17 List Colors Options of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops have become somewhat of a luxury item in modern households. That said, homeowners needn’t be luxurious to install them. Granite countertops are gorgeous, and they’re great home renovation choices.

List Colors Options of Granite Countertops

Let’s look at the list colors options of granite countertops.

  1. White Granite
  2. Black Granite
  3. Alaska White
  4. Venetian Gold
  5. Bianco Antico
  6. Giallo Ornamental
  7. Tan Brown
  8. Kashmir White
  9. Black Pearl
  10. Caledonia
  11. Colonial White
  12. Blue Pearl
  13. White Ice
  14. River White
  15. Bianco Romano
  16. Uba Tuba
  17. St Cecillia

Advantages of granite countertops

Granite, itself, has a rich beauty. It can’t be matched by many other countertop materials. Timeless, beautiful and durable, granite is prime material for a kitchen area.

Below are the top advantages of granite countertops.

1. Displays Luxury

In short: Granite is beautiful. Uncommon to popular belief, granite countertops aren’t a trend. They’re here to stay. Because granite is a timeless material, it’s used in a variety of households. In fact, granite’s use dates back to ancient Egypt. It has incredible depth, reflecting sunlight at every angle.

2. Unique

No two pieces of granite are identical. Granite is a complex material, carrying pits, veining patterns, swirls, and specks. Aside from color, a granite sheer uniqueness is a common selling feature. Granite might be costly, but it’s certainly worthwhile price-wise.

3.  Price-Flexible

While granite can be pricey’as stated above’it can also be purchased cheaply. Many homeowners find great deals on granite, assuming they’ve done the research. Some homeowners save money by purchasing directly from a granite warehouse. By choosing from less-expensive pieces, homeowners can find affordable options.

4. Stays Clean

There’s a reason people choose granite for kitchen counters. It doesn’t harbor bacteria. It’s also a leading sanitation option. Granite is easily cleaned, too. Add a little soap, some water, and a washcloth, and you’re set. Special granite cleaners, too, can be used. These cleaners protect a granite surface’s thin film, ensuring beauty.

5. You Can Fix Granite Easily

While granite is incredibly durable, they can be fixed if they’re chipped. You can keep your granite in shape by applying a sealer once per year. Sealing, itself, isn’t difficult to do. It’s similar to waxing a car, and it can be redone as necessary.

6. Customizable

Granite can be formed into many shapes. It can be cut into squares, curves, arches, ovals and even various angles. Because of its incredible customization, granite is a great artistic element. Its durability is long-lasting, so it can be changed as needed.

7. Well-Insulated

Granite is cool to the touch. For this reason, they’re great cooking areas for candy, dough-based foods, and similar treats. A granite counter doesn’t need to be cool, however. If you want a warm granite countertop, you can install an in-floor heater. These heaters, also insulated, can make sure your countertop is warm enough for long-term cooking.

8. Heat Resistant

Because granite is well-insulated, they won’t crack when contacting hot items. You can rest a hot pan, pot or fryer on top of a granite countertop. It won’t crack, burn or be scorched. Under-mounted sinks, for this reason, are great granite countertops additions. Highly durable, a granite can sustain long washing sessions.

9. Useable Outside

If you want an outside bar, kitchen or grill area, fear not. The rain, wind and other elements won’t damage your granite countertop. Granite, when purchased in the right thickness, deters the elements. It won’t break down. Apron-style sinks, self-rimming sinks, and vessel sinks are great additions to outdoor granite countertops.

10. Doesn’t Depreciate in Value

Again, granite doesn’t wear down. If you purchase one granite, you won’t need another. A granite, for this reason, is a lifelong kitchen option. If you want to save money, spending a little extra on granite might be a good idea. Granite is a one-of-a-kind surface, and it won’t chip away like other countertops.

11. Increases a Home’s Value

Home’s with granite is worth more. If you’re planning to sell your home, you should consider installing a granite kitchen area, first. Depending on the granite style you choose, your home’s overall worth could significantly increase.

12. Incredibly Sanitary

Granite doesn’t’ experience bacterial contamination. In fact, it’s safeguarded from most small materials. Because it’s easy to clean, and a little mild detergent goes a long way. A super-clean kitchen area will pack granite, of some sort.

13. Scratch-Resistant

If you’re cooking with knives, you don’t need to worry. Granite isn’t susceptible to scratches. It can actually dull down knife blades over time. It can also resist scratches made by heavy pots and pans.

Granite is an ideal cooktop material. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a granite countertop, you should. Granite are an investment. They’re also incredibly long-lasting. When looking at the price involved, consider the costs tied to worn-down, damaged and replaced counters. Your kitchen has a lot of traffic, and it’s used daily. If you want a durable, healthy and clean kitchen area, you’re better off sticking with granite.

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