Best Garage Floor Epoxy Reviews 2018

As you may already know, epoxy coating is one of the best materials you can use to coat your garage floor. It is an incredibly hard wearing, long lasting, durable material that is available at a fraction of the cost of other flooring options. So today we are going to be looking at the best garage floor epoxy coating reviews.

There is a broad range of different kinds of epoxy coating on the market right now, mainly because of the huge explosion in this materials popularity. Manufacturers have created different products that suit different situations (and different people).

We are going to take a look at 8 of the most popular, well-known epoxy coatings to see what they do well (and what they don’t do well) to help you decide which one is the right product for you.

Let’s get started.

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Epoxy KitColorFinishCovers 
Rust-Oleum Premium ClearClearHigh Gloss500 SQFT
Aerocoat High Build Epoxy WhiteExtreme Shine500 SQFT
Rust-Oleum Water Based EpoxyGrayHigh Gloss500 SQFT
Rust-Oleum Professional Epoxy KitDunes TanHigh Solids400 SQFT
Rust-Oleum Premium Series Coating KitClearHigh Gloss250 SQFT
Valspar Premium Clear Epoxy KitClearGlossy250 SQFT
Valspar Light Gray Coating KitGraySemi Gloss250 SQFT
Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield GrayHigh Gloss250 SQFT

Rust-Oleum Premium Clear

Rust-Oleum is one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to paints and resins. Their products have been used by professionals and homeowners alike for years now – and their reputation is formidable, to say the least. All of their products are made under the strictest standards in the USA and include detailed easy to understand instructions.

As you might expect from a brand of this quality, their epoxy floor coatings are nothing short of brilliant. Their 263997 product produces an incredible super high gloss finish that will totally transform your garages appearance.

It’s a high solids solvent based epoxy, which means it is incredibly strong and durable (this is a product that will take whatever you can throw at it). It also means that is extremely adhesive as an epoxy, which will allow you to use it with ease on floorings that might not be in perfect condition.

This kit comes with Rust-Oleums anti-skid additive which is a big selling point for us. One of the main downsides to epoxy flooring is that it can be slippery like ice when it is wet. This can result in some very nasty accidents if people trip and fall on hard epoxy flooring. Any additional slip protection gets two thumbs up from us!

Included in the kit are the 2 part epoxy based coating solution, a mixing stick, instructions and the anti-skid additive.


It is not much wrong with this product that we can fault. The one thing we would mention if we were picky would be that the clear coat does not seem to go as far as the actual epoxy itself. It seems to be a little bit lacking in quantity. This being said, you will easily be able to cover the 300 sqft that the kit is rated to be used on – you just might not have much to spare.

Another issue we have is with regards to the anti slip solution. It’s almost too good at its job and makes fine particles a little difficult to clean up. So if you are going to be woodworking in your garage and are going to need to sweep up shavings regularly be careful. You may need to use less of the anti-slip solution to get a good balance.


  • Excellent coverage
  • Made in the USA
  • Anti-slip solution
  • Reputable brand


  • A little more clear coat would be better



This is a great all rounder general use product that would be a perfect choice for people that are mainly looking for a solid strong garage floor. It might not be the best option for people that want to add metallic flake or glitter to their flooring because of the reasonably small amount of clear coat that is included. But overall, this is a great product for the vast majority of garages out there.


Aerocoat High Build Epoxy 

Aerocoat may not have the same huge reputation as Rust-Oleum, but they are one of the leading brands in the epoxy world. They have decades of combined experience in formulating solutions that are reliable, beautiful, and easy to install.

The Aerocoat High Build is an excellent epoxy for garage flooring that is highly durable with its concrete style finish. It is much more hard working than other water based epoxy solutions. It is a little more expensive, but it’s a premium product with a premium price tag.

It’s a 93% solids self-leveling epoxy that is very easy to install. But once the two parts of the epoxy have been combined you have a reasonably tight 45 minutes to lay it out over your garage floor.

It’s a huge kit that provides enough materials to cover a large 2.5 car garage (much more coverage than many other products on this list) and contains everything you need to get going. Including rollers, mixing sticks, sand, gloves, and a huge bucket for mixing in.


The only “issue” we have with this product is the reasonably quick setting time. The manufacturer states that you have got around 45 minutes to roll the epoxy out before it hardens. If you have a smaller one car garage, then this isn’t going to be a problem – its plenty of time. But if you have a larger two car garage, it can be a little bit of a rush to get it all done.

