Rust-Oleum Metallic Blue Floor Coating Review

We have seen quite a few epoxy floors throughout our lifetime. We think that means we know a thing or two when it comes to floor coatings. Bear that in mind. Because we don’t take what we are about to say lightly…

This is the most beautiful floor coating we have ever seen. Period.

Of course, something special enough for us to make that statement can only be made by one brand. Rust-Oleum.

They are the kings of the floor coating world and have a reputation that all other companies in the industry can only dream of matching one day. They have been around longer than we care to remember, and they constantly create top notch products.

Join us today as we perform an in-depth Rust-Oleum Rock Solid metallic floor coating review to see why we love this product so much.

Let’s get started.

Rust-Oleum 299745 Rock-Solid Metallic Garage Floor Coating Kit, Brilliant Blue

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The color of this product is something you have to see to believe. It’s a stunning metallic deep to medium blue color when there is no direct light source. However, this amazing product has pearlescent properties which mean it changes color depending on how the light is hitting it.

You will see a wide range of shades of metallic blue when the light hits the floor. The colors range from a light sky blue all the way through to a deep dark navy blue – making it a truly magnificent thing to behold.

We can’t hope to do it justice with words alone, you’ll have to take our word for it – this product creates beautiful floors. It’s different, beautiful, and looks super luxurious. We are confident when we say you will have the best looking garage floor in town.


This product is not made from traditional epoxy, which may surprise some of you reading this. It’s made from a substance called Polycuramine, and its 20 times stronger than epoxy. This stuff is harder than anything else in your home, once it’s cured it’s not going anywhere. So you better be sure you like the color before you apply it!

This means it won’t crack, scratch, chip, or break in any way. Rust-Oleum is so confident about its performance that they have actually guaranteed this product with a “no peel” guarantee.

Like all good floor coatings, this product is resistant to chemical and oil spills and is perfectly suited to garage life (where spills are all too common).


The only thing that lets this product down slightly is the usage. To get the full strength benefits of Polycuramine you are going to need to ensure you apply it during the right conditions. It needs to be the perfect humidity and temperature for the curing process to properly complete. If you choose to ignore the instructions, your floor will be weaker than normal epoxy – so pay close attention to them.

The actual application of this product itself is no more difficult than normal epoxy when you have found the right day to apply it. Simply roll on a single coat and let it dry for 8 hours before you walk on it. Wait 24 hours before you drive a car on it.

The other thing that is a little bit disappointing about this product is the coverage area. Its stunning beauty means that it will only cover around 125 Sqft for the proper effect to be visible. This means you will need two of these kits to do an average size single car garage, so bear that in mind when making your choice.


  • 20x Stronger than epoxy
  • Anti skid additive included
  • Chemical resistant
  • Basically indestructible
  • The best looking floor coating in the world


    • Need two kits for a single car garage
    • Not exactly cheap


Rust-Oleum 299745 Rock-Solid Metallic Garage Floor Coating Kit, Brilliant Blue
36 Reviews
Rust-Oleum 299745 Rock-Solid Metallic Garage Floor Coating Kit, Brilliant Blue
  • Durable, polycuramine concrete coating works on interior concrete surfaces including garage floors, workshops, basements, family rooms and more
  • Complete projects quickly; coating is walk on ready in 8-10 hours and vehicle ready within 24 hours
  • Each kit covers up to 125 sq. ft. depending upon surface porosity; clean up with mineral spirits
  • Extreme high-gloss finish in a shimmery metallic color resists cracking, peeling, chemical spills, hot tire pick up and provides a showroom quality floor in 1-coat that lasts
  • Self-leveling, buildable formula is 20X stronger than epoxy, comes in a unique burst pouch and is virtually VOC and odor free

So there you have it, the most beautiful floor coating money can buy. It’s a premium product with a premium price tag. But if you want the best, you are going to have to pay for it.

If you have the budget for this product and want a mind-bogglingly beautiful garage floor, there is really no substitute for this product.

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