50 Modern Living Room Design Ideas

A home is all the more welcoming when the main living areas are designed well and exudes comfort. Needless to say, living rooms being the primary focus of any house, should be designed to achieve this. When your living room design boasts not just the perfect décor but also gives a warm feeling, as soon as you step foot in it – then you are doing it right.

So, if you’re looking for new, innovative and modern living room design ideas, take a look at these 50 different styles. These will give you a good concept of how your living room should look.


Gray Modern Living Room

Image via: iversonsignaturehomes.com

Want to mix sophistication with comfort? This is just the right kind of living room décor for you. The color combinations of each item serve as a soothing background to the wooden floors, which gives it both a comforting and antique look.

Modern Black and White Living Room

Image via: vanessadeleon.com

Fond of black and white color combinations? Designing your living room in this way will satisfy your fondness. The erotic feel combines with a welcoming tone in the way this living room is set up. The lighting adds to the calming feeling of the blacks and whites.


Modern Living and Kitchen Space

Image via: gacekdesign.com

It’s great when you’re watching a movie and instead of going to the kitchen further from the living room to grab some popcorn, you can just step into an adjoining space. This living room design offers you that ease, along with compact and beautiful color patterns.

Modern Living Room with Sleek Textured Wall

Image via: vanessadeleon.com

If you have an artistic eye, this is your best pick for your living room decor. Its sleek textured walls offer the entire space an exciting look. The wooden floors also add to this. A combination of red and white mixes up the artistic feel of the whole space.

Modern Living Room and Dining Area

Image via: dawsondesigngroup.com

Looking for ideas on how to incorporate a dining space in your living room? Check out this style. The warm color tones, the layout of the whole area, the fireplace, the lighting and the wall design – it incorporates artistic designs with structured lines. With throw rugs and pillows, the room maintains that homily feeling simultaneously.

Modern Living Room in Shades of Gray with Artwork

Image via: pbaglino.com

This compact space is just the appropriate living room design if you’re looking for a neat way to give focus to your favorite piece of art while making it look welcoming at the same time. The layout is ideal, with comforting color patterns.

Modern Living Room With Aqua Decor

Image via: gacekdesign.com

Do you have a preference for bright blue color schemes? This living room design is your perfect pick. The highly creative, well-arranged aqua décor will make you feel at peace and allots decent space for your living room furniture.


Modern Living Room with Bar

Image via: butterlutz.com

This living room design fulfills both the modern style and the passion of having a bar and a good drink right by your side. It’s state-of-the-art décor, incorporates enough space to accommodate the bar and it offers a welcoming, but minimalist style.

Modern Living Room with Black Sofa

Image via: hgtv.com

If you want more than just a little free space in your living room, while not making it appear too vacant, then this kind of living room design is best for you. The black sofa adds to the plush looking interior of the space.

Modern Living Room With Blue Rug

Image via: hgtv.com

Want to give your living room that jaw-dropping, eye widening decor? This living room design is your best choice. The high ceilings, the warm and comfortable color combinations all set with the glass window as a backdrop, gives the whole space a modern and sophisticated look.


Modern Living Room With Blue Sectional Sofa

Image via: hgtv.com

This kind of décor is perfect for your living room if you are looking for that spacious yet cozy looking area, as your home’s primary focus. The center table doesn’t take much space, and it also offers enough room to hold your items. The sectional sofas offer up a more of the classy look.


Modern Living Room With Blue Velvet Sofa

Image via: annlowengart.com

Just look at this place – doesn’t it have an almost never before seen look? Anyone who steps foot in such a living room will be fascinated by its layout. The plush, blue velvet sofas add to this modern yet comfortable looking living room design.


Modern Living Room With Brown Recliner

Image via: avidassoc.com

Give your living room design a whole new classical and warm look with this design. It includes a brown recliner facing windows that provide you the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the view. The marble floor adds to the classy look.

Modern Living Room with Cathedral Ceiling

Image via: zillow.com

Bring a whole new wild, yet comfortable feel to your living room through this living room design. Its Cathedral ceiling adds to its unique style. The presence of wooden floors and other artistic woodwork objects enhances its homily layout.

Modern Living Room With Contemporary Art

Image via: hgtv.com

Give your living room a contemporary artistic look, with a minimalist style, in this living room design. The warm and perfect matches of color combinations add to the welcoming look of this space.


