Marey Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Marey was formed in 1955 by a Puerto Rican entrepreneur ‘Mariano Reyes’. But their foray into tankless water heaters started 40 years later in 1995.

That gives it a ten-year head start as compared to most other brands in the business. And that addresses what has been one of the main problems with tankless water heaters brands.

The market is rife with fly-by-night companies who source products form the Chinese marketplace and brand them. A year later, there’s no trace of them. In such a scenario, a brand like Marey is a refreshing change.

One that gives you the confidence that you will have a reliable after-sales team to reach out to, in case problems arise a couple of years after you buy the product.


Top Rated Marey Tankless Water Heater


Features of Marey Tankless Water Heaters

Marey Power Gas 10L 2.7 GPM Propane Gas Digital Panel Tankless Water Heater

Most tankless water heater brands talk about innovation and make lofty claims that border on audacious. But Marey is one of the handfuls of brands that walks the talk.

Their heaters have practical features rather than fancy ones.

  • Temperature specific models

Live in an area where the in-flowing water temperature is reasonably high? You can save on your electricity bills by selecting one of Marey’s tankless water heaters tailor-made for such applications. These heaters have reduced heating power which conserves energy which is otherwise wasted in heating the water more than what’s required. In many places, like the Caribbean, these water heaters can save as much as 60% on energy bills.

  • Automatic temperature regulation

Unlike old water heaters in which, the heating element could just be switched on or off, Marey water heaters have an automatic temperature regulation feature which they call ‘Smart heating’. The heater automatically modulates the amount of energy needed to heat the water to an optimum temperature, thereby preventing energy wastage and saving on costs. At the same time, these heaters also have an integrated overheating protection system that will shut the heating element off the moment the temperature exceeds a preset level.

  • Patented heating elements

In selected models, like the ECO series, Marey uses a patented Nickel-chromium (Nichrome) heating element. This has an excellent resistance and when heated for the first time, forms a protective outer layer of chromium oxide. This layer keeps the inner heating element protected from oxidation. In simple terms, it lasts longer than cheaper heating elements often used in water heaters.

  • Durable construction

One of the reasons for the popularity of Marey Tankless water heaters is the quality of construction. Right from the outer casing which is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy casting or the aqueduct which is made of durable stainless steel, the heaters are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and elements. Many of their heaters have a filtration attachment that prevents sediments in the water from entering the inflow and damaging the heating element. Some have an integrated feature to prevent scaling. Many of the top range models from Marey have up to 87% efficiency which means that they could potentially last a lifetime.

  • Instant hot water

A lot of first-time buyers are thrown off by the specifications of tankless water heaters that mention that there’s no pre-heating. How can you get hot water without it being pre-heated? That’s precisely why tankless heaters are a superior choice. Marey’s, in particular, has one of the shortest heating times in all the water heater brands that we have used. It may partially be due to the high-quality heating elements. But the water is heated instantly. And it’s an endless supply. You can keep the heater functioning for as long as you want to.

  • Gas & Electric models

Marey has heaters that can be powered by electricity or gas. In gas powered models, you have the option to choose natural gas or liquid propane gas. The gas-powered models are perfect for off-grid installations and come with a battery powered automatic ignition systems. Clubbed with the low energy consumption of the heaters, this could translate into enough water for your campervan or RV for days.

  • Size-specific

From the mini Marey for small homes to large 16L heaters for extended families, there’s a water heater for every application.


Marey Tankless Water Heater Reviews

All said and done, let’s take a look at the top three tankless water heaters from Marey. With so many overlapping features, this selection was far from a cakewalk. But we have tried to factor in some of the key features, like energy consumption, capacity, ease of installation and ease of use to narrow down on these three.


1. Marey ECO150

Marey ECO150 220V/240V-14.6kW Tankless Water Heater with Smart Technology, Small, White

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The ECO150 is a mid-range tankless water heater for home use as well as for small commercial applications.

It is compact, has a very user-friendly installation and a bunch of intuitive features that include an LCD display and soft-touch control panel.

The outer metal alloy casing has an attractive white matte finish with the LCD display getting prominence in the middle. There are two buttons to increase and reduce the temperature and you can switch between displaying the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Under the hood, the ECO150 boasts of a patented Nichrome heating element with a stainless steel water channel. Both these components have high resistance and prevent corrosion caused due to calcium and chlorine, commonly found in water sources.