It’s not too difficult, and you will have enough time to get the job done – but you need to be 100% prepared before you start. You won’t have a chance to read instruction manuals once the chemical reaction has started.



  • Concrete like finish
  • Contains all you need to install
  • Large coverage
  • Super strong and durable


  • Covering a large garage can be a little bit of a rush



Overall this is an incredibly well-formulated epoxy. Its concrete-like finish is super strong and is incredibly grippy. We love the huge area this kit can cover, and we love that the manufacturer has included all the tools you need to install it.

So don’t let the lack of a big brand name put you off, this is a serious product that has serious performance. Highly recommended.


Rust-Oleum Water Based Epoxy

Our second entry from Rust-Oleum here is their much loved and critically acclaimed epoxy shield product. It’s a water based epoxy that has been specifically formulated to resist chemical spills (that are all too common in the garage). It’s a great product that can cover over 500 feet (which is about a 2 and a half car garage) and is low odor thanks to its water-based chemical formula.

The light gray finish on this product is nothing short of spectacular; it creates a showroom quality finish that will rival some of the floors inside your home for beauty. The ExpoySheild comes with decorative metallic flakes which you can scatter around before your final top coat layer. It’s an effect so beautiful you may be afraid to drive your car on it.

But of course, you can drive your car on it – it’s a super strong, super durable epoxy that is not just a beautiful face. (It’s not as strong as the concrete like Aerocoat above, but it’s more than up to the job).

The EpoxyShield also comes with the anti slip additive that the first Rust-Oleum product we mentioned on this list has. It has the same benefits and will ensure you can rely on the flooring to keep you upright, even if you step in a chemical or water spill.

This product doesn’t have all the additional kit you are going to need to install the flooring like the Aerocoat – but it does have all the things we would expect to see. It includes the epoxy, cleaner, mixing stick, metallic flakes, and the anti-slip additive.


There isn’t much we can say about this product. It’s a superb all-rounder that is easy to install, long lasting, and hard working. If we were picky, you should watch out for the super grippy nature of the anti-slip additive if you are planning on woodworking in the garage. It’s difficult to sweep up sawdust because it grips to the floor.



  • Beautiful
  • Hard working
  • Durable
  • Large coverage area


  • Too grippy for sawdust cleaning



This is a stunningly beautiful epoxy coating that will transform your garage into a thing of beauty. It’s not something that you can fully appreciate until you have it in front of you. It makes the garage feel like an extension of your home. This beauty combined with the super durable and super tough nature of the epoxy makes it a winner in our book. Highly recommended for anyone that wants to add a little bit of luxury to their floor.


Rust-Oleum Professional Epoxy Kit

Another entry from the super brand Rust-Oleum this time we are recommending their 238466 epoxy kit. It’s reasonably similar to their other offerings on this list in many respects, but we felt it was worthy of a mention because of a few unique features.

The main thing we love about this product is its color. The stunning “Dunes Tan” is something that you will certainly want to consider. Its beautiful tan brown color is reminiscent of Saharan sand dunes and creates quite a sense of opulence – which is unusual for a garage. The kit also includes several metallic flakes which are brown, white, and black in color. When these are scattered throughout the floor, it combines with the stunning base color to make something that is truly special.

As you would expect from Rust-Oleum, this is not just a pretty face. It’s a hard working, durable, and incredibly robust epoxy that will easily stand the test of time. It has the same anti-slip coating as the others on this page and will resist stains and spills with ease.

Included in the kit are the 2 part epoxy resin, a mixing stick, the metallic flakes, full English instructions, and the anti-slip additive. Installation is incredibly easy, and you will have ample time to roll out the epoxy before it becomes too hard to work with.


The metallic flakes can be a little bit over the top for some people. They are an incredibly elegant finish that will make your garage stand out, to say the least. If you want to include them or not is totally up to you as they are not premixed and are added on their own. We think that if there was ever a room in your home, you could go a little bit crazy on it’s the garage. But, that’s our personal choice, and we know that many people would disagree with us.


  • Very durable
  • Anti-slip coating
  • Beautiful base color
  • Metallic flakes
  • Easy to install


  • Metallic flakes can be a little bit gaudy for some peoples tastes



We love the way this product looks when it has been installed. As you might have guessed by now, we also love the metallic flakes. We understand why some people may not like them; they are certainly intense. But for us, they are just the icing on the cake. The main thing we like about this product is the tan brown basecoat itself. It transforms your garage into something interesting, and beautiful (while being super hard working at the same time).


