50 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Tiles are frequently overlooked by new homeowners, and is often seen as a labor-intensive choice for home renovation projects. It may be dismissed as expensive or too cold. That might be your first impression, too.

Using the correct tiles does come with a host of benefits for many different applications. If you’re looking to make a statement in a room, adding tiles to strategic places can give your room a unique texture, or be a great way to incorporate a splash of color.

If you aren’t a fan of housework or harsh household cleaners, tile is your perfect match. Most tiles on the market today are stain-resistant and can hold up to any type of spill or household grime. All you have to do to clean up is use good old-fashioned soap and water. No chemical residue or expensive cleaners necessary.

If installed correctly (and it’s easier than you might think), tiles can last for up to 50 years with only a little grout work or resealing every 5-10 years. The only other product that lasts nearly as long is natural hardwood flooring (and that’s double to triple the price of tile).

Allergy sufferer? Environmentalist? There are fantastic tile options just for you. Due to the structure of most tile flooring and wall coverings on the market today, tile is the most hygienic of all surfaces.

Properly sealed (with environmentally friendly sealants) there are no crevices for bacteria to hide in or pockets where moisture and mold can accumulate.

Most tiles these days emit no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that can compromise the air quality in your home and make you or your family sick. All carpets and paints emit VOCs continuously.

Convinced that tile is right for you? Due to the quality standards listed above, all tile is fundamentally environmentally-friendly, clean, and durable. Your choice comes down to style and expression.

Types of Tile Flooring

The first thing to think about when it comes to tile flooring is what kind of pattern you want. This is how the tiles will lay on the floor. Do you want big squares in a straight line? Random? A “herringbone” pattern (this is the one that looks like arrows)? There’s also “running bond” which looks like a brick wall, checkerboard, “pinwheel” which is a small square that sits at the corners of 4 larger squares, and basket weave.

Those are the most common styles. You can also choose a two-tile pattern where large lines of tile are separated by small lines or even come up with your own pattern. If you’re feeling artistic you can make all kinds of shapes and patterns. Just make sure you have everything measured out on paper before you get down to buying or cutting tile.

If you have rooms that are square or rectangle in shape you can make a border with another type of tile. You can use the same idea to divide rooms. Contrasting tile colors can be used as a transitional threshold.

The above styles all use traditionally shaped tiles. It’s also possible to go for round, diamond, triangular or even hexagonal shapes. Whatever you desire, it’s out there. Tile can let you express whatever mood you want for a room. Different shapes and patterns can change the shape and feel in a way no other material comes close to.

When it comes to materials you have several choices:

  • Stone – Stone is a big category. Here you will find marble, slate, granite, quartz, travertine (a type of limestone), and sometimes unmarked “natural” and “quarry” stones. If it is sealed just as every tile should be, and the seal is maintained, then you won’t have to worry about staining. Durability ranges from stone to stone. Slate is more likely to crack or chip under stress. Marble and granite are most likely to hold up if well maintained.
  • Ceramic –  The most popular choice for a reason. Ceramic tile is the most affordable, cleans and holds up extremely well, is not likely to scratch or chip and is naturally stain- and water-resistant. With good grout work, sealing can be optional.
  • Porcelain – Made in a similar way to ceramic, porcelain has all of the same qualities but is considered to be of better quality due to the type of clay used in the production process.
  • Glass – This type of tile is chosen for style over durability. Best used for accents or rooms that don’t see heavy traffic. Glass tile may scratch or “etch” over time causing it to loose it’s sheen.
  • Vinyl – Not real “tile” but it’s sometimes marketed as such. Will not hold up as well as the other choices and will release VOCs.


50 Bathroom Tile Design Ideas


If any room reminds you of tile it should be the bathroom. You can use it to cover the floors, the walls, the interior of the shower, a backsplash around the sink, the pedestal of the sink, the sink itself- even the ceiling.

You can use any of the types or patterns listed above but porcelain and glass tiles are the usually choices when it comes to a shower or bathroom backsplash due to their high resistance to moisture.


