10 Wall Sconces Above Fireplace Ideas

Are you looking to elevate your fireplace from drab to fab? Wall sconces are the unsung heroes of interior design. Positioned above a fireplace, they offer functional lighting and infuse the space with style and drama. Think of them as the jewelry of your room—tiny but impactful. The right sconce combines your entire room, from vintage charm to modern sleekness. Get ready to dive into ten stunning wall sconce ideas that will turn your fireplace into the show-stopping centerpiece it deserves to be!

1. Vintage Flair

Vintage Flair

Vintage flair is about capturing yesteryears’ magic, and your fireplace is the perfect stage for this show! When you opt for vintage sconces, you add a touch of grandeur that most modern pieces can’t match. Imagine ornate designs, intricate patterns, and a warm golden glow.

So, what materials are we talking about? Think brass and bronze. These metals have that antique sheen that pairs beautifully with the flickering fireplace below. You could even go for sconces with glass or crystal elements that reflect the firelight, casting enchanting shadows on your walls.

And the shapes? Go for curves, swivels, and perhaps a tassel or two. Vintage sconces often take inspiration from various eras, like Victorian or Art Nouveau. So, you can get creative here. Whether trying to recreate the aura of a 19th-century English manor or the glitz of a 1920s speakeasy, vintage sconces are your ticket to time travel.

2. Modern Minimalism

Modern Minimalism

Next, the modern minimalism! This look strips away the fuss and focuses on function and form. But don’t mistake its simplicity for a lack of style—modern minimalism packs a punch! Your fireplace will thank you for this sleek and streamlined update.

Material-wise, you’ll want to keep it crisp. Matte black sconces exude an understated elegance, while brushed nickel offers a cooler touch. These finishes work seamlessly in a modern setting and pop against a neutral fireplace backdrop.

Designs? Think linear and lean. You’re looking for sconces with clean lines, simple shapes, and zero clutter. LED bulbs are your go-to here, offering energy efficiency and a bright, focused light that can be dimmed to suit the mood. Consider sconces that offer geometric shapes or adjustable arms to align with the streamlined theme.

Placement is key. Perfectly aligned sconces will balance your fireplace setting, enhancing its modern aesthetic. They’re not just light fixtures; they’re visual elements that complete the minimalist narrative of your room.

So, if you’re all about that clean, uncluttered vibe, modern minimalistic sconces are your jam. Your fireplace will transform into a contemporary masterpiece, setting the stage for cozy nights. Go ahead, embrace the minimalist in you!

3. Candle Sconces

Candle Sconces

Are you feeling romantic? Time to turn down the lights and turn up the charm with candle sconces! These gems offer a dreamy, old-world vibe perfect for cuddly nights by the fire. Imagine soft flickers from the fireplace and the sconces above it—can you say ambiance?

Let’s talk candles. Go for pillar candles in a neutral hue like ivory or beige. These thick candles provide hours of burn time, bathing your room in a warm, natural glow. If you’re a fan of fragrances, scented candles are a win-win. Imagine hints of lavender or vanilla filling the air.

Now, onto the sconce designs. Opt for sconces with intricate holders that showcase your candles like royalty. Whether it’s a wrought iron frame for a rustic touch or a brass holder with filigree details, the choice is yours. Some even come with tiny chandeliers or dangling crystals for more sophistication.

Safety tip! Always ensure the sconces are securely mounted and positioned safely from the fireplace. We’re aiming for a romantic setting, not a fire hazard. And if you’re concerned, go for flameless LED candles. They can mimic the flickering of real candles without the fire risk.

4. Rustic Lanterns

Rustic Lanterns

If you dream of log cabins, mountain retreats, or that cozy farmhouse feel, rustic lanterns above your fireplace are your golden ticket. These sconces offer a down-to-earth vibe that makes any space instantly welcoming. Ah, the charm of simple living!

Material-wise, think rugged. Iron finishes and weathered wood are your best friends here. These elements bring texture and warmth, making your fireplace feel straight out of a country cottage. Even a touch of rust can add authenticity. Yes, you heard that right—imperfections are welcome in the rustic world!