Rust-Oleum Premium Series Coating Kit

I know what you are thinking, another Rust-Oleum product… But honestly, they are the kings of this industry. The products they make are so good that it’s hard for most brands to compete with them (although some do manage to do so!).

What makes this product so special is that is a totally colorless epoxy. It’s almost like a clear coat. This creates quite an interesting effect because it provides a super high gloss finish to whatever material your garage floor currently is.

This can look great on concrete floors. It’s not as exotic and interesting as some of the other glitterier colorful options, but glossy concrete does have its own charm. (Plus there are metallic flakes included in this kit which you can add if you want to have a unique concrete / metallic flake thing going on).

This product will cover around 200 square feet of floor area, which is about enough for a large one car garage. Installation is easy, and like all Rust-Oleum products, you will have plenty of time to install it without needing to rush. This is a particularly quick curing epoxy, and you can use your garage again as normal within three days of completing the project.

There is a great little addition to this kit that is not usually included, the acid etch. Many other brands (and some Rust-Oleum kits too) leave this essential component out.

Now admittedly they are not obliged to include it, acid etch is part of the preparation required for epoxy installation and is usually considered a separate item. But we love the fact they have made this a complete, all in one kit by including it here.


The main issue we have with this product is actually nothing to do with the product itself. It works perfectly and is very easy to use (as you would expect from Rust-Oleum). The problems begin with your existing flooring. For this epoxy to look anywhere near as good as some of the other (nonclear) products on this page – your garage floor needs to look pretty darn good already.

If not, the current imperfections that it has will be visible (and they will be almost irreversibly enshrined in epoxy for years to come).



  • Easy to install
  • Reputable brand
  • Non-slip
  • Contains metallic flakes
  • Acid etch is included
  • Fast curing


  • The lack of color is a little bit boring for our personal tastes.



We personally don’t think this is something we would use in our day to day lives, mainly because of the lack of color. As we mentioned in the previous review, we believe that you should be able to go a little bit wild with the décor of your garage. Clear coating a concrete floor seems to be the opposite of that to us.

However, this being said – it does look beautiful. The super high gloss shine creates a unique look that might surprise you a little. Can you think of any other time you have seen glossy concrete?

We also really like the quick drying nature of this product. Many people will have all kinds of expensive tools (and vehicles) that need to remain under lock and key as much as possible. The three-day turnaround time is much quicker than many other products on the market and is not something that should be overlooked.

Overall this is a super hard working, durable, nonslip epoxy that is perfectly suited for use in garage flooring.


Valspar Premium Clear Epoxy Kit

Valspar is one of the budget options on this list. They create excellent products considering their price point which are just as durable as some of the bigger brand names we have already talked about.

The 81052 is a single car garage kit that is a clear coat epoxy like the Rust-Oleum above. Again like the Rust-Oleum, it will create a high glossy shine that will transform the appearance of the material you are laying it on. The colored metallic flakes that are included can be liberally dispersed throughout the floor to give it a little bit of extra detail if you wish.

Just because it is a cheaper option to some of the other products on this page doesn’t mean it’s any less durable. You are going to have a hard working, long lasting, chemical resistant garage floor if you decide to install the Valspar.

This is a bare bones kit and only includes the 2 part epoxy, and the metallic flakes. But as this is being sold as a budget product we don’t see any problem with that.


As you might expect from a budget product, there are a few sacrifices that need to be made to obtain the saving. The main issue with the Valspar is the installation. You do not have a massive amount of time to install it before it hardens, and you do need to work hard to get it all done in time.

This being said, it’s not impossible – and you should be able to do it if you work hard at it.

The second issue we have with the product is that it takes a reasonably long time to cure fully. It takes around four days before it becomes totally solid (which is only a day longer than most of the other products on this page).

The issue is however that during this time you cannot enter the garage at all, it stays reasonably soft until it is fully cured (unlike some of the others on this list that you can “unofficially” walk on after two days).

If you do walk on it too early, it can leave marks and dull patches that will remain in place for the entirety of the life of your floor. And trust us, that becomes annoying, really quickly.


  • Cheap
  • High gloss
  • Metallic flakes


  • A little bland for our tastes
  • Takes longer to cure



We have no real issues with this product. It’s a budget product and as such has a few downsides compared to the other brands on this page. If you are on a tight budget, it’s a product that will do the job just fine.

But quite honestly, we recommend you try and find the cash to get one of the better products. You are only ever going to have to epoxy your garage flooring once – it makes sense to spend the reasonably small additional amount on a better product.


