-class bathroom design with white walls and a sky blue wall by the side. The bathroom has a large mirror and sink, with the toilet fitted by the side.  The large glass walk-in shower makes this one of the best designs.


Bathroom with Gray Stone Tile

Image via: paulchaarchitect.com

Double sink with faucets and large mirror. The walls are made of gray stone tiles to compliment the flare of this fantastic design. Another feature is the beautiful ceiling, fitted with large round bulbs.


Bathroom with Gray Tile and Glass Shower

Image via: studio10interiordesign.com

This is one of the best works of art designs for bathrooms. The door is made of well-trimmed wood with a sleek design. You can’t take your eyes off this beautiful layout. The shower also has a walk-in glass door, with the inside made of clean brown tiles.


Bathroom with Hardwood Floor

Image via: hgtv.com

This bathroom is quite different from others. The hardwood floor gives this bathroom a unique design, with both a bathtub and a walk-in glass shower. White walls and windows letting in light give the bathroom a bright look.


Bathroom with Lavender Print Shower Curtain

Image via: emeraldhillinteriors.com

This could certainly give your bathroom that beautiful look it deserves. At the end is the shower with a lavender print shower curtain and walls made of white tiles to give it a sleek design.


Bathroom with Light Blue Tile

Image via: boardandvellum.com

Light blue tiles on the wall with white accents and an art picture hung on the wall provides the perfect design. Here you can see the sink clearly with the toilet by the side, while the shower is hidden.


Bathroom with Limestone Floors

Image via: usiremodeling.com

Small bathroom with floors made of limestone. This bathroom has a perfect look, and you don’t need to think twice before choosing this. You can see the double sink by the side, with a walk-in glass shower at the end.


Bathroom with Pendant Lights

Image via: loricarroll.com

This bathroom has the perfect combination of two glossy colors, red and black. The sink is made of black, with chrome faucets while the walls accent in cherry red. The beautiful pendant lights also give this bathroom a unique look.


Bathroom with Red Accents

Image via: dkorinteriors.com

Another perfect mixture of colors. A simple red and white design, with a towel basket by the side, and foot mat in front of the sink with mirror fitted on top. The mirror has a unique red frame, white walls with red accents.


Bathroom with Small Tile Shower

Image via: flatleydesign.com

A modern bathroom with a small tile shower. The side can also see the toilet with a white sink. The mirror is fitted with light by its side to make the bathroom look bright and to compliment the design.


Bathroom with Space Saving Shower

Image via: dkorinteriors.com

This bathroom has the perfect space, a floating vanity with white sink, and a walk-in shower with sliding glass doors. The gray tiles flare up the elegant view of the bathroom.


Coastal Small Bathroom

Image via: cmsa1.com

A coastal bathroom with a spacious shower and white walls. The blue countertops in this bathroom compliment its detailed geode design above the bathtub, with lights to give it a perfect bright look.


Contemporary Bathroom

Image via: dkorinteriors.com

This modern small bathroom has a simple design, with a white ceiling, white countertops, and dark brown walls to give it the perfect design of your choice.


Contemporary Bathroom with Corner Tub

Image via: gogodesigngroup.com

If you prefer bathtubs, then here is a fantastic choice. This bathroom has a deep bath with cream colors. By the side is a vanity with white countertops and sink.


Contemporary Bathroom with Dark Tile

Image via: iversonsignaturehomes.com

Dark, elegant tiles compliment the modern look of this design with white countertops, sink and toilet by the side. The shower is at the end and is accented with dark marble tiles.


Contemporary Bathroom with Wood-Look Tile Wall

Image via: kellysuttoninc.com

This is a beautiful art design. This bathroom has a wood-look tile wall, with white countertops, sink with faucets and toilet by the side. The mirror has an elegant look with its stainless frame and lights by the side walls.


Hidden Small Bathroom Off the Kitchen

Image via: austinarchitect.com

A small bathroom with great color and design. The bathroom is hidden off the kitchen, with a white sink, an oval shaped mirror with toilet. The floors are also white to fit with the walls and make wonderful use of a small space.


Industrial Modern Bathroom

Image via: Sarah Richardson

An industrial modern bathroom with white walls and pictures of art to accent the design. The bathroom has both a shower and a bathtub, with countertops and a sink. The ceiling is just a simple white.


Midcentury Modern Bathroom with Green Tub

Image via: redeggdesigngroup.com

A mixture of green and white is a perfect color combination to compliment the look of this bathroom. The bathroom has a green tub and matching sink. The countertops are simply white, with a seat in front of the mirror.


Modern Bathroom with Black Shower

Image via: iversonsignaturehomes.com

This modern bathroom is entirely different from every other modern bathroom you see. Instead of white tiles, the shower has black tiles and white outside walls to compliment the design.


Modern Bathroom with Brown Mosaic Tile Floors

Image via: weedmandesignpartners.com

This bathroom has the perfect design with brown mosaic tile floors and a white ceiling. It also has a floating vanity with white countertops and a sink by the side.