The ECO150 is ideal for providing hot water at up to two places simultaneously without any fluctuation in the temperature.

The Flow switch activation mechanism ensures that the heater requires very little water pressure to perform without a glitch.

In case of potential problems during installation, Marey has one of the best customer service teams in the world that provides fast solutions. We spoke to a family who actually damaged the heater during installation.

They were overjoyed when Marey sent out a replacement promptly. That speaks volumes about the reliability of the brand.


  • The mid-range tankless water heater that’s perfect for home use
  • Can provide an endless supply of hot water for up to two points simultaneously
  • White outer metal alloy casing
  • LCD display with soft touch buttons
  • Can switch between degrees and Fahrenheit
  • Patented nichrome heating element
  • Stainless steel water channel
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Can increase the temperature to 140 degrees
  • The reputed customer service team


  • The heater inflow unit needs to be cleaned periodically to check for large sediments that might reduce the efficiency


2. Marey Gas 10 LPG

Marey Power Gas 10L 2.7 GPM Propane Gas Digital Panel Tankless Water Heater

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This gas powered 10L LPG tankless water heater is perfect for large homes as well as rental properties that need hot water on demand.

It is available in 5L and 16L sizes as well and is one of the top-rated gas-powered water heaters in Marey’s range.

Unlike the earlier model, this one has a more minimalistic control panel with knobs in place of soft touch buttons. There’s one for temperature control, one for regulating the inflow of gas and one for regulating the flow of water.

Thankfully, the digital display is retained in this one as well and it takes the guesswork out of adjusting the settings.

The temperature can be adjusted up to 140 degrees.

One of the common conundrum faced by homeowners looking to swap their old water heaters is that most newer models have a 3/4″ gas line connection. The Marey Gas 10L heaters have a 1/2″ gas line instead.

Also, it has a surprisingly low water pressure of 10 psi to activate. This ensures that irrespective of whether you need a trickle of water or a full flow, the heater is activated every single time.

It has a maximum distance of 50 feet from the point of installation to the point of use. So, you may even choose to install this outside the home if need be.

By the way, it has a battery powered automatic ignition and an excellent maximum outflow of 3.1 gallons per minute of hot water.

Build quality is top notch as always. All metallic components are rust proof and it uses the same patented heating element that gives you hot water in seconds. There are integrated safety features for anti-combustion and gas pressure.


  • Large capacity tankless water heater
  • Works on LPG as well as natural gas
  • Has ½” connections that are perfect for homes
  • Minimalistic control panel
  • LCD display for temperature
  • 3.1 gallon per minute outflow for hot water
  • Top quality construction with rustproof metallic components
  • Anti-combustion and gas pressure safety features


  • Installation might be a tad difficult, especially if you are new to it.


3. Marey Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater

Marey GA30ONG Natural Gas tankless Water Heater, Outdoor Unit, 199.000 BTU, Medium, Black

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Need a tankless water heater for a single shower or faucet at a pocket-friendly price? Here’s the Marey GA30ONG for you.

As made evident by the name, this is a mini version of the 10L water heater that we just reviewed.

It is compact and easier to install.

Apart from the smaller capacity, just about everything is identical to its larger and meatier sibling.

It uses the same metal alloy casing, the patented heating elements and has the same digital LCD display.

You can adjust the temperature to 140 degrees.

Most people that we spoke to were surprised by the amount of heat that this unit was able to generate. The water quickly went from warm to boiling hot, is what they said.

So, try a few settings on the temperature display before you step into the shower. The last thing you want is to be greeted with scalding hot water.

Once again, if you are unsure about anything mentioned in the instruction manual, YouTube is your friend. There are lots of videos that show how to install and adjust the temperature of this heater to precision. Take your time to learn it.


  • Compact-sized tankless water heater
  • Easy installation
  • Metal alloy casing
  • Digital LCD display
  • Temperature adjustable to 140 degrees
  • Easy control panel


  • This is not suited for a large household or even if you need water at multiple locations simultaneously.



We hope that this Marey tankless water heater reviews post allows you to make an informed decision. These water heaters are cost-effective, save money on energy bills and have some of the best-in-class features. If you are shopping for the tankless variety, then you’d be hard pressed to look beyond some of these.

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