18 Ideas to Use Wasted Space on the Side of Kitchen Cabinets

Ever glance at the side of your kitchen cabinets and think, “I could do more with that space”? You’re not alone. Those blank cabinet sides are like empty canvases waiting for a splash of genius. But wait—this isn’t just about looks. It’s about squeezing out functionality from every square inch of your kitchen. Imagine having extra spots for those tricky pot lids or a mini-library of your go-to cookbooks right where you need them! Ready to unlock the untapped potential of your kitchen? Stick around as we unveil 18 genius ideas that will transform those empty sides into the MVPs of your kitchen!

1. Install Hooks

Install Hooks

Let’s dive into our first life-changing idea: installing hooks on the side of your kitchen cabinets. Picture this—you reach for a spatula, and it’s hanging neatly on a stylish hook. No more rummaging through cluttered drawers! You only need quality hooks and a drill to make this magic happen. Within minutes, you’ve got a dedicated space for utensils, dish towels, or even your trusty coffee mug. The beauty? It’s not just super practical; it also adds flair to your kitchen aesthetic. Two birds, one hook—now that’s what we call smart design!

2. Spice Rack

Spice Rack

Next, let’s talk about the spice of life—or, in this case, the spice rack! Are you tired of sifting through a jumbled cabinet to find that elusive jar of cumin? Enter the side-mounted spice rack. It’s like having your spice aisle right at your fingertips. Attach a few shelves or magnetic strips to the side of your cabinet, and you’ll have a Pinterest-worthy spice display in no time. Plus, you can say goodbye to meal prep headaches. Every spice you need is now visibly organized and within arm’s reach. Cooking just got a whole lot zestier!

3. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Now, let’s float an idea your way—floating shelves! Imagine a sleek row of shelves on the side of your kitchen cabinet, each holding your cherished items. These shelves add form and function, from succulents to your grandma’s vintage salt and pepper shakers. Installation is a breeze. Grab some sturdy brackets and wooden planks, and you’re ready. You get an airy, open display that’s a feast for the eyes. Plus, these shelves are the epitome of easy access. Grab, use, and replace—no doors, no fuss. Elevate your kitchen game in style!

4. Chalkboard


Ready to chalk it up to a brilliant idea? Let’s talk about installing a chalkboard on the side of your kitchen cabinets. Imagine a space where you can jot down your grocery list, meal plan, or even a motivational quote for the day! A simple chalkboard paint coat transforms your cabinet into an interactive canvas. Now, your kitchen talks back in the best way possible. Plus, it’s a hit with kids who can doodle while you cook. A quick tip: use chalk markers for a vibrant, mess-free look. Turn that blank space into your home’s newest communication hub!

5. Magnetic Knife Strip

Magnetic Knife Strip

Slice and dice, folks! It’s time to talk about the magnetic knife strip. Think of it as your kitchen’s sleek, metallic runway, putting your knives on full display. Attach a solid magnetic strip to the side of your cabinet, and voilà! Your knives are now easily accessible, saving you precious counter and drawer space. Safety alert: your knives are secure and won’t slip off. Plus, the open-air setting is better for the blades, making them last longer. It’s a win-win! So go ahead, show off those chef’s knives and cleavers. It’s functional art, and it’s cutting-edge—literally!

6. Corkboard


It’s time to pin down our next genius move—the corkboard! Imagine a side cabinet that’s part bulletin board, part inspiration wall. Do takeout menus? Pin them up! Kids’ artwork? Show it off! Need to remember to buy milk? Write it on a sticky note and stick it there! A corkboard offers a flexible, evolving space that keeps pace with your busy life. All you need is a sheet of cork some adhesive, and you’ve got an instant organizing hub. Plus, it’s a tactile treat—there’s something satisfying about physically rather than digitally pinning things. Your kitchen just became Command Central!

7. Pot Lids Holder

Pot Lids Holder

Have you ever wrestled with your kitchen cabinet searching for a pot lid? It’s time to tag in the pot lid holder! Secure a few tension rods or hooks to the side of your cabinet, and you’ve got a parking spot for those awkward lids. No more loud clanging or toppling pots! The setup is simple, but the impact is huge. It streamlines your cooking process, turning your kitchen into a well-oiled machine. Plus, seeing all your lids lined up like soldiers ready for culinary battle is oddly satisfying.

8. Wine Rack

Wine Rack

Cheers to our next fabulous idea—a wine rack! Transform the side of your kitchen cabinet into a mini-winery where your favorite bottles are always on display and within reach. Whether you’re a casual sipper or a connoisseur, this idea is a toast-worthy win. Choose a sleek metal rack for a modern touch, or go rustic with a wooden design. Installation? Easier than uncorking a bottle! Beyond the apparent convenience, something is inviting about a visible wine selection. It beckons you to unwind and enjoy a glass, making guests feel at home. So go ahead, wine a little!

9. Hanging Baskets

Hanging Baskets

Swing into action with our next smart move—hanging baskets! Picture airy baskets dangling from the side of your kitchen cabinet, cradling your fresh fruits and veggies. This isn’t just a space-saver; it’s a lifestyle enhancer. Grab an apple on the go, or pluck a tomato for a quick salad—no need to dig through the fridge. Installation is a snap, involving some hooks and your choice of baskets. It’s rustic meets practical. Plus, the open-air storage keeps your produce fresh longer. Your kitchen gets a hint of farmer’s market charm, and you get easy access to healthy snacks. Basket case? More like basket genius!

