20 Best Cheap Dressers Under $100

A messy room can be extremely depressing to walk into. Do you want to clear up your mess but spending too much is a problem?

Cheap Dressers Under $100

We have a list of 20 cheap dressers under $100. Be it a small bedroom or a large suite; there are different types of dressers for every need. We have paid attention to the sizes and designs to cover all sorts of requirements you may have.

Read on to find that one dresser that will fit right into your room, as well as your budget.

Cheap Dressers For Under $100

1. mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower - Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins - Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets - Textured Print - 3 Drawers, Charcoal Gray/Black
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It is time to bid goodbye to clutter with this amazing three drawer chest. Is it getting difficult to get ready every morning? Well, there is no reason to fret anymore! With these removable drawers, you can organize your yoga pants, sweaters, linen, and undergarments into separate compartments.

And that’s not all; it is spacious and does not take up too much area. Also, the dresser fits into any space, be it your kid’s bedroom or your own. The beautiful design adds to the aesthetics of any space.

Also, the non-woven synthetic fabric of the product is breathable. And can easily be wiped clean, when required.

2. Homfa 3-Drawer Chest Dresser

Homfa 3 Drawer Chest Dresser Cabinet, Sturdy Steel Frame Wood Top with Easy Pull Fabric Storage Organizer Bins, Multipurpose End Side Table Nightstand for Bedroom Home (Espresso)
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Add a classy touch to your bedroom with a Homfa chest dresser. With clear directions and a wrench included in the kit, it is super easy to set up.

And you have a coffee and grey colored beautiful dresser in no time. The colors are such that they will match with any furniture. It blends into your rooms without any hiccups.

The product is sleek and stylish, making it a perfect choice for homes including bedrooms and bathrooms too. Place your clothing and daily essentials in the drawer and a bedside lamp and a plant on top. We will raise a toast to the perfect bedroom right here!

3. Wlive 3-Drawer Chest Dresser

WLIVE Dresser with 3 Drawers, Fabric Storage Tower, Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets, Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Handle
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Looking for a chest of drawers in a lighter shade that will fit in with your pastel-colored furniture? The WLIVE model makes for the ideal choice!

With multi-functional cabinets, the drawers are great for bedrooms, nurseries, and entryways. The wooden top is water-resistant and provides stable support for anything you want to keep on it.

A photo frame with a vase of flowers will fit in very well with this product. These drawers can easily take care of the clutter. Additionally, the blooms kept on top added to the vibe of our room.

What’s more, the product is easy to assemble, and you can do the job in fifteen minutes!

4. Sorbus 4-Drawer Dresser

Sorbus Dresser with 9 Drawers - Furniture Storage Chest Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Office Organization - Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins (4 Drawers, White)
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If you have bigger needs, we have a larger product. With four drawers, this dresser is a perfect mix of style and functionality. The material used for the drawers is a soft fabric with a reinforced base.

If you need to shift places often, this dresser will add on to the smoothness of the process. The drawers can be removed and folded for easy storage and transferability. The product is also lightweight, and you can carry it around, without the need of extra help.

The product additionally comes with easy-to-pull handles, which makes opening and closing the drawers an effortless task.

5. Romoon 4-Drawer Dresser

ROMOON 4 Drawer Fabric Dresser Storage Tower, Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Closet, Entryway, Hallway, Nursery Room - Dark Gray
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This dresser offers ample amount of space with four drawers of more than 15 inches in breadth. It is lightweight and sturdy and has beautiful wooden handles for smooth operation.

Every drawer is exceptionally spacious and can hold more than a dozen T-shirts and half a dozen denims easily. With a solid steel frame, this product stands tall and makes a statement too.

It is a dark indigo color, which gives it an authentic touch with lighter colored handles. Moreover, the material used is eco-friendly and is harmless. It can be wiped easily without harming the furniture.

6. Iwell Wooden 4-Drawer Dresser

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If you want to hold on to modernism but with a slightly rustic touch, this is a product that will fit your needs. Designed to impress, the wooden color adds the necessary charm to your bedrooms or nurseries.

In search of large drawers that take up less space? This is an antidote to every space crunch issue that you may have. With a vertical design, the product is tall and not too wide. It can easily hold 20 pieces of clothing in every drawer, and you can use it to separate your clothing.

Durable and long-lasting, get this dresser home and let it instantly blend in with your furniture!

7. Tusy 4-Drawer Dresser

TUSY 4 Dresser Drawer Tower, Drawers Organizer Storage Dressers for Bedroom, Closet, Hallway, Entryway, Nursery Room Office Organization, Fabric Bins
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Create a sleek and modern look in your bedroom with the Tusy 4-drawer dresser. This product has a sturdy metal frame and grey colored drawers. There are two smaller drawers for your intimates and appliances while the two bigger drawers can house clothes efficiently.