Valspar Light Gray Coating Kit

We thought it wouldn’t be right not to mention the other Valspar product we love on this list (especially as we have listed 1001 Rust-Oleum products). This Valspar kit is nearly identical to the one we have just talked about above with one or two differences.

These differences are mainly aesthetic, the 81052 above is a totally clear high gloss epoxy, whereas the 81020 is available in two stunning colors.

The most popular color is undoubtedly their tan brown, it’s a stunning color (similar to the Rust-Oleum tan brown) which is a little darker than sand. The other color (which is also very well received) is the medium gray. It’s an understated effect that will seamlessly blend in and go largely unnoticed apart from the high gloss shine.

Both of the color kits include metallic colored flakes which can be added to taste. They are not as noticeable and vibrant as some of the premium kits – but they do the job well enough. Apart from these flakes, the only thing included in this budget kit is an instruction manual and the epoxy itself.

Despite being a lower cost product, it’s still incredibly durable – all epoxy is. You will get years of use out it before any noticeable wear is visible.



The main issue with this kit is again installation. Like the Valspar above it’s a slower curing kit that will put your garage out of action for four days while it fully hardens. But there is another unique issue with this product that the clear version does not have.

The colored pigment in both kits seems a little bit reluctant to mix fully, and it takes quite a lot of stirring to get a consistent color.

If you don’t mix the pigment into the epoxy well enough, you are going to end up with a garage floor that has some darker patches and some lighter patches. This really ruins the overall appearance of the floor and is not something that should be overlooked. You want to avoid it at all costs.


  • Cheap
  • Colors are great
  • Metallic flakes


  • Pigment is hard to mix fully without a drill mixer
  • Slow curing



Again this is a budget product, so we should be reasonable with what kind of performance we can expect from it. We highly recommend that you invest in a drill and a mixer attachment that can mix the pigment well enough to ensure uniform color. We also recommend you are sure you can deal with not going in your garage at all while it cures.

If you can do both of these things reasonably easily, there is no reason why you should not choose this kit. But again, we highly recommend you invest a little bit more and get a better quality product from a better brand if at all possible.  You will thank yourself for it in the long run.


Rust-Oleum Epoxyshield 

The final product on our list is from Rust-Oleum (again) and is one of the most beautiful epoxy flooring kits on the market. Its stunning colors are going to make your garage feel like a Mercedes showroom, and it will glisten and sparkle under your lighting.

It has been specially formulated to resist all kinds of chemical spill you are likely to encounter in a garage, and it is totally resistant to hot tire pickup. It cleans easily with soap and water, and like all of Rust-Oleums products, it is manufactured in the USA.

The most amazing part of this kit is that it doesn’t require acid etching. This is something of a rarity in the world of epoxy flooring. Acid etching is almost essential in most cases and can take around two days to complete before you can start applying the epoxy. This makes this product that can be installed in record time from start to finish.

The color we mentioned earlier is simply divine. It’s a light smoke gray color that just seems to be the perfect shade for a garage. The kit also includes black, blue, and white metallic flakes (in huge quantities).

The combined effect is nothing short of magnificent, and it creates an interesting, luxurious feel to your garage – without it being too overpowering or gaudy.


Quite honestly we found it very hard to think of anything we would change about this product. Everything seems to be exactly as it should be.



  • Reputable brand
  • Stunningly beautiful
  • Super hard working
  • Lots of metallic flakes
  • No need to acid etch


  • None



This is our top pick, and it’s an amazing epoxy that has incredible durability. We love the way that you don’t need to acid etch the floor before installing it. This will save you a day of hard work and a day of waiting before installation.

The colors are spectacular and are the perfect balance between interesting and “too much.” But if you do want something over the top, then Rust-Oleum provide so many flakes with this kit that you can go crazy with them if you want to. Most people don’t use them all – but we think you should. Why not! It’s the garage!


Final Thoughts

So there you have it, probably the world’s most in-depth review of epoxy coating for garage floors. We feel that we have given a good sample of all the different options and price points you will have available to you in this article.

We highly recommend you go for a colored option if you don’t have a brand new concrete floor. The smallest imperfections will be with you until you move out if they are covered in epoxy. In the vast majority of cases where people do this, they wish they had gone for a pigmented option.

That being said, if you have a fresh and new concrete floor, then the glossy clear coat option can be a beautiful effect when done correctly. (Just remember that you need to let fresh concrete air out for over 60 days before you seal it with epoxy).

As you probably already know, we highly recommend you go wild with the floor of your garage. It’s the one place you can go crazy with the décor and still be happy with the result whatever happens. As such, we advise you to use metallic flakes liberally.


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