22 Cheap Kitchen Table Sets Under $200

It goes without saying that a kitchen table set is an absolute essential in every household, and you would hardly see a dining space without one.

Not only does a table set work as a dining spot for the entire family, but it also serves as a functional station for making a decor-statement for the place.

However, finding the ideal kitchen table set for your home could be a pretty tricky affair, given the endless range of styles and designs available out there. And, if it’s about getting one on a budget, landing a quality product could get increasingly difficult.

That is precisely why we have brought you this comprehensive guide on some of the best kitchen table sets, all available under a price tag of $200.

So, if this seems too good to be true, then all you have to do is take some time out and go through the sections right now!

Cheap Kitchen Table Sets Under $200

1. Zinus 3 Piece Wood Kitchen Table Set

Zinus Juliet Espresso Wood Dining Table with Two Benches / 3 Piece Set
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When it comes to selecting the ideal kitchen table set, you need to get a model that not only complements your kitchen decor but is also easy to maintain. This is so because kitchen furniture tends to get grimy within days of use due to the oils and fumes produced while cooking.

So, what we have got for you here is this beautiful wooden kitchen table set from Zinia. This 3-piece kitchen table set is constructed using premium-grade pinewood, which makes it highly durable against sudden impacts.

But, the winning feature of this set is evidently its classic dark wood finish that looks stunning against any neutral tones or whites. The units have a pretty functional, straight-edged layout, which makes it easy for you to clean them.

2. Zinus Louise Modern Black Kitchen Table Set

Zinus Louis Modern Studio Collection Soho Dining Table with Two Benches (3 piece set) - Espresso
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Zinus is one brand that is known for scoring substantially high on the quality of all its items, ensuring well-built, enduring products always.

And, what we have for you next on our list is this brilliant steel kitchen table set, which spells “beauty” and “functionality” together. The formidable metal frame of the table and benches guarantee significant product longevity, making the units last for years.

Moreover, the luxuriant Espresso finish of the items does make you look twice at them, changing the overall look of the kitchen as soon as you bring them in.

3. Homcom Expanding Drop Leaf Dining Table Set

HOMCOM 5 Piece Expanding Drop Leaf Dining Table and Chairs Set - Walnut/White
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This 5 piece kitchen table set from Homcom is one that is hard to miss out on! Not only because it looks fantastic against almost any kind of kitchen-decor but also owing to how well it fares for members of your house.

The units feature a formidable powder-coated, enforced steel frame with an MDF top-board, which guarantees incredible product longevity and resistance to massive impacts. But, what is even more admirable is the space-saving design of the units, which allows you to put them even in the smallest of rooms with ease!

4. Homury Modern Brown Kitchen Table Set

HOMURY Modern Studio Soho Dining Table with Two Benches 3 Piece Set,Brown
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Getting home-furnishing on a budget could be easier for you, only if you know how to decide on efficient designs which work well with the rest of the room decor. A fine specimen that we have here is this elegant 3-piece wooden kitchen table set from Homury, which fares well for all kinds of kitchen and dining spaces.

The compact design of the table and benches feature beautiful, clean lines that complement any modern layout, without taking up much space in the room. And, this is further enhanced by the rich, dark grain-finish of the structures.

Additionally, the robust steel frame and solid wood tabletop takes adequate care of the units’ overall durability, protecting it from heavy blows.

5. Dorel 3-Piece Round Kitchen Table Set

Dorel Living Montgomery 3-Piece Dining Set, Dark Mahogany -
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If we’re talking about statement-pieces for the interior decor scenario right now, we have to mention the immense role played by geometrical patterns.

And, that is why we have included this gorgeous 3-piece round kitchen table set from Dorel, that’s bound to make all heads turn its way. The dynamic industrial design of the units accentuates the natural appeal of their metal and wood construction, that also makes it substantially enduring.

What we also love about these round stools and the table is that they feature an X-base along with a foot-rest bar. Not only does this combination provide stable support to the structures, keeping them from wobbling, but it also ensures maximum comfort for your legs at all times.