Now, let’s talk shape. The lantern design is iconic—four-sided, sometimes six, with glass panes that let the light spill out in a homey glow. Some even have a “cage” design, enhancing the outdoor, old-world feel. These sconces look like they could have hung on the porches of yesteryear, guiding travelers in the night.

And what about light? You could go for candles for an authentic, old-timey feel. Or, choose electric lanterns with vintage-style bulbs. Either way, the goal is to create a soft, inviting light that beckons people to gather around.

Placement tip: Hang them high enough above the mantel so they’re both functional and decorative. But not so high that they lose their intimate, grounding effect. Balance is key.

5. Art Deco Drama

Art Deco Drama

Suppose you want to add a touch of 1920s glam to your fireplace. In that case, Art Deco sconces are your ticket to the golden age of jazz, flappers, and extravagant parties. Get ready to make a bold statement!

When it comes to materials, think luxury. The stars of the Art Deco stage are chrome, glass, and polished metals. They offer that shiny, high-contrast look that screams glamour. These materials reflect light in captivating ways, adding sparkle and dazzle to your space.

Let’s chat about design. Art Deco is all about geometry—think fan shapes, zigzags, and intricate patterns. These designs echo the architectural landmarks of the era, like the Chrysler Building or the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. Sconces in these styles become instant focal points, pulling your eye and setting the tone for the room.

Lighting plays a huge role, too. Opt for frosted bulbs or colored lights to create a moody, theatrical atmosphere. Imagine sconces that project patterns onto your walls—this adds a layer of drama that’s oh-so-deco.

Positioning is key. Place these sconces on either side of your fireplace symmetrically to enhance that sense of grandeur. After all, Art Deco is about luxury, balance, and harmony.

6. Industrial Chic

Industrial Chic

 Industrial chic is the name of the game if you’re looking to bring some edgy, urban energy to your fireplace. Think of it as the rugged but stylish cousin in the interior design family. Industrial sconces mix function and form in a way that screams cool.

First up, materials. Metal is the star here. Go for finishes like copper, steel, or even galvanized metal. Exposed bolts, pipes, and joints? Bring them on. They add to the utilitarian feel that’s quintessential for this style.

Design-wise, you’re looking at clean lines, simple shapes, and a lot of open space. Open-cage designs or sconces with exposed bulbs are prime picks. They lend that warehouse or loft vibe that’s so core to the industrial look. A little bit of roughness is not just accepted—it’s encouraged.

Lighting options? Edison bulbs are your go-to. They offer a warm, amber glow that pairs beautifully with industrial materials. Plus, their retro filament design is a visual treat, adding character to the whole setting.

A quick tip on placement: Try asymmetry. Industrial chic thrives on unpredictability, so feel free to mix it up. Place one sconce slightly higher than the other, or go for different but complementary designs on each side of your fireplace.

7. Nautical Nuances

Nautical Nuances

Let’s sail into the world of nautical nuances! If the sea, sand, and open sky make your heart sing, then nautical-themed sconces above your fireplace will transform your space into a coastal haven. Imagine sitting by the fire, enveloped by the essence of salty air and ocean breezes—even if you’re miles from the beach!

Material talk: Think driftwood finishes, weathered metal, or roped elements. These bring the textures and colors of the seaside straight into your living room. Whether it’s a shiny brass that mimics a lighthouse or sandy-toned wood for that beachy feel, nautical materials make all the difference.

Design-wise, let your imagination set sail! You can integrate maritime motifs like anchors, ship wheels, or seashells into the sconce design. Or perhaps you’d prefer a simpler lantern shape to evoke those late-night strolls by the harbor. Glass panes are a plus—they amplify the light, casting a soft glow that’s reminiscent of twilight by the sea.

When it comes to lighting, opt for bulbs that give off a soft, warm light. You’re aiming for that magical, golden-hour-on-the-beach glow. Halogen or warm LED bulbs can help you achieve just that.