1 Aqua Mosaic Tile

Aqua Mosaic Tile

Image via: jacksondesignandremodeling.com


2. Beige Tile Walk-In Shower

Beige Tile Walk-In Shower

Image via: h2hpro.com


3. Black Hexagonal Floor Tile

Black Hexagonal Floor Tile

Image via: lindhesse.com


4. Black Tile Shower

Black Tile Shower

Image via: iversonsignaturehomes.com


5. Blue and White Tiles

Blue and White Tiles

Image via: von poll immobilien


6. Blue Marble Tile Backsplash

Bathroom with Blue Marble Tile Backsplash

Image via: jacksondesignandremodeling.com


7. Blue Mosaic Tile Wall

Bathroom with Blue Mosaic Tile Wall

Image via: sarahbarnard.com


8. Blue Subway Tile Wall

Bathroom with Blue Subway Tile Wall

Image via: dkorinteriors.com


9. Brick Tile Wall

Bathroom with Brick Tile Wall

Image via: duetdesigngroup.com


10. Bright Teal Tile

Bathroom with Bright Teal Tile

Image via: sawhorsedesignbuildofseattle.com


11. Brown Mosaic Tile

Bathroom with Brown Mosaic Tile

Image via: jacksondesignandremodeling.com


12. Ceramic Tile

Bathroom with Ceramic Tile

Image via: hgtv.com


13.  Chevron Tile

Bathroom with Chevron Tile

Image via: archetype-ny.com


14. Concrete Tile Floor

Bathroom with Concrete Tile Floor

Image via: theranchmine.com


15. Dark Tile Shower

Bathroom with Dark Tile Shower

Image via: hgtv.com


16. Faux Bois Tile

Bathroom with Faux Bois Tile

Image via: butterlutz.com


17. Geometric Tile Floor

Bathroom with Geometric Tile Floor

Image via: herzogarch.com


18. Gray and White Mosaic Tile

Bathroom with Gray and White Mosaic Tile

Image via: dawsondesigngroup.com


19. Gray Tile Floor

Bathroom with Gray Tile Floor

Image via: imidesignstudio.com


20. Gray Tile Wall

Bathroom with Gray Tile Wall

Image via: beylablue design


21. Green and White Mosaic Tile Floor

Bathroom with Green and White Mosaic Tile Floor

Image via: drurydesigns.com


22. Green Tile Backsplash

Bathroom with Green Tile Backsplash

Image via: anthony carrino


23. Herringbone Tile Floor

Bathroom with Herringbone Tile Floor

Image via: blackbanddesign.com


24. Hexagonal Tile Floor

Bathroom with Hexagonal Tile Floor

Image via: hgtv.com


25. Large Black Tile

Bathroom with Large Black Tile

Image via: hoamzltd


26. Large Brown Tile

Bathroom with Large Brown Tile

Image via: 2idinteriors.com


27. Limestone Tile Wall

Bathroom with Limestone Tile Wall

Image via: paulchaarchitect.com


28. Marble Tile

Bathroom with Marble Tile

Image via: abdesignelements.com


29. Marble Tile Floor

Bathroom with Marble Tile Floor

Image via: pineapplehouse.com


30. Metallic Tile

Bathroom with Metallic Tile

Image via: theinmancompany.com


31. Mixed Tile Patterns

Bathroom with Mixed Tile Patterns

Image via: kwdesigns.com


32. Moroccan Tile Wall

Bathroom with Moroccan Tile Wall

Image via: hgtv.com


33. Mosaic Tile Floor

Bathroom with Mosaic Tile Floor

Image via: hgtv.com


34. Neutral Stone Tile

Bathroom with Neutral Stone Tile

Image via: theschim.com


35. Orange Shower Tile

Bathroom with Orange Shower Tile

Image via: balanceassociates.com


36. Pebble Tile Wall

Bathroom with Pebble Tile Wall

Image via: theinmancompany.com


37. Porcelain Tile Floor

Bathroom with Porcelain Tile Floor

Image via: sh-interiors.com


38. Radial Marble Floor Tile

Bathroom with Radial Marble Floor Tile

Image via: maryannesmiley.com


39. Red Tile Wall

Bathroom with Red Tile Wall

Image via: abdesignelements.com


40. Rippled Tile Wall

Bathroom with Rippled Tile Wall

Image via: studiomodish.com


41. Sleek Gray and White Mosaic Tile

Bathroom with Sleek Gray and White Mosaic Tile

Image via: studio10interiordesign.com


42. Stone Tile Floor

Bathroom with Stone Tile Floor

Image via: pineapplehouse.com


43. Stone Tile Shower

Bathroom with Stone Tile Shower

Image via: sh-interiors.com


44. Vertical Turquoise Tile

Bathroom with Vertical Turquoise Tile

Image via: dunnarchitecture.com


45. Wavy Gray Tile

Bathroom with Wavy Gray Tile

Image via: iversonsignaturehomes.com


46. White Marble Tile Floor

Bathroom with White Marble Tile Floor

Image via: paytemillerinteriors.com


47. White Subway Tile

Bathroom with White Subway Tile

Image via: flynnsideout.com


48. Woodgrain Tile Floor

Bathroom with Woodgrain Tile Floor

Image via: vanessadeleon.com


49. Wood Look Tile Wall

Bathroom with Wood Look Tile Wall

Image via: kellysuttondesign.com


50. Yellow Tile Wall

Bathroom with Yellow Tile Wall

Image via: hgtv.com

Tile will last much longer than any other type of flooring and have fewer upkeep costs. As a wall treatment it can cut clean up time in half and help you express your personal style. With a little upkeep every decade or so, your tile can last the majority of your lifetime – or until you get the urge to change things up!

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