It is super easy to assemble and is a single person’s job. All you need to do is follow the instructions behind the pack, and you will complete it in 10-20 minutes.

It is wear and tear-resistant, and you will not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

8. Devaise 5-Drawer Dresser

DEVAISE 5-Drawer Chest, Wood Storage Dresser Cabinet with Wheels, White
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If you are looking for a white dresser that will bring up the aesthetics by a notch, Devaise has a beautiful product for you. This five chest product is crafted with utter perfection and adds a Victorian touch to your room.

If you need to move the product around a lot, this one comes with four casters that enable smooth movement. They are removable when you are going to keep the product stagnant.

Every drawer has a weight capacity of 18 pounds. You can easily fit in all your clothes and daily essentials inside the dresser without worrying about it collapsing.

9. Crestlive Vertical 5-Drawer Dresser

Crestlive Products Vertical Dresser Storage Tower - Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins, Wood Handles - Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets - 5 Drawers(Light Coffee)
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If you have less space in your house, this product can do wonders. It is tall and provides a lot of storage space while not taking up too much area.

The five drawers ensure all your products are stacked away properly, thus decluttering the space. From handbags to clothes, these drawers can store everything.

Made of breathable cationic yarn-dyed fabric, the drawers look elegant and are very easy to maintain too. A gentle wiping can remove all dust and dirt that settles onto the textile.

Also, every drawer has a wooden handle, which adds to the ease of opening and closing it.

10. Wlive 5-Drawer Dresser

WLIVE Dresser for Bedroom with 5 Drawers, Wide Chest of Drawers, Fabric Dresser, Storage Organizer Unit with Fabric Bins for Closet, Living Room, Hallway, Nursery, Black Gray
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This is one of the most stylish products on this list, with five drawers placed in two rows. It is not too tall, but it is pretty broad. The item works wonderfully well for storing clothes and displaying lamps and clocks.

The steel frame is durable, and you can happily stuff your drawers with clothes. The wood top is water-resistant and offers stable support to anything you keep there. Also, the material used for the drawers is high-quality linen fabric. So, cleaning the drawers is not a difficult task at all.

Though the kit doesn’t come with a guide book, you can watch Youtube tutorials or assemble it yourself. It is that easy!

11. Sorbus 5-Drawer Dresser

Sorbus Dresser with 5 Drawers - Furniture Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Office Organization - Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins (Black/Charcoal)
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Provide a cozy landing spot for your daily essentials with this product. It features a clean water-resistant tabletop surface and pull-out drawers. These drawers will take care of all your clutter, and the thoughtful design will add to the charm.

Add this exquisite dresser to your master bedroom or guest rooms for instant storage. Top it with a showpiece and some blooms, and you’ll have a cozy room to come back to.

Also, this unique piece of storage is easy to set up. Minimal assembly is required, and you do not need to fret over it.

12. Romoon 5-Drawer Dresser

ROMOON Dresser Organizer with 5 Drawers, Fabric dresser tower for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets - Gray
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We must say that you will be extremely impressed by how sturdy and well-made this dresser is. The compartments are not flimsy at all and fit a lot of stuff into each drawer.

The white and grey color is beautiful and will go very well with almost any colored furniture. It looks premium and is quite roomy when it comes to storage. The material used is eco-friendly and would not cause any harm.

It is effortless to set up because every part is labeled, and tools provided. Also, the instructions are clear, so we had it up in 15 minutes.

13. Wlive 6-Drawer Dresser

WLIVE Vertical Storage Tower, Dresser with 6 Easy Pull Fabric Drawers, Sturdy Metal Frame, Wood Tabletop, Easy Pull Handle, Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Nursery, Entryway, Closets,Black Walnut
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This is the largest dresser on this list as of now. It has six drawers with remarkable space for storage and is a big hit among the shopaholics. This is a product for you if you think there can never be too many clothes!

The material used is high-quality non-woven fabric that is soft to the touch and usually stays warm. Also, the wooden handles are not only adding to the convenience but are very pretty to look at.

Further, it has an anti-tipping system that prevents it from tipping over if pulled from one side. If you have kids in the house, this could be a savior.

14. Kinwell 6-Drawer Dresser

KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Clothing Storage Drawers Dresser Organizer Unit With Sturdy Steel Frame, Wooden Tabletop, Easy Pull Fabric Bins For Living Room, Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway-6Drawers
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Do you want to add a touch of gray to your rooms? Bring home this light gray colored six-drawer dresser today. It will take care of your mess and provide a clean look to your room.

The product is lightweight and space-saving too. It takes up minimal area while providing deep drawers to store your stuff.

Also, it has a sturdy metal frame and a durable MDF wood top. There’s also a set of X elastic straps in the back of the dresser to enhance its stability. To cut a long story short, it is built to last for many years.