6. Vecelo 5-Piece Black Kitchen Table Set

VECELO Dining Table with 4 Chairs [4 Placemats Included, Black
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What we have next up on our list is this exquisite steel and glass kitchen table set from Vecelo, done in a hypnotic black finish.

The table from the set features a durable 7mm tempered glass top, which looks dazzlingly beautiful! Moreover, the formidable steel tube construction of the units guarantees incredible resistance to impacts, making them strong, stable structures.

But, what’s even more commendable is that these units are pretty easy to clean and maintain, as well as convenient to assemble. And finally, you can rest assured that the overall look of this set is going to make nothing short of a scorching style statement for your place.

7. BCP 5-Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set

Best Choice Products 5-Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set for Dining Room, Kitchen, Dinette, Compact Space w/Glass Tabletop, 4 Faux Leather Metal Frame Chairs - Black
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If you’ve been on the lookout for a really comfortable, extensive set of kitchen dining set that will not just seat many, but seat them pretty comfortably, then do check out this one now!

This 5-piece kitchen and dining table set from BCP accentuates all the other modern decorative elements in your kitchen and dining space. And, at the same time, it also provides all the comfort you could possibly expect from it.

The chairs feature a tufted faux leather cushioning with a curved backrest, that has been designed to provide you with maximum comfort at all times. Additionally, its heavy-duty, rust-free frames ensure you of the utmost durability, providing all the value for your money.

8. Tangkula Modern Tempered Glass Top Table Set

Tangkula Dining Table Set, 5 PCS Modern Tempered Glass Top PVC Leather Chair Dining Table and Chairs Set Dining Room Kitchen Furniture, White
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For those who are looking to accentuate the minimalist appeal of their kitchen-decor, straightedges and clear lines can work absolute wonders. And, that’s why we are going to suggest this stunning 5-piece kitchen table set by Tangkula to you, done in a wonderful pearly white finish.

It beautifully highlights the other elements of your kitchen decor, along with delivering substantially well functionality-wise.

Constructed with durable steel tubes, the frames of these units ensure significant product-longevity, lasting for a considerably long period of time. Also, the chairs can sustain about 300 pounds in weight, which makes it convenient for use to almost anyone in the house.

9. Giantex 5-Piece Glass Top Kitchen Table Set

Giantex 5 Piece Dining Set Table and 4 Chairs Glass Top Kitchen Breakfast Furniture
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Giantex has garnered much fame as a reputed brand of home-furnishing over the years, owing to its beautiful range of high-quality products. And, this 5-piece kitchen table set from the brand truly justifies that.

This sturdy set features a tempered glass tabletop and an MDF chair-top material connected with a sliver iron pipe. This structure makes all of the units incredibly durable and resistant to impacts.

Additionally, the overall design of the table and chairs sits ideally with any modern decor, making a gorgeous style statement for your kitchen and dining area.

10. Giantex 5-Piece Foldable Kitchen Table Set

Giantex 5PC Foldable Dining Set with Shelf Storage and Wine Rack, 4 Chairs and Table Set with Wood Top and Metal Frame for Apartment and Kitchen Home Furniture
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Apart from quality, Giantex is also known for creating highly functional designs. So, the second model that we’re gonna talk about is this impressive “foldable” 5-piece kitchen table set, which offers you all the benefits of an incredibly space-efficient seating arrangement.

The tabletop features two foldable sides, which can be easily pushed inwards for storage. In fact, the smaller middle square of the table could be used for daily purposes. While, you could pull the 2 foldable sides apart to turn it into a big table for more people!

Also, with a budget under $200 for such a multifunctional unit, this set indeed makes a deal which you should not miss out on!

11. Giantex 5-Piece Black Kitchen Dining Table Set

Giantex 5 Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set with Glass Table Top Leather Padded 4 Chairs and Metal Frame Table for Breakfast Dining Room Kitchen Dinette, Black
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The last model from Giantex on our list is this captivating black 5-piece kitchen and dining table set that will take the glam quotient of your kitchen decor up several notches!

This set includes a tempered glass tabletop along with 4 PVC padded faux leather chairs that are extremely comfortable, and significantly resilient against massive impacts. And, unlike what you might think, the table and chairs are pretty easy to clean and maintain. This makes them pretty convenient for regular use!

