10 Best Genuine Leather Accent Chairs

Leather accent chairs have made a comeback as accent pieces, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise!

These gorgeous chairs look nothing short of royalty and make for the perfect companion to kick back in style. Honestly, a genuine leather chair is an investment, and as such, if you take good care of it, it’ll probably last for decades.

But finding the right one is not that simple as your accent piece should match your requirements, budget, and decor. That’s why, to make things easier on your part, we have curated a list of the ten best genuine leather accent chairs.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

10 Best Genuine Leather Accent Chairs

1. Jamie Low Arm Leather Accent Chair

Amazon Brand – Rivet Jamie Leather Mid-Century Modern Low Arm Accent Chair, 31'W, Cognac
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This Rivet Jamie Low Arm Accent Chair is a statement piece that deserves the top spot. Featuring a modern mid-century design, this exclusive chair elevates your living area and seamlessly syncs with the existing decor.

We’re very impressed with the tapered hardwood legs, which creates a distinctive profile and further accentuates the leather body. But we’re not all about looks as we also find it super comfortable, thanks to the foam padding and the generous 31” seat width.

The eye-catching, cognac leather upholstery seals the deal for us as it truly ups the style quotient. Other than that, we like how versatile it is since homeowners can pair it with a couch or keep it as is.


  • Modern mid-century style perfectly syncs with existing decor
  • Tapered hardwood legs create a distinctive profile
  • Foam padded seat with a 31” width
  • Attractive cognac color leather upholstery


  • Chair makes some squeaky noises

2. Revolve Modern Leather Armchair

Amazon Brand – Rivet Revolve Modern Leather Armchair with Tapered Legs, 33'W, Caramel
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When buying a leather accent chair, we usually look for something comfy and spacious. After all, you’d want to relax and stretch out while watching TV or kicking back with your favorite drink. On that note, the Revolve Modern Leather Armchair is the perfect companion for such sessions.

For starters, the square armrests and the hardwood frame provide sufficient cushioning and support to the body. Meanwhile, the minimalist appearance and the straight lines add a sophisticated touch to your interiors.

It’s pretty easy to assemble as all you need to do is attach the legs underneath the seat. Besides, it’s a breeze to maintain; simply wiping with a dry cloth is enough to keep up its elegant look.


  • Provides maximum support and cushioning
  • Features square armrests and a hardwood frame
  • Super fast and easy to assemble
  • Low-maintenance leather chair


  • Seat is a little high for some users

3. Aiden Modern Leather Accent Chair

Amazon Brand – Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Tufted Leather Accent Chair, 35.4'W, Black
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The Aiden Modern Leather Accent Chair is the ultimate black beauty for your living space. First off, we love the tufted seat cushion and the plush back cushion, providing superior comfort and relaxation.

Furthermore, the hardwood frame and the sleek legs emphasize the chair’s contemporary look, making it stand out among other furniture pieces. What impressed us the most is the supple leather upholstery, combining comfort with an exclusive design.

Another handy feature that instantly won our vote is the removable and reversible back cushion. Besides, we like the fixed seat cushion, which prevents it from sliding or moving while sitting.


  • Tufted seat cushion and plush back cushion for more comfort
  • Hardwood frame combines with luxurious leather upholstery
  • Removable and reversible back cushion
  • Fixed seat cushion does not slide when sitting


  • Leather tends to crack on the sides

4. Alonzo Contemporary Leather Accent Chair

Amazon Brand – Rivet Alonzo Contemporary Leather Living Room Accent Chair, 39'W, Grey
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If you want your living room leather throne to resemble your sense of style and personality, we suggest opting for the Alonzo Contemporary Leather Accent Chair. This is one gorgeous grey number with sturdy brass legs, lending an exquisite antique look.

So, if durability is high on your priority list, you’ll find great value in this one. Not only does it come with a solid hardwood frame but also high-quality leather upholstery that can withstand maximum wear and tear.

Apart from that, we like the seat’s generous 39” width, allowing users to sit-in comfortably. Also, the back cushion is removable, so you can increase the sitting space if you don’t need the cushion.


  • Sturdy brass legs lend stability and a lovely antique look
  • Combines solid hardwood frame and high-quality leather upholstery
  • Super wide 39” seat for added comfort when sitting in
  • Removable back cushion provides more sitting space


  • Seat edges become wrinkly early on

5. Bigelow Oversized Leather Accent Chair

Amazon Brand – Rivet Bigelow Modern Oversized Leather Accent Chair with Wood Base, 44.1'W, Cognac / Espresso
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Sit like a king on the Bigelow Oversized Leather Accent Chair and elevate your living room experience to a whole new level. First of all, we’re very impressed with the stately appearance of the chair, combining mid-century style with a contemporary design.

You get the best of both worlds without losing out on quality or durability. For that matter, the reinforced wood frame and the plinth base do an excellent job of supporting heavier weights and regular use.

Also, we really appreciate the snug foam padding and supple leather upholstery, which largely contribute to user comfort, ensuring maximum back support. That said, you can choose between the espresso and cognac models, as both look great in any existing setup.