Modern Living Room with Cream Accents

Image via: jamieherzlinger.com

If you want all the attention to be placed on your living room design, this is the perfect décor idea for you as it offers you creamy and rich color accents. Space is neatly filled with beautiful decoration items, adding up to the classical style befitting for the whole space.

Modern Living Room with Crown Molding

Image via: zillow.com

Plush is looking and comfortable sofas, the neat arrangement of every furniture item, the soothing color combinations – it all adds up nicely in this living room space. If you have a knack for combining new with old, this is your best pick.

Modern Living Room with Eclectic Accessories

Image via: butterlutz.com

Design your living room space like never before with such an array of eclectic accessories. Just look at the place – doesn’t it give off a marvelously plush yet comfortable feeling? A place to chill with family and kids? Boasting of high class, it’s a beautiful living room design.

Modern Living Room with Fireplace

Image via: dawsondesigngroup.com

Who says do fireplaces give a warm look while taking the classical touch away? Look at this living room design that includes a fireplace built into a space that shouts of class, style, and elegance in its entire set up.

Modern Living Room With Firewood

Image via: lincthelen.com

This ultra-modern, classy looking living room space gives you a modern fireplace, which elegantly matches the surrounding space. The artistic home design items and their setup add to the graceful yet welcoming touch every living room should have.

Modern Living Room with Flush Light

Image via: zillow.com

Talk of a large space with just the right kind of living room design. This sort of décor brings a decent and comfortable look and feel to the place you spend most of your time in. The layout allows a lot of lighting to come through.

Modern Living Room With Glass Chandelier

Image via: wegotlites.com

The sparkly touch of warm color tones brings new life to your living room with such style. A glass chandelier only enhances all that homily feeling. Then a funky and artistic style like this will surely make you want to hang out in the living space more often.

Modern Living Room With Graphic Rug

Image via: hgtv.com

Impart a new, sophisticated look to your living room design with such a style that comes with a graphic rug. The random and decorative items take up the rest of the space quite neatly. Its grace is increased due to the high white walls and wooden floors.

Modern Living Room With Gray Sofa

Image via: dkorinteriors.com

Make your sitting area not only look spacious but feel spacious as well with this living room design. The plush gray sofas add nicely to the rest of the color tones present in this space. This style boasts of a classy look from the layout of furniture arranged accordingly.

Modern Living Room With Hardwood Floors

Image via: iversonsignaturehomes.com

Hardwood floors arranged with a backdrop of creative looking decoration pieces, elegantly made glass structures and comfortable sofas – it brings a unique air of sophistication to your living room design in a minimalist fashion.

Modern Living Room with High Ceiling

Image via: zillow.com

Give a graceful and warm look to your living space with a layout such as this one. Its high ceilings make it look all the more grand. The warm and soothing blue color tones bode well with the brown and plush sofas.

Modern Living Room With Industrial Accents

Image via: antoniomartins.com

These industrial accents, added with the surrounding classical furniture and wall structures, gives off a warm flare to your living room in just the right way; not too much, not too little. The combination of the dark and light accents brings a chocolatey-warm sensation to the whole space.

Modern Living Room With Large Windows

Image via: hillarythomas.com

You’ll feel the comfort of a lifetime with this living room design. The wide windows offer a great view plus a respite from the indoors. Charming color variations bring an air of sophistication plus art to space overall.

Modern Living Room With Leather Sectional

Image via: hgtv.com

A good enough space to hang out, easy enough to set up, welcoming enough to those who step in it and built with a classical sense of elegance. This living room design will satisfy you quite nicely; not to mention the appeal of its warm looking leather sectional.

Modern Living Room With Maroon Chair

Image via: amyelbaumdesigns.com

Add a unique artistic flare to your living room by adding these maroon sofas and the surrounding random pieces of art. The elegance is maintained by the use of such a space in just the right way, giving it a welcoming and inviting look.

Modern Living Room With Multicolored Art

Image via: bettywasserman.com

Want a fun and funky looking space for a living room? This is your best pick. A spacious area containing colorful art, combined with cozy furniture arranged compactly in the overall space – those who visit will love it instantly.


Modern Living Room With Natural Light

Image via: hgtv.com

Bring in a natural element in your living room with this decor – it contains glass in walls to let in natural lights, and full windows are serving as a wall too. The comfortable layout gives off an easy to navigate space with its arrangement of plush items.

Modern Living Room With Orange Armchair

Image via: sk-interiordesigns.com

Do you like a myriad of colors to comfort your eyes most of the time? This is how you should design your living room. With an orange armchair and blue painted walls, the artistic touch is everywhere in this layout.