Also, we really liked the sucking disc that the table features. This allows you to easily fix the glass onto the table-frame without having to whip out any tool for the purpose.

12. Linon Tavern 3-Piece Hardwood Kitchen Table Set

Linon Tavern Collection 3-Piece Table Set
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Next up, we have this stunning hardwood kitchen table set to suggest, from Linon Tavern, which includes a faux stone-paper wrapped tabletop. If you are looking for more of a traditional design, then this is one model that you should definitely consider getting for your home-decor right now.

The table and chairs are formidably made, using natural pinewood and MDF, that make them highly resistant against sudden blows. The units are given a classic espresso finish, which actually looks brilliant amidst all kinds of decor, making for a statement piece!

Functionality-wise, the units do offer a space-saving design that can even fit in the den of the house or a kitchen nook.

13. RWF 3-Piece Maple Kitchen Table Set

Rattan Wicker Furniture 3 Pc Dining Kitchen Set of Square Table and 2 Classic Solid Wooden Chairs Warm in Maple Finish
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This 3-piece maple wood kitchen table set from Rattan Wicker Furniture (RFW), is a model with one of the most basic layouts ever. The lovely maple tone of the structures ideally accentuates the layouts of any modern or dated decor, creating a lively visual appeal!

These units are substantially resistant to regular wear and tear, and consequently, pretty easy to maintain. And, although some assembly is required to set these up, the process is not at all complicated. A pretty sweet and simple model, the set is an excellent catch within a price range under $200, that will return good value for your money.

14. Lentia 5-Piece Vintage Kitchen Table Set

LENTIA 5-Piece Dining Table Set Vintage Table Top Home Kitchen Table with 4 Chairs Metal Dining Room Breakfast Modern Furniture (Espresso)
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This one’s another super-sweet and basic kitchen table set on our list today, which can add a beautiful touch to any kitchen or dining space. The table and the chairs of the set are constructed using a sturdy metal frame and particle-board that score high on durability. And, apart from that, these are also compact enough to fit any limited space, for that matter.

Moreover, these are pretty easy to set up, and you’d hardly need an extra pair of helping hands to assemble them. However, the one thing that can irk you about the chairs is that they feel a bit too hard to sit on for longer durations.

15. Christopher 4-Piece Wooden Kitchen Table Set

Christopher Knight Home Pomeroy Wood Dining Set, 4-Pcs Set, Black
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Christopher Knight Home is another renowned home-furnishing brand, which is much preferred for its beautiful and practical designs. And, this is duly reflected in this charming wooden kitchen table set which includes an additional smaller bench, apart from the standard table. This makes it even more functional for dining purposes.

But, what is even more attractive is the rich, walnut and black finish that the set is done in. This beautifully enhances any kind of existing decor, making a dynamic style statement!

Besides this, the units can also fit into smaller spaces; so even if you didn’t have much place in your dining area, the set would serve you well, regardless.

16. Harper & Bright Oak Kitchen Table Set

Harper & Bright Designs 5-Piece Dining Table Set,Wood and Metal Kitchen Table Set for Dining Room, Dinette, Breakfast Nook w/ 4 Chairs, Oak
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Nothing beats the traditional appeal of an old school oak wood structure. And when it is combined with a hint of modern designs, the appeal is nothing short of irresistible!

So, that’s precisely what we have here to suggest, taking this beautiful kitchen table set from Harper & Bright, as a worthy example and choice.

This oak kitchen table features magnificent soft curved lines, in combination with a minimalist layout, that shows off the elegant oakwood tone and texture.

And when it comes to the durability of the structure, you can always count on the powder-coated and rust-resistant steel frames which will last you for years. The units are also easy to clean and maintain, making it a pretty convenient set to use regularly.

17. Dorel Living 3-Piece Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Set

Dorel Living Harden 3 Piece Dining Set, Natural
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The next model that we want to suggest to you is this absolutely brilliant 3-piece drop leaf kitchen table set from Dorel Living. This is an exceedingly functional table unit that can be easily used in the smallest of rooms. Because, all you have to do is drop or extend the “flaps” on both sides of the table to adjust its size.