Bathroom With Glass-Enclosed Shower

Image via: hgtv.com

White walls and brown tiles are complimented by a brown vanity with white countertops and sink. It has both a bathtub and a glass-enclosed shower. An art picture is hung on the end wall to give the bathroom an elegant view.


Modern Bathroom With Glass Shower

Image via: iversonsignaturehomes.com

This is a full modern bathroom design with a little work of art. The toilet is fitted with the side of the sink with a glass enclosed shower. The design is complimented with a mixture of brown and gray colors.


Modern Bathroom with Gray Tiles

Image via: iversonsignaturehomes.com

Both tub and shower – the choice is yours to make. This bathroom has an elegant view with gray tiles to add more beauty to the flare of the bathroom. The shower is also well designed with its gray tiles.


Modern Bathroom With Luxurious Marble

Image via: seekinteriordesign.com

A new modern style bathroom with luxurious marble on both the floor and countertops. It has sinks at both sides, with a mirror at the end side. A picture is hung by the door to compliment the beautiful look of the bathroom.


Modern Bathroom with Marble Tile Shower

Image via: jacksondesignandremodeling.com

A bright looking bathroom with a simple design. This modern bathroom has a floating vanity with double sink and mirrors. The walls of the shower are beautified with marble tiles, to flare up the elegant view of this design.


Modern Bathroom with Mosaic Tile

Image via: vanessadeleon.com

A brown mosaic tile wall gives this bathroom a perfect look and design it deserves. The floor is made of brown tiles and floating shelves accent the wall. This picture features only the sink with the mirror on top. A new modern style bathroom.


Modern Bathroom with Soaking Tub

Image via: avidassoc.com

A modern bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower and a soaking tub. The floor is made of wood-look tiles, with white walls and wide windows to brighten up the room.


Modern Bathroom with Striped Wall

Image via: billbocken.com

A striped wall compliments the look of this modern bathroom design. It has both the tub and shower nestled on the same side, with sink and toilet on the opposite side.


Modern Bathroom with Textured Walls

Image via: strangarchitecture.com

Beautifully textured walls give this bathroom a unique modern style design. The bathroom also has a double sink with mirrors and a walk-in glass shower with textured walls to compliment the look of the bathroom.


Modern Bathroom with White Vanity

Image via: axismundi.com

A modern style bathroom with a white vanity, a glass-enclosed shower, and a sink. The elegant view of this bathroom is accented by walls and floors that are made of brown tiles.


Modern Minimalist Black and White Bathroom

Image via: hgtv.com

A modern style bathroom with minimalist design. The bathroom walls are made of luxurious style marble, with a shower and a tub that are nestled by the side. The elegant marble of this bathroom truly is the feature in this design.


Modern White Bathroom with Single Vanity

Image via: herzogarch.com

Simplicity defines the look of this modern style bathroom. The bathroom has just a single vanity, a sink and a mirror on top. You can clearly see the bathtub with shower.


Small Bathroom with Glass Shower

Image via: benjamincruzdesigns.com

A small bathroom with a simple modern design. A glass shower can be seen on the left side, with a white sink and toilet on the right side of the bathroom.


Small Bathroom with Industrial Sink

Image via: encircledesignbuild.com

This bathroom features a unique design with its industrial sink, white walls, and a mirror with wooden frame. The toilet is built into the side of the sink, and the floors are made of dark brown tiles.


Small Bathroom with Subway and Mosaic Tile

Image via: nicheinteriors.com

This bathroom has a stylish design that will blend seamlessly with the architectural style of the home. It features a functional space with subway and mosaic tiles.


Small Bathroom with White Vanity

Image via: hgtv.com

This bathroom has a simple little white vanity that adds elegance without overwhelming the design, with a perfect floor tile to compliment the overall look.


Traditional Bathroom with Decorative Tile

Image via: seekinteriordesign.com

A traditional bathroom that features a decorative tile to add more beauty to its design. The bathroom has a shower with tiles to enhance its sleek design.


Traditional Bathroom with Double Console Sink

Image via: drurydesigns.com

This bathroom has a feminine design, with a dual console sink. The walls have a floral design to add to the beautiful view of the bathroom, with tiles in the perfect complimentary color.


Transitional Bathroom Black and White

Image via: abdesignelements.com

A real work of art. White walls with black accents compliment the look of this design. The bathroom has a standard sink with mirror and a standard toilet to the side.


Transitional Bathroom with Mirror

Image via: tobifairley.com

A standard green vanity with sink adds to the elegance of the bathroom. It features a perfect mixture of colors. On top of the sink is a mirror with lights by its side and a toilet to the side of the vanity.


White Modern Bathroom with Marble Tile

Image via: designdevelopmentnyc.com

Lastly, a modern white bathroom that has marble tiles with sleek designs to compliment the elegant view of the bathroom. This bathroom features a modern white sink with mirror and a glass-enclosed shower to the side.

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