Modern Living Room with Pink and Black Accents

Image via: hgtv.com

Have a sassy and somewhat deva-like appeal in designing? This is just the appropriate style for your living room. It gives off a classy and funky touch, combined with exciting pink shades for sofa cushions and so forth. Bring in some liveliness to your comfort zone.

Modern Living Room with Purple Sofa

Image via: sk-interiordesigns.com

This design brings a dark, soothing and relaxing tone to your whole living room space – what with the purple sofas, black shaded areas, and wooden floors. The style is sophisticated and offers a compact space to relax in.

Modern Living Room With Red Sofa

Image via: austinarchitect.com

Make your living room design catch the attention of those who step into this glamorous and artistic design. With a neat little space for hanging wall items, plush red sofas, and elegant center pieces, give your living room a graceful and homily touch with a minimalist flare.

Modern Living Room With Silver Lamp

Image via: strangarchitecture.com

This style, once implemented for your living space, will make others catch their breath as they step into it. It has class, space, a touch of art and everything mandatory to make your home’s primary focus look one of a kind.

Modern Living Room With Stone Wall

Image via: hgtv.com

Stone walls make any place look marvelous. Imagine having that outdoors feel in your home – in your living room. Aided by elegant pieces of furniture, this kind of style will bring in all the warmth needed into a living room space.

Modern Living Room with Touch of Whimsy

Image via: avidassoc.com

Make your living room look modern, comfortable and a bit whimsy with such a décor. A neat little fireplace is also present aided by beautiful and warm color tones that are featured in both the wall structures and furnishing items. It’s a good enough look for a living room design.

Modern Living Room With Tufted Sofa

Image via: pbaglino.com

A feeling of relaxation will pass through those who step into a living room so designed. With tufted sofas, fabulous and warm color accents present all around, it will make you feel at home instantly.


Modern Living Room With Turquoise Accents

Image via: theranchmine.com

Do you like light accents, especially turquoise ones? This is just the choice of living room design for you. Gracefully built window frames, inlaid with cozy looking wooden floors and good architectural patterns all over  – this design is all about home and relaxation.

Modern Living Room With Velvet Sofa

Image via: coddingtondesign.com

This place has a nice looking corner with velvet sofas by the window side – you could relax there and read. The pattern of curtains is unique in itself. A warm, elegantly fit fireplace goes well with the rest of the classy yet comfy place.

 Modern Living Room with Vibrant Aqua Rug

Image via: contourinteriordesign.com

Bring in sophistication and elegance into your living room design with a warm looking aqua rug in the center, giving it all a nice finishing touch. Just the right sort of design to make a small space look comfortable, this is a highly appropriate style within the minimalist approach of fashion.

Modern Living Room With White Leather Furniture

Image via: hgtv.com

Give your living room a highly modern and unique feel with white leather furniture that not just adds an air of sophistication, but a homily style to space overall. The gray furniture items make the space more sophisticated.

Modern Living Room with White Sofa

Image via: lindsaychambers.com

Add some taste and style to a living room with white sofas. The windows overlook some beautiful view, the wooden floors adding to the elegance and lovely color accents fitting it all together – it makes it look and feel like a cozy home.


Modern Living Room With Wood Cabinets

Image via: centaurinteriors.com

Fond of wooden furnishings? This is your best pick. The wooden cabinets give an elegant feel to the surrounding space. Lighting adds to the beauteous flare of the whole area. This décor gives just the feeling you need in a living room: relaxation.

Modern Open Living Room

Image via: milainterior.com

Looking for a simplistic way to design your modern living room? This is the best you can bet on. The white accent added with the sophisticated, highly professional accessories and furnished items – it all gives you just the thing you are looking for in a modern living room design.

Modern White Living Room With Cream Leather Sofas

Image via: staceycoheninteriors.com

Gain a uniquely warm feel in your living room with these plush cream leather sofas and artistic decoration items to go with them. The whole space doesn’t take much room in your house, but it does bring in the element of comfort and belonging.

Simple Modern Living Room

Image via: lincthelen.com

This kind of living room speaks to a seemingly simple-looking style and layout. Wall structures, ideal center pieces, wooden floors and comfortable sofas bring in a taste of home and relaxation. Enjoy and be yourself.

Small Modern Living Room

Image via: zillow.com

This small modern living room brings a sense of complacency for you to relish. The neat and orderly seating arrangement, which faces modern and state-of-the-art technology is aesthetically pleasing, and the surrounding space encourages creativity.

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