15. Sorbus 6-Drawer Dresser

Sorbus Dresser with 6 Drawers - Furniture Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Office Organization - Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins (6 Drawer - White)
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Are you looking for a 6-drawer dresser under $100? The Sorbus dresser is a perfect choice. This beautiful dresser chest has six sets of easy-to-pull drawers to take care of all your essentials. Gone are the days when you would have clothes spread all around the room. With this portable chest, you can carry it around wherever you shift.

The lightweight build makes it easy to transport. Also, the drawers are all foldable and will fit into one single holder. The metal frame is sturdy and combined with a flat wooden top; the unit looks fabulous in any room.

You can place a charging station and a lamp on top of the unit and voila! You have got a perfect bedside table.

16. Kamiler 7-Drawer Dresser

Kamiler 7-Drawer Dresser, 3-Tier Storage Organizer, Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Entryway, Closets - Sturdy Steel Frame, Wooden Top, Removable Fabric Bins
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This product may be slightly more expensive but is sure worth the extra bucks. It is portable, lightweight, and very pleasing to the eyes. The color is a lighter shade of grey and merges very well with our white furniture. The subtle grey made our space look larger, adding to the benefits of this product.

The brand is known for quality, comfort, and convenience, and with this product, they’ve met all our expectations. Further, the frame has rounded corners. This ensures that kids do not get hurt and can be used in nurseries safely.

17. Sorbus 7-Drawer Dresser

Sorbus Dresser with Drawers - Furniture Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Office Organization - Steel Frame, Wood Top, Easy Pull Fabric Bins (Gray)
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Do you think a dresser can make or break the look and feel of your homes? Yes, we believe it can, and the Sorbus 7-drawer dresser will get you to stop and smile. This dresser is going to be an extraordinary addition to your master bedroom or guest suite.

It could also be a great addition to your walk-in closet with separate drawers for your different clothing.

The tabletop surface is made of MDF wood with a smooth finish providing a glazed surface for your benefit. Keep showpieces on top to build the ambiance further while the dresser hides all your stuff inside.

18. mDesign 7-Drawer Dresser

mDesign Wide Dresser Storage Chest, Sturdy Steel Frame, Wood Top & Handles, Easy Pull Fabric Bins, Organizer Unit for Bedroom, Hallway, Closet, Textured Print, 7 Drawers - Charcoal Gray/Graphite Gray
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If you are looking for storage solutions with a touch of style, this dresser is what you need. This fabulous piece of furniture has a compact design and deep, reinforced drawers. It provides a large capacity for storage and multiple drawers to hold your essentials.

The product additionally comes with no-skid feet. If you are worried about skid marks, don’t fret over it. The company will provide you with adjustable feet that will leave your floor unscathed.

The material used is fabric, but the top is wooden. On the whole, it has a very classy look to it.

19. Songmics 8-Drawer Dresser

SONGMICS 4-Tier Wide Drawer Dresser, Storage Unit with 8 Easy Pull Fabric Drawers and Metal Frame, Wooden Tabletop for Closets, Nursery, Dorm Room, Hallway, 31.5 x 11.8 x 32.1 Inches, Gray ULTS24G
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Songmics has introduced this eight-drawer dresser, which essentially clears up your mess. This product has a lot of storage space and takes care of the bits and pieces scattered around.

Talking of the material, this piece of furniture brings together fabric and rigid metal. The full play-iron frame complements the soft and warm fabric boxes. This makes the dresser lightweight as well as sturdy.

Worried about your kids getting hurt while trying to put something in the dresser? There’s no need for that anymore! The fabric drawers do not pinch and are kids-friendly.

20. Kinwell 8-Drawer Dresser

KINWELL Extra Wide Fabric Storage Organizer Clothes Drawer Double Dresser with Sturdy Steel Frame, Wooden Tabletop, Easy Pull Fabric Bins Organizer Unit for Bedroom Hallway Closet-8Drawers
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Imagine walking into your bedroom and being greeted by a tidy space with a tall lamp in the corner. If the thought entices you, this set of drawers may be all you need to achieve that.

With eight compartments, this is one of the most spacious dressers on our list. The black metal frame and 12mm black walnut wood tabletop is an excellent addition to the product. Further, four adjustable plastic feet gave it proper sturdiness and ensured there was no kind of tilt.

Also, to top it all, the installation process is pretty straightforward, and a guide comes along with the package.


A dresser can make or break the vibe of a room. So choosing one carefully is essential. If you have a small space, try opting for a tall dresser as a wider one will take up a lot of unnecessary area.

Simultaneously, take note of the color of your furniture before choosing the right shade of dresser for your room. After all, the ideal dresser can bring up the ambiance to another level by clearing up the mess.

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