  • Design combines mid-century style with a modern look
  • Reinforced wood frame and plinth base support heavier weights
  • Includes snug foam padding to ensure increased back support
  • Espresso and cognac color options go well with any decor


  • A tad bit expensive

6. Adrienne Swivel Leather Accent Chair

Amazon Brand – Rivet Adrienne Leather Swivel-Base Contemporary Living Room Chair, 29'W, Cognac Brown
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We’re halfway through our list, and now is a good time to introduce the Adrienne Swivel Leather Accent Chair. This minimalist model is a superb option for those low on space. Its sleek and sophisticated look can truly enhance the decor of any room, imbibing a contemporary charm.

Some of us prefer a higher seat on our favorite chair as the low, sinking ones are kind of difficult to get out of, especially for taller people. If you’re thinking along those lines too, this is the ideal option with a seat height of 18”.

Lastly, unlike other single-stem chairs, this model comes with a metal swivel base, ensuring high stability and increased load capacity.


  • Super-sleek model for compact spaces
  • Suitable for taller people with a seat height of 18”
  • Metal swivel ensures stability and higher load-bearing capacity
  • Neat and sophisticated appearance adds a contemporary touch


  • Chair back is not comfortable without a pillow

7. Vibe Swivel Leather Accent Chair

Amazon Brand – Rivet Vibe Swivel Leather Office Chair, 25.2'W, Medium Brown
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If you like to keep your furniture no-frills and discreet, the Vibe Swivel Leather Accent Chair is the ideal option. Featuring top-grain leather upholstery and metal swivel legs, this chair has a low-profile yet authoritative look.

Meaning, you can keep it in your living room, office, or business location, as it’ll be perfectly at home in any place. Furthermore, we’re very impressed with the extended legs on the swivel base, which keeps the chair grounded and stable.

Other than that, we like the square silhouette with a low back and arms, which further accentuates the medium brown leather.


  • Low-profile, unobtrusive look appeals to all users
  • Versatile model suitable for home, office, or business
  • Extended legs keep the chair grounded and stable
  • Low back and arm accentuate the authoritative look


  • Restricted chair width

8. Chesterfield Leather Accent Chair

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Bradbury Chesterfield Tufted Leather Accent Chair, 50'W, Cognac
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If you have an open plan living space, the Chesterfield Leather Accent Chair is the perfect lounge-worthy addition. Sporting a rich brown leather upholstery, it comes with superior cushioning and comfort.

An accent chair is not all about appearance, as you should also focus on the practicality of this furniture piece. More often than not, it becomes the chair that looks great, but nobody wants to sit in.

However, that won’t be the case with this one, thanks to the plush padded cushioning and the 50” seat width. So, if you’re looking for a luxurious chair for your binge-watching sessions, we recommend buying this one.


  • High back and arms ensure improved body support
  • Rich brown leather upholstery elevates the modern look
  • Plush padded cushion provides maximum comfort
  • Generous 50” chair width


  • Leather scratches very easily

9. Grover Modern Leather Accent Chair

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Grover Modern Living Room Accent Chair, 30'W, Cognac Leather
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If you like your accent chair high backed with a streamlined profile, the Grover Modern Leather Accent Chair is an excellent choice. The slender build, together with the vintage look, works perfectly in a casual living room setup.

So, if you have an eye for everything classy and chic, we suggest opting for this one. The cognac leather upholstery looks quite natural, further accentuating the cozy feel of your interiors.
With foam cushioning and a seat width of 30”, this modern piece of furniture is the ultimate side-kick for your relaxing sessions.


  • Suitable chair for any casual setup
  • Cognac leather upholstery creates a classy and chic look
  • Au-natural appearance adds to the cozy vibe
  • Foam cushioning with 30” chair width


  • Suffers from minor quality control issues

10. Shorebrook Leather Accent Chair

Amazon Brand – Stone & Beam Shorebrook Deep Leather Accent Chair, 27.6'W, Cognac
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Now that we’ve come to the end of our list, we’d like to end it with the Shorebrook Leather Accent Chair. This unique chair does not have arms but more like extensions on the side, enhancing its sleek profile.

So, if you want an accent chair for occasional seating, we recommend buying this one. Pair it up with a throw pillow or a small stool, and you’re good to go. We’re very impressed with the solid hardwood frame and the brass nailhead trim, adding more character to this piece.

Also, it’s super easy to maintain and requires just some wiping with a dry cloth. If that sounds like a good deal, go for it.


  • Sleek profile suitable for small spaces
  • Works with a throw pillow or a stool
  • Features a hardwood frame and brass nailhead trim
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not suitable for taller people


That’s all from us!

With this, we hope you could find the most suitable option from our all-star selection. But before you go ahead and buy one, we suggest looking into the build quality and individual features of the chair.

Also, make sure to read the care instructions, as you wouldn’t like your leather chair to develop imperfections early on. After all, you’d want your expensive furniture to last for years (if not decades).

On that note, we’d like to take your leave. So, just go ahead and find your pick from these 10 best genuine leather accent chairs.

Till next time!

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