A tip on placement: balance is key, but you can also incorporate sconces of varying sizes to mimic the organic, free-flowing nature of the coast. Picture it—different heights and sizes, but all share that nautical spirit.

8. Crystal Elegance

Crystal Elegance

Next, let’s talk crystal elegance! If you aim to turn your fireplace into a work of art, crystal sconces are your magic wand. They offer a luxurious touch that’s hard to match, sprinkling your space with glitz and glamour. Yes, your fireplace can be the Hollywood star of your room!

First things first: materials. We’re talking high-quality crystals here, whether they’re cut glass or genuine gemstones. These crystals reflect light in myriad colors, creating a captivating dance of shades across your walls.

Design is where the real fun starts. Choose from sconces adorned with dangling teardrops, floral motifs, or even cascading layers of crystals. These intricate designs serve as both light fixtures and standalone pieces of art. The more complex the invention, the more stunning the light patterns they’ll cast.

Let’s talk lighting. Go for bulbs that offer a clear, bright light. You want to maximize the sparkle factor here, and a powerful light source will make those crystals shine like stars. Halogen or clear LED bulbs are excellent choices for showing the crystal to its fullest.

A quick note on placement: symmetry is your friend. Crystals are all about elegance and balance, so matching sconces on either side of your fireplace will enhance the overall effect. Make sure they’re eye-level or above to catch the light just right.

9. Swing-Arm Sconces

Swing-Arm Sconces

Swing-arm sconces are here to add both style and functionality to your fireplace area. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill light fixtures but the ultimate multi-taskers. Whether reading by the fire or aiming for some ambient lighting, these sconces have covered you.

Material choices are versatile. From sleek stainless steel for a modern feel to antiqued bronze for a vintage look, swing-arm sconces come in various finishes. Pick the one that aligns with your overall room decor to create a harmonious effect.

Let’s dig into the design. The swing-arm is the star of the show here. It can extend, retract, and pivot, allowing you to direct light exactly where you need it. Go for a simple, straight arm for a minimalist look, or choose a more ornate, curved arm for added flair. Some models even offer double arms for twice the drama!

When it comes to bulbs, think function. LED or halogen bulbs with dimming capabilities offer both bright task lighting and subdued mood lighting. The choice is yours, depending on your needs at the moment.

And what about placement? While symmetry usually reigns supreme in design, swing-arm sconces give you the liberty to break the rules. Their adjustable nature means they don’t have to be perfectly aligned. Feel free to play with heights and angles to add an unexpected, dynamic element to your fireplace area.

10. Sculptural Statements

Sculptural Statements

 Lastly is the sculptural sconces. These are the talk of the town when it comes to fireplace decor. These pieces aren’t just light fixtures; they’re bonafide works of art. If you aim for that jaw-dropping, show-stopping effect, sculptural sconces are your secret weapon. Welcome to the gallery that is your living room!

First off, materials. They can range from brushed metals and artisan glass to intricate ceramics. Each choice adds a different layer of texture and depth, making the sconces the centerpieces of your space.

Design is where the real excitement is. From abstract shapes and swirling forms to representations of nature like leaves or flowers, the sky’s the limit. Some designs even play with shadows, casting unique patterns on your walls when lit. It’s like having a constantly changing painting above your fireplace!

Let’s talk light. The bulbs are often integrated into the design with sculptural sconces, highlighting the sculpture’s form. LEDs are often the go-to here, offering a crisp light that brings out the details of the sculpture. Choose a warmer tone to create an inviting ambiance or a cooler style to highlight artistry.

Positioning is crucial. Sculptural sconces deserve to be seen, so ensure they’re placed at eye level or higher. Also, measure twice! These pieces can be larger and more intricate, so you’ll want to ensure they fit nicely above your fireplace without overwhelming it.


There you have it, folks—ten dazzling ideas to light up your fireplace like never before. From vintage charm to modern sleekness, from rustic coziness to jaw-dropping art pieces, there’s a sconce style for every personality and every home. It’s not just about illumination; it’s about setting the tone for your space, sparking conversations, and maybe even inspiring a little envy among your guests.