10. Mini Library

Mini Library

Book lovers, this one’s for you—a mini library on the side of your kitchen cabinet! Why tuck away your cherished cookbooks when they could be at your fingertips? Stack them, flaunt them, use them. Install a small shelf or two, and you have a cozy reading nook that doubles as a recipe station. Cooking and browsing now go hand in hand. It’s functional, inviting, and oh-so-personal. Plus, a well-placed cookbook can be a conversation starter when guests visit. So give those books the home they deserve, right where the culinary action happens. Reading meets eating, and it’s a delicious combo!

11. Pet Station

Pet Station

Calling all pet parents—prepare for the cutest kitchen upgrade ever: a pet station! Transform the side of your cabinet into a one-stop shop for Fido or Whiskers. Attach small shelves or bins to hold pet food, leashes, and toys. Maybe even add a hook for that adorable pet bandana. Suddenly, your kitchen becomes pet-friendly central. No more tripping over scattered toys or hunting for the leash. Everything’s organized and in its place, making you and your four-legged friend happy. Plus, your pet gets little space right where the family action is. Two paws up for this idea!

12. Rolling Cart

Rolling Cart

Let’s get rolling with our next brilliant idea—the rolling cart! Imagine a slim, stylish cart that slides perfectly into that unused space next to your kitchen cabinet. Voila! Instant storage for anything from pots and pans to your favorite snacks. The best part? It’s mobile. Need extra counter space? Roll the cart over and use its top as a makeshift prep area. Got a potluck dinner? Load it up and wheel it to the table. It’s like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Plus, it can be tucked away when not in use. Now, that’s a smooth move!

13. Kid’s Art Corner

Kid's Art Corner

Via: Pinterest

How about turning the side of a kitchen cabinet into a kid’s art corner? It’s the perfect spot for little Picassos to showcase their masterpieces. Attach a few rows of twine or wire, grab some clothespins, and have an ever-changing gallery. The kids feel proud seeing their art displayed, and you get a colorful kitchen backdrop. Plus, it keeps them busy while you cook. Just set up some crayons and paper nearby, and they can get creative on the spot. It’s a win for everyone: you cook in peace, and they unleash their inner artist. Art-tastic!

14. Measuring Cup Hangers

Measuring Cup Hangers

Ready to measure up your kitchen game? Introducing measuring cup hangers on the side of your kitchen cabinet. No more digging through drawers in the middle of a recipe! Attach small hooks or adhesive hangers, then hang your measuring cups and spoons in plain sight. It’s practicality meets visual appeal. Now, you can grab what you need without missing a beat. Plus, it’s a cool way to show off those vintage or colorful measuring cups you love. You’re creating a functional decoration that serves you every day. So go ahead, let’s hang those cups and start cooking like a pro!

15. Command Center

Command Center

Via: Slightlycoastal

Our next idea is to transform the side of your kitchen cabinet into a dedicated coffee station. Attach a small shelf to hold your coffee maker or French press, and use hooks or magnetic strips for your coffee mugs. Throw in a cute tin for your coffee beans, and you’re all set. Morning routines just got a lot easier—and tastier. No more fumbling through cabinets for coffee supplies while you’re half-awake. Everything’s right there, turning you into a barista in your own home. Plus, this station gives off cozy cafe vibes that make every morning special. Brew-tiful, isn’t it?

16. Herb Garden

Herb Garden

Green thumbs, rejoice! The side of your kitchen cabinet can bloom into a lush herb garden. Think basil, rosemary, and mint—within reach as you cook. Grab some small planters or use a hanging garden system, and let the magic grow. This gives you fresh herbs year-round and brings life to your kitchen space. And let’s not forget that heavenly aroma. Imagine chopping fresh basil straight from the plant. No grocery store trip is needed. It’s garden-to-table in the truest sense. Plus, the greenery adds a dash of nature to your indoor space. Herb-tastic!

17. Tea Station

Tea Station

Tea time, anyone? Let’s steep ourselves in the idea of a side cabinet tea station. Imagine a small shelf holding a curated selection of your favorite teas, a teapot, and even a sugar jar. Add hooks below for cups, and you’ve brewed up a cozy corner that rivals any tea house. Whether you’re an Earl Grey fan or a herbal enthusiast, everything you need is at your fingertips. Just boil water, and you’re in for a relaxing moment—no need to rummage through pantry boxes anymore. Your personalized tea sanctuary is here. Sip back and enjoy!

18. Recycling Sorter

Recycling Sorter

Lastly, it’s time to go green, folks! Transform the side of your cabinet into a recycling sorter that Mother Earth would applaud. Attach a few labeled bins or bags designated for paper, plastic, and glass. Now, recycling is as easy as tossing and going. Say goodbye to that clutter of recyclables on the counter or the floor. Plus, it’s a visual reminder to be eco-conscious, making it a family affair. Even the kids can get in on the action! Easy to install and use, this sorter makes being green, convenient, and practical. Now that’s recycling done right!


And there you have it—18 brilliant ways to turn that wasted space on the side of your kitchen cabinets into something exceptional. The possibilities are endless, from clever storage solutions to artful displays and even mini gardens. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and now you’ve got even more reasons to love it. Whether you’re a seasoned chef, a busy parent, or just someone looking to spruce things up, these ideas bring function and flair right where you need them. So roll up those sleeves, and let’s get started. Your dream kitchen is just a DIY project away!

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