When it comes to design, this Dorel model gives off a charming rustic appeal, owing to the tone and grain-texture of the natural wood. And, comfort-wise, the chairs fare pretty well given the curved seat structure.

18. Flieks 5-Piece Modern Drop Leaf Kitchen Table Set

FLIEKS 5-Piece Modern Drop Leaf Dining Table Set with 4 Chairs Home Kitchen Furniture Dinette Set, Walnut Finish
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This 5-piece kitchen table set from Flieks is another drop leaf model that we think is going to be the perfect addition to your sweet little home. The drop leaf layout of the table allows you to easily put down its two shorter sides, making it a convenient structure for all places.

Design-wise, the set makes a pretty versatile option, complementing almost any kind of decor. Additionally, the units are also highly durable, made from solid metal tubes and MDF boards with PVC tops. This resists a significant amount of damage, ensuring considerable product-longevity.

Easy to use and maintain, and being well under $200, this one definitely makes a good bargain in every way!

19. Dporticus 5-Piece Wooden Kitchen Table Set

Dporticus 5-Piece Kitchen & Dining Set Kitchen Table and Chairs with Metal Legs
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One of the pretty unconventionally designed ones on our list today, the Dporticus wooden kitchen table set creates a stunning visual appeal amidst any sort of decor. This 5-piece set features an elegantly curved structure that not only looks beautiful but is specially created to accommodate your body-shape more comfortably.

This is truly one of the most attractive deals that we have come across, given that the set is not just for occasional use. It can be easily cleaned and maintained, which makes it a convenient, regular seating arrangement for your kitchen and dining space.

20. FurnitureR 5-Piece Wooden Kitchen Table Set

FurnitureR 5 Piece Wooden Metal Dining Table Sets Rectangle Table and 4 Round Chairs for Home Kitchen Modern Furniture,Beech and White (Wood)
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The 5-piece wooden kitchen table set from FurnitureR is, in our opinion, a brilliant option for smaller spaces that have a traditional setup. The set creates a lovely rustic appeal, owing to its gorgeous, unpolished wooden texture and tone.

Additionally, the space-efficient and basic design of the units allows them to fit anywhere in the house with ease. And, the stable MDF and PVC construction protects them for sudden impacts and heavy blows over a significantly long span of time.

Also, the significant benefit of the set is that it comes with a guaranteed free exchange or full refund within 30 days of purchase in case of any quality-related issue.

21. Merax Tempered Glass Top Kitchen Table Set

Merax Dining Table Set for 4, Home Kitchen Table Set Tempered Glass Top Table and Chairs Furniture (Silver)
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This one right here is specifically meant for all who are looking to make a kitchen-decor statement with a dazzling tempered glass piece. A premium-grade steel-frame supports this exquisite tempered glass dining tabletop from Merax. This creates a formidable overall structure that, although looks delicate, can resist substantial damage caused by regular use.

The gorgeous design is concluded with high-quality padded PVC leather chairs that provide maximum comfort, along with looking exceptionally beautiful.

And, given all such features, a price range under $200 does make it an absolute steal, whichever way you look at it.

22. Roundhill 3-Piece Faux Marble Top Kitchen Table Set

Roundhill Furniture 3-Piece Counter Height Glossy Print Marble Breakfast Table with Stools
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The last kitchen table set on our list tonight is as elegant as any such model can get for your kitchen decor scenes. And that is the 3-piece faux marble set from Roundhill, a brand that is known for its breathtaking designs!

This faux marble tabletop is further accentuated by blended-leather chairs, done in a stunning dark brown finish. This creates an incredibly beautiful look for most kinds of kitchen-designs, attracting all eyes towards it.

Additionally, the solid wood-frame in a charming espresso finish, tackles any sudden blow to the structure, maintaining a firm and stable overall set-up.


So, that was it for our extensive guide on some of the best kitchen table sets that you could get your hands on right now, paying well under $200! We hope we were able to provide you with any useful insight into the different brands and the kind of home-furnishing products they provide.

And we wish for you to have nothing short of the best kitchen table set that transforms your dining space in the most beautiful ways ever!

Thanks for reading!

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